TG Audio vs Pursang vs Poiema Interconnects

Has anyone compared the following RCA interconnects?

TG Audio HSR
Argent Audio Pursang
Ridge Street Audio Poiema

What differences did you hear?
Hi Geoff and those with interest.

Just a quick clarification, the Poiema cabling was introduced as Poiema!. As many know, all our cabling is manufactured from the ground up, no off the shelf re-dress. During the development of Poiema! the cabling came to a point to where I was very pleased with its performance and felt we had a viable product that would make a positive difference for enthusiasts. Poiema! was a very good success. As a result, two things occurred. During actual production I was able to fine tune a few things that improved Poiema! and, because of the cable's success, I did what I think any smart business would do and reinvested into the product to improve the materials a bit more by working/developing with my vendors.

Just as happened with the Midnight Silver Edition going from Gen.I to Gen.II, so Poiema! has become Poiema!!. Poiema! is no longer available. Also, just as the MSE Gen.II cabling has reached the end of what can be done to incrementally improve it within what it is, Poiema has reached that place also with the availability of Poiema!! Signature.

We recently finished new facility(s) for production here and that's allowed us to do some things we weren't able to do before practically. Hence, Poiema!! Signature is available along side of Poiema!!.

The Signature version is tweakier to build and takes more time, is more or less custom to the clients gear and it physically looks different. With some materials being different and the addition of other materials it's also more expensive. Pricing is pretty much on a case by case basis and is 20% to 25% more than Poiema!! depending on the nature of the project.

So, that's the lo down. Hope that clears up any confusion. Also of interest is that we are introducing a new Loudspeaker: the Sason Ltd (I know, just what the community needs…another loudspeaker). Lak has a pair now that he's auditioning. I know this isn't the forum to go into detail here but I'll just say this…Aesthetically and sonically, this thing is Killer! Says I of course.

Kind Regards to all…and Sean, LOL!
There are two versions of the TG HSR as well, regular HSR and HSR High Purity...
"Lak has a pair now that he's auditioning. I know this isn't the forum to go into detail here but I'll just say this…Aesthetically and sonically, this thing is Killer! Says I of course."

This proves that "Lak" is a Ridge Street shill which he has always denied.
Sonic...Damn, I'm caught!

On a more serious note genious, I'm sorry to see you've lost your life again! LOL! Hope you able to get a life again.

Sorry for such a cheap shot but you make yourself so wide open!

Okay, I'll be good now. I promise.

Kind Regards,
The best way is audition them,In my case,I do have
the chance to hear the TG audio cables both speaker
cable and and interconnect, courtesy of Essentialaudio
They are worth auditioning,very revealing and they
are not bright, which is rare.Rcrump above is the
designer, and maker.Email Him he can give you the
name of the dealer near you.I dont work for Him.
No connection either.
LOL, Robert we all do the best we can and that is the important thing here.....
"This proves that "Lak" is a Ridge Street shill which he has always denied."

Guess I must be fortunate to have moved out of Toledo in time, 'cause it was me who was going to Beta test the speakers first...

Lak must also be Albert Porter's shill. Poor Larry--or is it poor Albert?

(This is from the Sason Ltd designer)

Psychic, I'm sure I never said "first to beta test" and I also dislike the term "beta" because it implies that my intention was to release the Sason Ltd as a preproduction design and not finalized. I've had 2 years to finalize this design so I had better have the details worked out!

Lak lives about 10 minutes from me BUT he has a great set of ears and an ability to put his finger on what he likes regarding good sound. I respect that and honored it by getting his permission to hear the Sasons.

Anyone that gets to know me will find out I despise users and posers, so they will also know, just as Lak now knows, I don't make bargains for half-truths or similar. Who would knowingly and happily want a career based on that?
Yesterday I went to an authorized BMW recycler. Inside the office they had this mint M3 that said "Test" on the windshield. My salesman told me they were going to crush it since it was a test vehicle--and not even the parts could be sold!

