Torn between two IC's... Please help...

I'm torn between Goertz Silver Sapphire and Morrow MA-4's... Currently I have Goertz copper mircopurls going from my Bifrost dac to my NAD 326bee... My plan is to move the copper microlpurls in the place of the pre-amp jumpers and buy a new set of ic's to go from the Bifrost to the NAD... I only need a 1/2 meter for the run... I wish I knew how the MA-4's compared to the Silver Sapphire Goertz... Any help would be greatly appreciated...



It sounds like you haven't even heard the Morrow MA-4 interconnects, so if that's the case, why are you torn between them and the Goertz?

There's a used set of 1/2 meter MA-4 interconnects on the Morrow website for $223.30 right now. Why don't you just buy them and see if they work.

It seems like there's quite a few Audiogoners who like the Morrow cables, so if you don't like them you can sell them. The 1/2 meter length might be a problem with the resale though.

i see that you are using the factory provided jumpers on your speaker binding posts. Get rid of them & get yourself a Goertz (if this is your favourite brand) or other brand aftermarket jumpers if you are not going to biwire. it should help your sonics.
I appreciate all of the input... I just ordered the used Morrow MA-4's on my lunch break... Oh, and as for my factory jumpers, I took them off a week ago and made some jumpers out of solid core copper for now... It is at least better thank the factory jumpers... Thanks for the help...

Very true... Today, I also ordered the used Digi-4 that Mr. Morrow has on his website... I have never seen so many reviews on cables and the curiosity has been really making me itch to try his cables... If I'm happy with my purchase, then most likely I will order a set of the Morrow SP-4 bi-wired speaker cables...
I looked at your systen, SP-4 well be clearer but far less warm and far more "clinical".
Not to me, no bloom, for a lack of a better term, no music.

I use Schubert because of ALL the great composers he wrote the warmest, most melodic-take your breath away melodies,your system would grow cold, cold days can be crystal clear but they are cold.
Upgradeitis IS a curse,
the warmth is from NAD and Goertz, its a very nice balanced systen you have, just enjoy.
I guarantee you many spend 50K and more for no better, if not worse sound.
Nice words of wisdom.You can certainly improve a system with thoughtful selection and patience. You can spend a lot of money and have different but not necessarily better and sometimes worse than where you began.
The Morrows come with a 30 day trial. Use it. If you dont like it, send them back. With all respect to Schubert, I think its quite a reach for someone on an internet forum to tell you exactly how a cable is going to sound with your system ,in your room , with your ears! Hey, he could be spot on too,but you should definitely try them yourself.
I tend to agree BUT I have heard Morrows in MANY systems and they are very clinican sounding period. Also 30 days is not long enough.
Correct... Thirty days is not nearly enough... My system is almost 4 months old and there still happens to be sonic changes with it, and for the better... I know that there are no two systems that are alike so it's gonna have to be trial and error...
Morrow offers a 60 day trial on their cables. I don't find them clinical, but paying for the optional burn in service is probably a good idea. With that and the 60 day trial period, you should be able to make an informed decision.
optional burn-in is the biggest waste of funds. trial or burn-in should only happen within purchaser system. if system doesn't sound good out of the box new while it was good before, than you can blame cables and less-likely 30 or 60 days will correct that.
my morrow cables [ic, spk, power and digital] all sounded good out of the box and then went thru gyrations that were pretty dramatic. almost unlisteneable for a few days. then they clicked one day and work well in my system.
Well I got my Morrow MA-4's 2 days ago and I do have to say that they sound diferent than my Goertz Micropurl's... Before I go ahead and evaluate them I'm gonna leave them on my system for at least 2 or 3 months... I don't want to rush my evaluation with them... I bought them used but it doesn't mean that they're broken in yet or used to playing with my genre of music...
Let us know your thoughts after you live with the MA-2s for a while. My current setup includes Morrow SP-2 speaker cables and a set of Audio Art IC-3 interconnects. I have to say, the system sounds real good to me, but I always wonder how a set of Morrow ICs will work with my Morrow speaker cables.
mtrot, my morrows [ic,spk, digital, sub and power] all work well togeather. i,m sure there are many other alternatives out there that sound great and if i didn't have all the money in this set i would look into many, wywires, shuntya, and others. but after a while i just listen to new music. let us know....
Ok, day 3 with my Morrow MA-4's... I have noticed that they make my speakers disapear a little bit more than my Goertz Micropurls, which is good for me... The other thing that I have noticed is that I have to crank my treble and bass with these cables, which is bad for me... Just an observance and I am gonna give them a full burn in because I bought them as used and have no idea how long or how much use the previous owner has sent through these cables... I'm hoping that they will brighten up and the bass will be allowed to follow through because I do like how they make my speakers disapear a little more than my Goertz...
I have owned the Micro Purl and upgraded to the Sapphire. Much, much better. I have a deep, wide, wall to wall soundstage. Also have the silver speaker cables. Warm, detailed, relaxed sound. Not at all thin contrary to some reports. In my system I have also used Kimber 8TC, Silnote Morpheus II, Cardas, and a few others. Goertz can be fabulous in the right system such as with my Cary V12, 300SEI, Audible Illusions 3a or or Cary SLP 98. I have also used the Goertz to good effect with Primaluna Diologue One, Jolida, Almarro 205. My speakers have been Tekton Lore and 4.5 models, Infinity Preludes, Vandersteen 2Ce recently.
Thanks for the input Mikirob... I have had the Sapphire's several years ago and I do miss having them... I may be ordering them if the Morrows don't pull through for me... But I do want to give the Morrows a fair shot... The way that I got into Goertz several years ago is that there used to be a high end shop near me that had let me take home several pairs of cables to audition... That's not so much the case nowadays... But Goertz has servedme well in the past and I really can't afford to keep buying cables like I just did with the Morrows... It was all the testimonials that I read that got me to order them and take the chance... I do like the soundstage better but the severe lack of the bass and treble is driving me nuts... I'm hoping it will change... But I don't think it is looking too promising...
Quit second guessing yourself. You said you would wait so do it!

