Transient vs. Analysis Plus

My system is configured with fairly long speaker cable runs (approx. 10m) due to the physical layout of twin parlors in an old house.  I'm currently using Transient cables with 12-2 bricks at the speaker end.  McIntosh MC 275 amp/ Golden Ear Triton One speakers, which I'm hoping to upgrade to One Reference.  I read in an informative thread awhile back that it might be more effective to shorten the speaker cable runs and lengthen the interconnect from preamp to amp.  I could position the power amp below the floor in the basement between the speakers and reduce the cable length to 2m.  Any thoughts there?  Also curious to compare Transient to Analysis Plus cables.  Thanks.
Long interconnects are the usual practice. The downside of that is radio frequency interference, or RF; so if you live in a rich RF environment, your cables may pick up interference from the strongest signals. The best ways to combat that are:
1. First class interconnects, based on Canare Starquad microphone cable, which has both superb shielding and RF-suppressing topology; or
2. First class speaker cable, that is, two parallel ribbons of conductor, separated by insulation, and bonded together to form a thicker ribbon. This reduces inductance at the expense of capacitance. A good brand is Goertz, which is not cheap, except by audiophile standards.

As a rule of thumb, capacitance matters for interconnect, not for speaker cable - inductance matters for speaker cable, not interconnect. That’s the physics of it, not the marketing or the brand loyalty. Good luck!

I am running 22 foot speaker cables from my McIntosh MC302 amp to my GE Triton Reference speakers. I use Canare 4S11 speaker cable and the sound is fantastic. The Canare is 11 gauge, more than enough for the 22 foot runs. I have been using various 22 foot speaker cables for the part 25 years. My speakers are located across the room from the audio rack so the speaker cables go under the floor.

Ask yourself, do you really want to put that beautiful tube amp in the basement? I wouldn’t. The Canare speaker cables cost me around $170.00 for the pair and is one of the best bargains in audio.
+1 Don't hide that amp in the basement looking at it is part of the appeal!
Virtually no difference between 8m and 10m.
Not worth the bother. The short cable rational is for mono blocks. I had 1/2m Kimbers 35 years ago and don't rember seeing god.