Steve, since those are your first (and only) pair of Sason speakers they are, by default, test speakers. Why? Because no matter how brilliant, careful, experienced in QA protocol and/or production you are (and you are), you are not perfect. BMW is not perfect with all their engineering/manufacturing R&D capabilities. They acknowledge this by crushing the entire test car...

With psychic power, primal intensity and boogie factor,

I used to have a full system of Pursang along with Brujo and Brujo HC power cords. I now have a full system of TG Audio HSR, with SLVR power cords. I think my cableitis is cured.

The TG has none of the stereotypical "silver" sound - i.e. lean, very detailed but slightly edgy and shimmery with an over-lit soundstage. The Pursang still has just a bit of that quality. Some will find it very attractive and exciting, and in some systems it will be a revelation (as it was for me at first). The TG HSR has none of that sound. Instead it has a full, natural, open, smooth, coherent sound that you can listen to all day. And it images like a bandit.

I'd say Pursang leans slightly toward the analytical side, while HSR is "musically neutral". Both are exceptional cabling systems, but with different design philosophies and different flavours as a result. If I had to get absolutist, I'd say Bob's wire is the best I've heard so far.
Hmm. If I assume correctly that Ridgestreetaudio and Music1st are the same two guys I ran into a few weeks back at the "Audiofest" in Michigan then the speaker they had set up would be the same Sason Ltd mentioned above. If all that assuming is correct...a kind hello to you both! Please keep me up to date on how (and when!!) the release of the Sason's goes.

For everyone else reading this thread I can confirm that these Sason's are killer speakers AND that the various Ridge Street cables on hand hand were too shabby either.

Finally, I'm not a Ridge Street shill. Just some dude who walked into a strangers house a few weeks back and got to hear some very fine music.

I'm Bob Crump and I approve this ad.........Again, we all do the best we can in developing our products.....
Hello, Dan!

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, this is Steve Rothermel and I am the designer of the Sason Ltd by Ridge Street Audio Designs. Robert Schult is my friend, associate, and proprietor of Ridge Street Audio Designs.

For the record, let's not assume the particular pair of Sason Ltd loudspeakers that Lak has heard is the first and only pair of Sasons. Two others have preceeded it and have done duty as "test beta" units since BEFORE that stated two-year gestation period!

I appreciate accuracy and to that end, I appreciate the chance to clarify a bit - thanks, Psychic (and I sincerely mean that).
Me again. Yes, I know, P R E C E D E D is the correct spelling.

And I approve this message.
Hey Steve! Hey Bob S.! Hope all has been going well for you guys lately. What vintage were the pair of Sasons I heard?
Okay, I gotta comment....

It's honestly sad people feel the need to disparage boutique cable designers and their customers who enjoy the product (and god forbid, share that enthuiasm). Ridge Street, TG, Wolfe, VH Audio, or any other of this genre of manufacturer do not have the marketing resources to manufacture hype any where near the scale that one observes with the larger companies. Moreover, these companies may - or may not - be able to defend their claims objectivly (with white papers, etc.), but honestly, does that matter?

Does one read or listen to music?

In my eyes, those that feel the need to slight an individual who pursues this *hobby* and the equipment choices they make, or the humble designers who create products which meet those needs, are the true shills.
I'm with Mprime, but I would add how predictably all of these threads dealing with comparisons of cables fail to ever reach a concensus. I doubt if any first poster on such threads can make sense out of the advice he receives other than to say, well I had better listen for myself.

Yes, I know I am suggesting the futility of internet postings of words and opinions about sounds heard.
Well, Mr. Tbg, the problem is that most people lack the conditions for proper evaluation. Under those circumstances, cables which tend to mask and/or flavor will be preferred.

Someone posted above how great "XYZ" cable is (I've never heard it--I don't know). Yet he's using a $4K transport and an $18K DAC with a very basic, entry level type power filter (it is musically bening, though). It's the same filter I recommended to my little sister for her 25W/ch NAD receiver & AIWA changer/Soundstream DAC based audio system. Is this guy hearing his system as it is supposed to perform? Of course not! He's arrived to conclusions without first truly optimizing the potential of his system.

