Tidal music subscription

I’m unable to renew my Tidal subscription since replacing my  Mastercard in February.  Tidal support has failed me.  Advice needed 


Perfect opportunity. Subscribe to Qobuz. It sounds slightly better, but more importantly has over half a million hi resolution albums while Tidal only has about a tenth that.


My dealer had urged me for nearly a year to make the switch… once I did, I would not consider going back.

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I had the same problem. I added PayPal as a payment method so now I pay via PayPal which won’t expire. Plus you can easily cancel recurring payments through PayPal. 

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My card is accepted using Apple Pay but there is a 30% surcharge.   I don’t have Qobuz in my country. 

Not sure where you are located, but if in the USA, this may give you an "end run" on the problem.  Buy this offer for discounted Tidal at Best Buy, for $120 per year and bypass the issue.  

Here is a blurb from another forum, with link to the offer:   


" I was looking for Tidal discounts since I am keeping it for Atmos and noticed that Best Buy offers Hifi plus for 120$ a year. If you are a total tech member it’s currently 99$. You cannot add it to your current subscription. You have to create a new account with a new email. I have read that you can speak with tidal support and they will transfer your playlists etc from your old account to your new one. I’ll be giving this a try in a couple of days. 



BTW, I purchased a similar deal from Best Buy for QBoz that works great, $13 per month.

Apologies.  I just noticed your country of origin so the above likely will not apply. Good luck in resolving this.