Tube Preamp repair near Trenton NJ

I am in need of a tube preamp specialist that can repair a problem with a Lamm Preamp in the general area around Trenton/Princeton NJ.  As you likely know, Vladimir passed away and at this point I need a recommendation to get the pre fixed.  Please help!  Thanks


without a doubt, Steve Leung and his son Ray at VAS

re-wired my tonearm+++

adjusted, alighed my Fisher 500c+++

repaired my friends mono blocks++++


Call John Rutan at Audioconnection in Verona, NJ. or Pm him (same name).

Though, Ralph Karsten (atmasphere) would be my choice, albeit no local. That man knows his stuff.


There is a member here named bigkidz who builds a line of tube gear, does repairs and is located in N.J. I never dealt with him personally, but have communicated with him. Seems like the real deal. My best, MrD.

Another you might consider is Rich at Signature Sound in the Syracuse area.

He does some repair/warranty work for David Belles, but believe his main expertise is tube amp and preamps. He has a web site.

Nice guy.

+1 on @bigkidz a standup guy. You also have Ben Jacoby in Brooklyn a great rep as a tech.

I'm bigkidz and we are in Boonton NJ we have a listening room there and you are welcome to come in for a listen and we can repair any audio component  PM me

I can vouch for bigkidz. He just repaired a power amp  for me. And he did a rebuild/upgrade on my Counterpoint preamp. He does top notch work.