Power, acoustics and vibration control must be addressed before any critical listening takes place.

I, of course, agree. Nevertheless, I do not know what anyone can conclude from such threads. Why do people type rather than listen?
I don’t understand the audio forum mentality. Everybody wants to do DIY but nobody wants to Do It For Themselves. Instead they want someone else to do the work and then tell them what will work best for them in their system. A common forum question is: “Which is better, connecting the speaker cable to the woofer and then jumper to the tweeter or connecting the speaker cable to the tweeter and then jumper to the woofer?” The funny thing is, that question invariably gets numerous replies with each respondent expressing, with absolute certainty, that their preferred wiring method is the “correct” one. I guess Internet audiophiles are afraid to trust their ears and they seek comfort in following the herd. What if they listen and make the wrong choice (as determined by the herd)? What if they listen and don’t hear a difference (when the herd says they should)?

Here's the entire post:

...and I'm officially stopping helping anyone with power issues--unless they can prove they've done enough homework and are stuck somewhere. People who just want answers never truly learn--and can't pass on much either--because they develop no problem solving skills.

I did listen and can assure everyone that the herd sang,
“Moooo-cho bull, mooo-cho, mooo-cho bull! Toro not get moo-cho tonight.”

(Harmony was a bit off but they had great PRAT.)
Nice link.Thanks.So far the the thread is not answered yet.
I myself, I am interested what Pursang owner and
Poiema's owner opinions are. But at the end Its your preference should prevail not ours.Good Luck.
Gee, Psychic, I'm truly sorry that my power filter isn't expensive enough. You must know something about the state of the power in my house that I don't.

Frankly, I've heard power conditioners screw things up more often than not, so my philosophy is KISS. The filter I have keeps digital hash out of the main wiring, and it works fine. Certainly well enough to permit comparative evaluations of analog interconnects, even with the amps and preamp plugged straight into the wall! You were saying above that people need to do their own work, trust their own ears, and not to ask for others' opinions or approval. I heartily agree.
Gee, Psychic, I'm truly sorry that my power filter isn't expensive enough. You must know something about the state of the power in my house that I don't.


The *level* of filtration is inadequate. You have stated (and I did before too) the reason why you use it: is musically benign. Equipment as resolving as yours will let you know in a snap if the power filters are messing up--and most DO mess up. The Power Foundation is comprised of just them ACFX coils and capacitors in parallel. It takes more to do the job right--even if the electricity is already 'clean'. AudioPrism knows that. They marketed the filter you own because the real thing was way too costly to manufacture and be profitably marketed ( the infamous T4 ). Even so the T4 is not enough by itself if the power is really nasty. The T4 was marketed as a valid option "even if the power is clean". How so? For a start, the entire chassis is copper--the T4 weighs about 60 lbs.

Post removed 
I don't have the IC's but I do have TG Audio speaker cables and I can say that they are not bright at all with SS equipment. Great center imaging and bass extension is what I'm hearing with the speaker cables. Can't wait to try the IC's. Their SLVR pc's are wonderful as well
Gliderguider and Tvad, the regular HSR and High Purity interconnects differ in only one parameter, namely purity of the silver. The HSR is 99.99 silver and the High Purity starts as 99.99 and is boiled removing impurities and we are told it is 99.9999 silver, but do not have it assayed, something that would run about 2K per batch. The HP sounds cleaner and sweeter than the regular HSR, but they do share a lot as the design parameters are exactly the same. Hope this helps a bit and yes I am the maker.

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders
I'd like to revive this thread a bit.

The Pursang is now a Pursang S, and the Poiema!! is now a system matching custom Poiema!! Signature. I am guessing the TG Audio remains the same (that's not necessarily a bad thing).

I am also curious about the Pure Note Paragon, and how it stacks up in this group.