Tried CD player Cary 300/300 and LOVED it, now what?

I want to move up the chain. 
Hi all, I’ve this Cary CD 300/300 for 3 years now and love it to death. I enjoy its warmness, smoothness, airy and nice touch of detail. It plays nicely with almost any power cords and ICs I throw at it. 
 Please suggest which other Cary CD players or other brands would consider as better? Ayre cx7e been on my list for years...
i listen to instrumental classical jazz vocals strings and a bit of percussion
thank you all and happy listening
Why buy another complete player?  Keep the Cary, purchase a digital cable, and there’s a boat load of separates dacs to chose from.  Then whatever you choose you can compare directly against the Cary with its internal dac.
@rhljazz thank you but I already have tried and still at my possession diff digital cables and diff DACs and I have enough fun with it, now thinking of stepping up. 
Hmmm, Audio Research Cd3 is looking good....

"....Where once I wondered whether the Rega pieces could keep up with established, pedigreed leaders in their class, I now find myself asking whether competitors can in fact keep up with the Isis and Osiris. They really are that good...."

Buy CD transport without inner DAC one of CEC or Simaudio models and connect it to a DAC ,The improvement will be much much better ,Don’t use the stock cables good coax and power cords are a must .
Ok let’s establish a budget.  Then how about a list of the dacs that you’ve tried with the Cary as a transport.  Did you like any of them in specific areas vs the Cary?  So, it sounds like nothing you’ve tried so far has wowed you enough to abandon the Cary.  Am I correct?

How about listing your system and listening space so others have a sense of a candidate to match your system?

If you can swing 1200.00 dollars and want to push the envelope into something that is musically satisfying and will broaden your horizons, then I highly recommend the Bluesound Vault 2.  Copy all your cds to the internal hard drive.  No more fetching and loading discs. Now you have access to internet radio like my favorite Radio Paradise.  A subscription to Tidal is less than the price of one cd per month and you have access to music you never dreamed of.  Think about that.  Does that sound enticing?
@rhljazz thanks and here’s the list and all were purchased used, pre-owned from eBay or Agon.
I have tried diff digital cables entry level Toslink and coaxial from Audioquest, $30 each. Diff entry level DAC’s like Music Hall 25.3, $350, Cambridge Dac Magic Plus, $300 and and lastly, the Peachtree Dac iTx, $220 which matches best with my Cary Cdp and I love it. Speaker cables are Harmonic Tech Pro-11 Plus, $350 and Audioquest K2, $2000 (I know, I know) both biwired to a pair of bookshelf Tannoy Definition DC8, $2000
My Cary Cdp, $1100 is fed with Synergistic Reseach power cord, $450 and interconnect, $250
i also have Cdp Bryston BCD-1, $1500 sparing side by side with diff brands cords and cables...
So, because I really like the Cary Cdp, to keep it, Should I investing more on a expensive DAC?
Soft sweet lust musical with light touch of micro details are my fav. Excellent Dynamic sharp and attacking then come last. 
Thank you
how does the Bryston BCD-1 sound w/ the SR cabling compared to the Cary?  These (2) players are close in cost when new ($2500).
Happy Listening!
I’ll stick to my recommendation of the Bluesound Vault 2.  There are no listings on AudioGon for Bluesound and they sell a lot of product.  That indicates a whole bunch of satisfied owners.  
@jafant The Bryston BCD-1 is clean detail and natural and, with right set up, i believe it can be had with hell lot of excitement. But, because I'm using warm sounding conditioner Richard Gray 400, so when combined with a complete Synergistic Research Power cords and ICs, I didn't like it as much; warmer, yes! but I could not get the PRaT out of it (3,4 years now). Also, when I tried Transparent Audio entry levels RCA and XLR, BCD-1 was a bit smoother but still SOMEWHAT dull and congested. Therefore, I went back and give it its own a whole new diff cables and cords from AC wall outlet to RG400 conditioner then to BCD-1. Power cords from PS Audio AC-12, Kaplan GS, Triode Wire Labs, and Cardas Golden Power and they do go well together. Too, RCA interconnects from MIT (16 poles) and Tara Labs, I do like.
Bryston BCD-1 is a great cdp and sensitive to PC's and IC's, so, i dont know, you may get better result with Synergistic Research cables and cords in your set up?
The Cary 300/300 matches very well with SR so I leave them like that untouched for the last 3,4 years now. Great luck and sorry for going off track. Happy listening

@rhljazz Thank you so much for the suggestion but going to music digital server is way out of my...comfort?
You would prob see me drop $1k on a DAC first.... Though, I will keep it in mind because soon and later, it is in our future.
Much Thanks! nasamanI like your selection of cables/power cords.
Happy Listening!
Cary 300/300 and LOVED it, now what?

I liked it also, it uses a PCM1792 dacs, which are a hy-brid R2R Muiltibit and Delata Sigma.
I had a chance to compare it to the Cary 303/200 which is full R2R Multibit PCM1704 and preferred it because of I thought it had better boogie factor and slam.

If you want to stay with that Hy-Brid dac sound, look for cdp’s or dacs that use the PCM1792 or PCM1794 or the latest PCM1796 dac chips.

Just look in this massive list to find which cdp or dac uses these hy-brid dacs.

Cheers George
I at one time owned the Cary SACD Pro and though I liked the sound there were too many problems with it. 

Today I own the PS Audio Direct Stream Transport and Dac and I couldn't be happier.

Please help with a list of all the CD players from Cary brand with possible msrp and estimate today price.
Please help with a list of all the CD players from Cary brand
Look at the Vasiltech above for all the models, the put them in here to search for the prices being asked.

or here

Cheers George

I’m the OP and happy to report my finding.

@jafant YES, I bought a preowned Ayre cx7 and, instantly, it murdered both of my Bryston bcd-1 and Cary cd300/300. The Ayre was a made in heaven. A God sent. Full of synergy and very “vinyl” sounding. (I have not tried the Ayre with a DAC yet.)
The Bryston bcd-1 was quickly went back in its original box and seated aside- It was no comparison. Hint, I will sale it soon. (Silver color with all originals if anyone interested to give it a new home.)

Without the DAC, the Cary cd300/300 was dull and congest against the Ayre cx7 but with a DAC ($250 Peachtree iT-x) the Cary was 3 times better; dynamic, nicely detailed, musical and sweet and I think I’d love it dearly but sorry the Ayre was clearly on a diff level. Hint, I will too prob put the Cary up for sale in couple months. (Black color with all originals)
Happy listening.
getting in here late it looks like but I too bought a Cary 300 on a whim and love it. In trying to improve on it I bought a used Cary 200ts DAC and used the 300 as a transport. I am very happy with this combo. I also reclock the 200ts with an Esoteric G03x master clock with very satisfying results. 4 AKMs vs two Burr Browns dac chips in the units