Streaming vs ripped music

So I have a Node 2 going into an RME dac and stream Amazon HD. Yesterday I ripped 5 or 6 of my faves that I stream from the CDs. Put this onto a thumb drive and into the back of the Node. I think this definitely sound better than streaming these same songs. Anyone tried this and what was your findings? 
Kinda fun I can do a back to back of the same songs streamed vs ripped. Biggest difference is the ripped songs sound a little bit more relaxed. Maybe this is because less jitter? Dunno. Certain sections of songs the cymbals appear to have better separation. Not a huge but tangible difference IMO. 
Streaming needs good cables and a filter on the ethernet cable, otherwise rippng will win. I suggest you try inserting an EMO EN70-HD filter and a short(!) Meicord Ethernet cable,into your streaming connection and the result is very likely to reverse.
Hmm I will look into that. Price is not too bad. I also do not have direct plug into router. I have a google mesh thingy and plug the Ethernet cable from there into the node. Wondering if that’s not a good way to go? 
What antigrunge2 said

Amazon has been widely criticized for being "not as good." Of my 5 streamers, 4 sound as good on Qobuz as local rips. The only laggard is my BluSound. I use it mostly for web radio.
ENO CU and ViaBlue RJ-45’S make a big difference.
Using Qobuz, I find similar quality to local network streaming, playing from a thumb drive, or playing a CD.
I've not tried Amazon HD, as it has no way of connecting to my system. Last time I checked, Qobuz was not much more per month.
You think?
Is it that close really?
It could be nothing then of course. Or something.

Make sure sure you are comparing the same release with both. Sometimes it’s not clear exactly which one a streaming service is providing. Or if even something completely different. So hard to say if it’s a fair comparison. If it always sounds better one way or the other or even most of the time then that might be an indicator one source is better than the other for some reason in your case.
@mofojo ,
I think your experience mimics the same rationale behind Sam Laufer's The Memory Player.
Kinda makes sense in my mind why the rip would be better.... I think. I mean 0s and 1s traveling through who knows how many miles (hundreds,thousands?)of noisy line vs a direct cd rip to a storage device. As I said noticeable especially in the highs and cymbals but not night and day. Sounds very good either way. Pretty sure the material I was playing only has one release. 

I do have a cheap ass router and cheap ass Ethernet cable as well so there’s that. 
Most of what I’ve read about Amazon HD has been pretty positive. Maybe I’ll give Qobuz a try with the 30 day trial and definitely look into the filter and better cable. Do any of you guys use a mesh network like the Google? Is that a bad idea? Otherwise I’m gonna have to do straight WiFi or a 40ft Ethernet cable I can try to snake under floor trim. 
mesh isn’t worse than traditional wifi: much depends on were you are: if there are a lot of other wifi networks near you, you won’t have enough bandwidth and hence running an ethernet cable will substantially improve SQ. Otherwise mesh or wifi will be ok.
The cable between your access point and streamer should be short
@mofojo ,
If you can run direct ethernet, all the better.
There is another thread here on Agon regarding the insertion of optical between ethernet. The benefit being that it isolates/removes noise.
I used an optical cable from a Mac mini to a dac. I honestly can’t tell a difference between streamed and ripped CDs typical music coming off the Mac. 
My ripped CDs using a 432 Evo Aeon server , Holo May KTE dac is clearly more enjoyable then streaming though perhaps I should look into critical changes like member Grannyring is using for his streamed music ,

I don’t know , what I’m currently hearing with well recorded music is incredibly thrilling and the best I’ve have experienced in my home so far but I’ll give it another shot ...