I have MA4~1mtr and 2mtr along with SP4 2.5mtr.
I switched from all Acoustic Zen Hologram II spkr and Matrix Ref. It will take a good 250+ hours on repeat play with FM static or full range music to get through the rough spots in break in. They may change from day to day or week to week, every system is different and so is your electricity delivery. You may notice differences at various times of day as well.

I predict that the treble, bass, dynamics, sound-stage, air, nuance will come around before you find another pair to demo, unless you are just interested in seeing what's available.

Patience is a virtue.
Hey Tom6897... I did say that I would wait and I am gonna do it... Does my post say anything different than that? No, I was posting what I have noticed about the cables and also having conversation about the Goertz cables... I have also stated in the past that even at 2 to 3 months I have noticed changes with my other cables and that I'm a firm believer in cable burn in... And yes, I know that patience is a virtue... I was just stating what I've noticed with the cables...
I think it was the "but I don`t think it`s looking too promising" that tom is responding to.
Maybe, but I usually have my bass at the 1-2 o'clock position and my treble at the 2 o'clock position... With the Morrows I have them both cranked and the bass and treble are both lacking... I'm not shooting the cables down, but just stating what I have noticed with them and I'm still gonna give them the full break-in with the hopes that they pull through for me as I do like the soundstage better than the Micropurls... For the bass and treble to be off by that much, I think I might have been correct with what I said Charles... Maybe I'm wrong... If thats the case than I do apologize...

If the morrows do pull through for me (and I hope they do) I will end up ordering a 9' pair of the Morrow SP-4's as well...
I feel your pain. I am currently auditioning a new piece of equipment (only 30 day trial) and all this critical listening can tend to take the fun out of listening after a while. I am now playing very familiar music and listening critically for a good hour or so, than I just leave the music playing for a few more hours while I just enjoy it while tacking on break-in time. I also have Morrow spkr. cable and IC pre to amp., and lack of bass or treble is not an issue at all. Good luck.
Nearly everyone I've known, including me, thought the Ic's better than the SC's.
Just saw your post/reaction..... I was not being critical, I meant it jokingly. The internet does not allow for emotion or voice tone. I know exactly were your coming from, I just wanted to reiterate that you need to let the process run its course. Since I own the cables I think I can put in my two cents. I'm sorry you read it as me being a p**ck.

I just noted that you have only been on here since Nov 2012. Lesson~ "don't jump to conclusions"

I have been at this for 45 years and I am not in the habit of posting just to get some ones nickers in a twist!

As always "YMMV" in your system with your ears and your listening habits.

I must say, I'm liking the MA4's more and more as time goes by... I have been leaving them with signal going through them and today I found myself backing down on the bass and also the treble a little bit... I don't know the words to use to describe the sound I'm getting with these cables... It seems as though the sound is more fuller and that I'm hearing a better blend of everything coming through them... It's almost as if half of my music wasn't even there with my other interconnects... I am definately hearing it now... I'm gonna look into purchasing a pair of Morrow SP4's next...
Hello - I have an MA-3 (Pre to Amp)and an MA-4 (DAC to Pre), both with the Eichmann copper RCAs. After run-in, I experienced a fuller smoother sound (I suspect the Eichmann's contributed to some degree) with more music coming through. They have been in the system for a few months now and I have no plans to try anything else in the near term.
I went ahead and ordered my Morrow SP-4 speaker cables and they should arrive tomorrow... I'm really looking forward to hearing them...