Technics SL-1310 Mk2


Im looking for this turntable. I owned one back in the late 70s and now that I'm collecting better gear I'd like to own one again. I really enjoyed it back in the day

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Yes most are EU. Ive emailed alot of them and they dont want to ship stateside. The one on Reverb looks beat to hell heh. It's why I asked here

I have one that is beautiful,  I've been putting off replacing power supply and speed regulation caps as well as the cueing mechanism.  I'll  get to it soon

The "10" in the model number indicates a European distributed version. It also indicates that the turntable can be used in EU and in the US .... as the voltage is switchable.

A plain 1300 is identical except it cannot switch between European and US voltages.... ones sold in Europe need a transformer to be used in the US and ones sold in the US cannot be used in Europe without a transformer.

You’ll want a SL-1310 mk2 or a SL-1300 originally sold in the US if you don’t want to deal with an external transformer.


Here is a link to a seller on eBay who regularly has sl-1300's and occasionally has sl-1310's.  He's has 100% positive feedback and sells 4-10 tt's per month. He does not currently have a 1300 or 1310...but he's a good seller to watch for them....or contact about your needs.

TurnTableTom on eBay

Thanks, I know the 1310 is 110-240 volts 50-60hz. At least the one i had ...just switch to change transformer necessary. Thanks for the link!

Alot of Toms stuff is Japanese voltage. 100v you need a transformer for sure.

I have two Technics "auto" turntables. The SL-Q3 and the 1600 MK2. Not to derail what you seek, yet the SL-Q3 is highly recommended. Being able to select the number of repeats is very nice. It is a great low frills unit that will tide you over until you find "the one." The hardest part of the Q3 is getting all the old grease out of the gears to enable the unit to perform properly. The 1600 MK2 is nice but uses the disc detection eye and is somewhat flaky at times. 

I've got the SL-1610 with a Nagaoka MP-200 cartridge. 

Same motor, platter and tonearm as the SL-1200, except the tonearm mount has no VTA adjustment and it has no DJ'esque features. It's been a great tt for the 4 years that I've had it.

The current model SL100C is the No-frills version of the Technics turntable….no speed control, just quartz locked, no arm return or motor shut-off, but it does lift the arm at the end of a side, no built in phono preamp.  Tonearm is height adjustable, but not a vernier…just manual.  The motor is cogless and platter is damped.  The plinth is low resonance bulk compound, and the feet have vibration dampers.  To me, this is the essential model for fans of the direct drive concept who like the convenience of cartridge swapping.  I just got one and I am liking it.