The Audiophile's Wife no longer putting it out?

I read today that Friday's post on the Audiophile's Wife blog may be her last. I'm bummed! I enjoyed reading her take on this passion/quest/obsession/Mad Hatter's Ride we are all on to varying degrees and her significant other POV take on her mate's journey.

I will miss snorting my morning coffee/afternoon diet Coke, etc. through my nose when I chortle/guffaw through her weekly post.

Perhaps, she will change her mind...
Definitely brought a frown to my face when I read her last blog. Enjoyed her each week, and always missed her on the weeks she skipped.
Whew. For a minute there I thought you said the audiophiles wife was longer putting out....
It sure looks like she has decided to bring her blog entries to a close with "Swan Song." I'd like to thank the Audiophile's Wife for two years of wonderful, funny insights on all things audiophile. Her blog entries were always a highlight of my week. She is a talented writer, and I hope she will find other topics and opportunities to express herself.

So thanks again, ma'am, from a loyal reader, and may you always find yourself "audio winning."
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See, once you are alone, you are truly free. No more pesky wife to interfere with your enjoyment.
Wow, what a bummer. I really enjoyed her blog and truly hope she reconsiders. I wanted to post a message to her saying such, but no way to do that on her blog...

I certainly will miss her musings. She was very fun to read, always got a big chuckle on Friday nights when I read this wonderful blog. Hope she'll be back with her musings on what it's like to be a newbie audiophile!
As some of you know I am the audiophile my wife has been writing about. In keeping with her mysterious ways, I was unaware of her intent to conclude the blog and am in shock. Well, perhaps a little dazed.

Some propose the writer is a man, but I can tell you most assuredly she is 100% woman and as beautiful as she is talented.

I will also miss reading her funny commentary and sense my Audiophile ways may slow. Part of me did enjoy giving her ammunition for the blog!
I too will miss the writing and I like the suggestion that Audiowoman made about perhaps her writing from a new point of view. She was great with words, lots of fun to read and will be missed.
Way to out yourself, Grannyring. And thanks to your wife for ongoing humor and perspective. I've shown her blog to my wife a number of times to foster virtual commiseration over our audio craziness.
I guess I'm the only one who found "putting it out" as a thread title quite tacky at best.
Grannyring, please start buying more new gear.... for us! Your Wife is a very talented writer and her subtle humorous perspective makes it work very well! I can only imagine the high number of readers that enjoyed her writings, I certainly did!! I thank her for the memories :)
Grannyring, I should add some thanks to you as well. Without your audio obsessiveness she would not have been driven to the brink of having to publicly air her frustrations!! HA :)
I just read the entire blog from start to finish. What a crackup! Grannyring, let your wifey now shes a talented writer. I love her subtle play on words! Can you please continue to do crazy things so she will keep the blog alive?? :)
I check out her blog each and every Monday morning. I will certainly miss her.

Grannyring - please do something so excessively audiophile ASAP that she HAS to keep writing about your exploits.
Ptm"s suggestion makes perfect sense! Coconut Audio's one million dollar PC cable is way better than a house. She'll come around... HA :)

My wife asked me to share that you were indeed her muse for the post!

I'm glad she's back!  I love her writing.

Got an early Christmas present, huh?  Well, Merry Christmas to you Bill!  Enjoy your new speakers.  Hope TAW comes to like them as much as the Dali's (Dollies).

Yea. She is hilarious. Great humor that definitely hits us audio nuts rite we’re it counts. 😂😂😂😂

Schubert is the same person that thought Atma-sphere named one of their amps after a gun and should apologize. 


I guess I'm the only one who found "putting it out" as a thread title quite tacky at best.

I’m in agreement with you. 

Putting out new blog posts! All good and the original humor was certainly acceptable if just a tad edgy.  Merry Christmas fellow Agoners. Enjoy music and family. 



Love my “Fyne Young Cannibals” speakers! She is still not over the Dollies, but she is warming up to the Fynes.  

@grannyring My wife and I want to thank your wife (and you 😉) for the laughs that we just shared over our morning coffee as I read to her the most recent entries in “The Audiophile’s Wife”. Your wife truly is a hoot and you are a lucky man (as am I). Very glad that she has resuscitated her blog. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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I guess I'm the only one who found "putting it out" as a thread title quite tacky at best.

I’m in agreement with you. 

Don't worry. A sense of humor can be learned.

From what some of my customers tell me, many audiophile wives don’t put out 😂

Love the humor! @grannyring is your wife offering training sessions for audiophile wives? I’m willing to pay top dollar if she can get mine to talk about my gear (and by that I mean audio gear) like she does. The story about her noticing the toe in brought me to tears. 

Great stuff!

The phrase, (with the sexual connotation) is "putting out". Bill stated "putting "it" out".

"It" could be the dog or cat or garbage...or in this case...his wife’s blog.

Maybe some of you need to learn to read and/or comprehend better?

Sorry for the negative responses Bill. You did nothing wrong.

I was captured but the "putting it out" titler of the thread and it's connotation, but now I'm interested in reading the blog.  IS there a link?  I seem to have missed it if there was

It’s been over 3 months since her last post and I’m Jonesin’ for some new material from her. Grannyring, I hope you and your wife and families are all well, and if so, could you kindly ask her to get busy writing. Her skills are greatly in demand for us bored audiophiles. Thank you so much.

Yep, missing the wonderfully light and inside humor of TAW. Give her a nudge Bill!

It might be stressful to come up with something every week, maybe she could post just when something happens that needs writing about?