Tekton customers in Los Angeles

Hi Everyone, seriously considering the double impact SEs configured at 4ohm with Naim Nova at 155w a channel. I live within the Los Angeles area and hoping to synch up with an audiogon tekton customer who wouldnt mind discussing your real world all around experience and possible demo of your speakers before I decide to commit on a purchase. I’m a drummer and recovering Audiophile at heart and looking for an all in one system for around 10 to 14k that gives me the realistic sound pressure levels that drums can produce, but can’t afford a 50k system. 

Really appreciate your help

You won’t get the sump pressure levels out of a double impact unless you add the subs that they offer. They offered one called the 410. Two of those to the double impact and you’ll be really happy.I had that set up for about a year and then I sold the double impacts and got the next speaker up call the moabs and that really burn down the house
Get Moabs. fuzztone is correct no one NEEDS subs. But you do want them. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367
Tekton 4-10 is probably the most cost-effective way to go. They came out after I built mine or I would have them.

You want volume and impact, that physical slam you get from the real thing, nothing will touch that like this combo. Certainly nothing anywhere near your budget. So you start with Moab and 4-10. If you want the Naim, okay fine, lots of power and a player, makes sense. You are at $11k.

Put the Moabs on Townshend Podiums. You are gonna think this is crazy, $2500 for damn speaker springs. You will be playing drums loud. The whole room is shaking. You will not believe the difference! Lots cleaner, faster, with way better slam and extension. Takes you one big step closer to that LIVE sound. Matter of fact put Townshend Pods under that amp. Same improvement. Like a whole component upgrade.

You now have about $500 to a grand left for speaker cables. Set yours up like mine, amp in the middle, you will only need 6 or 8 ft speaker cables. That will get you some very good ones from Synergistic Research. People love to knock Synergistic because they are so successful with so many different cables over so many decades. Well there is a reason for that. Unlike almost all the other hyped up thin sounding top end heavy audiopile cables SR puts out a sound that is BIG and FULL and THERE!

They have been making so many for so long there’s a lot out there and the pricing is solid enough you can pretty much find the newest/closest to whatever you have left to spend and be sure it will put a big smile on your face.

Too bad you are in LAX if you were SEA five minutes here with Nilsson Jump Into the Fire and you would know I know what I’m talking about.
Why not audition them in your room?

From the Tekton website:

"Where can I audition the speakers?

Our current business model is strictly direct-to-consumer. While we do attend some audio shows that may provide a chance to hear our speakers in person, we firmly believe that the best way to listen is in your own space. We offer a 60-day risk-free trial so you can return the speakers if you are dissatisfied for any reason."

Yes I’m aware of that option but my understanding is they will only allow returned on non upgraded finishes. I plan to buy the gloss black and wanted to see finish quality in person. I may have to call them to see if they will still honor return if I order upgraded finish. 
  I’d say you still need the subs. If you want it at a musicians level zyou need the subs. If it was me I would just get the standard finish. If you ever go to resell them you’re not gonna get back the $1700 that he charges to put that finish on them. Your safest bet is to by the Moab with the 410 subs standard finish. You’re not buying a piece of furniture, I put the money towards the subs. your ears will hurt at the end of the night of good listening.
The Towsen podium to make a nice difference but in my opinion not a $2500 difference. If the guy would lower the price he would sell a lot more of them. I found a kid online that I mounted all of my stuff on for about $50 per speaker and it did the same thing.
Thanks guys, I’m on board with getting subs for sure. I have the WAF to consider here as these are going in our main family room and do need to look good for the wife. Original post I’m looking for so cal customer who would be kind enough to show me their Tekton speakers and listen.  I know it’s a big ask but hoping someone will understand this situation I’m in. A big part of me wants to go the safe route and buy an overly priced well know tower with subs but I would prefer to hear the Tekton and see the upgraded finish to help finalize my decision 

Somebody help this guy with speaker. Show him that like rock star the biggest and ugliest is the beast.