System pairing

I currently have a very mid-fi at best system IMO. I was looking to do a new set up in the spring time and summer after I save up the funds to do so.

I'm just looking for suggestions on the compoents if people feel this would work, or something else I should try in a compoents place.

Turn table-VPI classic with dynavector 20 x cartridge.


Cary 306 professional CDP

Pass Labs X250 or X350

cables would be MIT shotgun series.

speakers I will be using Carver Amazing Silvers
If those components are mid-fi I'm leaving audio completely. To upgrade you first have to define a goal, something that needs improvement (not enough bass,lack of transparency or dynamics) The you have to decide is it the equipment, the room or something else. Don't upgrade a thing and throw money at a problem that may not exist in the first place
sorry I need to clarify more. This is the system I was looking at moving to, not that I currently have.

I wanted to start a system from bottom up and don't know if this pairing of gear would mesh well together.
So the only constant in your system are the Carver Amazing Silvers? Or was that just another choice? Sounds like you've researched this but have yet to hear it.
No real way to tell as reviews are dime a dozen. You have to hear it over the long haul and once you're certain of what you like and what you can part with, so begins the onerous journey. So many grails, so many crusades, so many straw man opinions to come.
What I would do is trade up from your present system, one component at a time.
Since you're into separates, I'd start with the pre amp first. It doesn't have to be expensive to get some really great sound.
Good luck in you endeavors.
correct the only thing staying the same will be the Carvers.

I am moving into a new place in the Spring time and wanted to use my current system in an extra room I will have with some bookshelves or other tower speakers, and build a whole new system for my main 2 channel.

I have put a lot of thought into each item, however just was unsure if everything would mesh well or if there was something better in the price classes that I'm looking at.

I know there are better speakers out there besides the Carvers, but for me I love their sound, and I love Ribbons.
Every component including cables and your room sounds different depending on whichever component each is operating with. No one on this forum can tell you what you like...its up to you to discover that...that is the fun of this hobby. I would be especially careful and critical, since the money for this stuff is being saved for...that is, its not just play money. Take your time and do it right the first time so that you don't spend this hard earned money and be dissatisfied when it all comes together.
If you like that 'style' of speaker, and Ribbons, I'd suggest a test listen to some 3-series Magnepan.
And with the Maggies, while the Pass works very well, you may like the Bryston 4bsst2, brand new-latest.
I am told that Magnepan uses Bryston as there 'demo' amp at shows.

To the 'list' I'd add a dedicated power line.....or 2, to the new serious system. And while you're at it, save a few Sheckels for room treatments. Even the BEST system would sound crumby in a bad space. Yes, even your Carvers....or Maggies.
Thanks for the suggestion with Maggies. I've heard a few pairs of Maggies and really enjoyed their sound so I will have to look into that model!

and ah room treatments, everything in a set up matters is what I believe, so room treatments will be a must.

Do you guys think though that a pairing of BAT and Pass will mesh well? I've only heard one set up to this day with that pairing but didn't have a lot of time with it to give it a true critical listen.
I'd re-think the Pass/BAT combo. Two different animals IMO. Sure the will play together, but they both are going in a different direction scenically. What about a phono stage?
Srwooten, do you think the system would be better off with a Pass Labs pre rather than the BAT?

And if not MIT cables (which I'm a huge fan of btw) what would you suggest?
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Srwooten, do you think the system would be better off with a Pass Labs pre rather than the BAT?

Yes. Pass amps and pre's are both QUIET, highly detailed, powerful, and accurate. If you like that kind of sound this is a great way to go. That is the way I went, although I ultimately sold my Pass X-600 monos and went with a Edge 10.1nl stereo amp. The big Pass monos put out way to much heat for my room.

You'll get a bit of tube warmth (enough IMO) with the Cary CD player.

The BAT gear is notably more colored. Nothing wrong with that.... If you like that kinda' sound go that way, but with a more "like-minded" amp.

Get a Mint Protractor to get the most out of your TT set-up. What are you going to use for a phono stage?
Phono stage at the moment would be a modded Jolida, however not sure what I would use yet with the new system.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding using a Pass pre, which of the models do you think would be the best pairing with the X250 or X350?

I didn't read about your budget, but if you are seriously considering Pass, you may want to compare the class A amps to the A/B amps. The INT 150 or INT 30.5 integrated should be very good, simple options. Both are based on the newest amp/preamp lines. Or you could try a used Aleph amp and an X-1 pre. There are many combinations possible. I've had quite a few and can tell you that the latest Pass stuff is considerably better to my ears. And I prefer the class A sound. It depends on how much power you need, what your budget is, and how much you are willing to spend.

Start with the speaker/room interface and then get the right amp for your speakers based on your listening tastes and power needs. Then consider the source and cables. Happy listening.
regarding using a Pass pre, which of the models do you think would be the best pairing with the X250 or X350?

I use the X-1 and really love it. I have heard the newer models are even more refined. Anything Pass is REALLY good IMHO.