The Reeses Cup: components that come together perf

I thought this might be fun. Name your favorite peanut and chocolate components you have experienced. Some of my favorites of companies that should be married are:

Kef and Dynaco
Harbeth and Shindo
Opera and Unico
ATC and Exposure
iPod and Audioengine 2s
MIT cables and anything except SE triodes
Thiel and Bel Canto
Dynaudio and anything powerful
Buff, of course, is an undisclosed dealer for all of the products he mentions.

So ignore posts which are shameless, unprofessional, and unethical.
I am a dealer for the items I mentioned, and would be pleased to help anyone within my territory who is in need.
System synergy is something that takes experience and knowledge to come by, so I felt I would list products I know that work together well.

Here are a few more which work well together:

Classe and Wilson Audio
B&W and Rotel
Krell and Wilson

So if I offended anyone by listing products which I sell I apologize, I just wanted to share information based on the original posters request.

I think we all can recognize that personal attacks are not necessary and do nothing good for our on line community.
Selling in the forums does nothing good for our on line community as well.

Actually it is shameless, unprofessional, and unethical.

That is not a personal attack. A personal attack would be something like, "You're a shill".

Hope that helps you understand.
I was hoping that this thread would illuminate to our community well-matched and synergistic components. I have received two private emails this week from Audigoners who are facing this problem and sought out my advise after being burned by their retail providers.

I personally have had very little interaction with the home consumer electronics market. I use pro studio gear, and love that there is an open exchange in this forum around products I rarely audition.

I feel that the dealer community deserves a reputation of poor customer retention due to continually serving up mis-matched components that speak more to profit margins and line extentions versus well matched components. This has been central to the dialogue I have been having with the two gentlemen this week--both are facing "salvage" versus "replace" decisions.

I believe that Audiofeil has a valid point that you were not open and honest on your financial interests. Certainly, like a wine retailer, you might "taste" many products in a course of the year, but you also must disclose you are a commercial entity.

PS: I do not have any financial ties to the above products. They are products I either own or have heard in friend's systems.

Keeping with the "smart ass" tone, Jgiacalo: which version of the Salmonella speakers do you own? :)
Personally, I like Benchmark DAC1 married with ATC actives. The thin sound of the DAC1 in the lower mids (compared to other digital sources) seem to mate well with ATC's. Detail is accentuated without any digital "harshness" although subjectively it makes the ATC's sound closer to horns.

Actually, I am surprised not to see more suggestions from the SET or OTL's + Horns camp....although Albert seems to be thinking horns.
Actually, I am surprised not to see more suggestions from the SET or OTL's + Horns camp....although Albert seems to be thinking horns.

Yes, horns for Natalie is correct. She told me she prefers single ended but I know once she has a taste of class A she'll come around.
OK, back on track. This thread is dying. I nominate for Reeses Cup components that come together:

Bongofury and Scarlett Johansson

What do you think of that Bongo?
I would go for it but it has an unacceptable Wife Acceptance Factor here in the US. As a second system, I might like the Cruz 104s matched to Shakira amps. I would keep that system in Spain or Columbia.

You are going for some heavy rotation there - you need a good streaming source for a warmer liquid sound - something like the Fergie CDP
Fergie, she is a local girl. I can see my nuts in a jar by the nightstand. My wife is from Argentina.
I've heard M.Fox components hooked up with Tel Wire is a beautiful thing ;-). Luckily I don't have to consider a WAF so it's a green if I can only get a hold of the US distributor...

M.Fox gear
CPK: Permission to proceed. Continue to post. I hear it needs at least 500 hours of burning in. Would love to get frequent updates AND photos. Really, it is for Albert and Shadorne.
From this shot you can see the design utilizes a Class A topology. Please let Albert and Shadorne know that this model is backordered and there is an extremely long waitÂ….

Chassis Shot
- tube pre-amp + high current SS poweramp + OHM Walsh speakers

Toss in a Witherspoon model Reese for aesthetics and what have you and bingo!
I'll refine mine a bit.

Bel Canto ref1000m monoblocks and larger OHM Walsh speakers in a medium to large size room with adequate distance to walls to eliminate effects of early reflections as needed.

Add a decent music server source for digital that comes together about as good as possible.
2 years is a long time between postings. I myself have heard some increedible systems during the two years since I first posted this.

My current faves are:

Leben tube amp with DeVore Orangutans
Pass Labs with the new Sony Speakers
Luxman 38 tubes with the Zu Omens

Since Natalie had the baby, she is off my buy list
iMac (with BitPerfect) & DACmini

Above mentioned & (dare I say) any system you can think of