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Our living room setup is comprised of a 75" Sony with eARC to KEF Wireless 2s augmented with a pair of KC62 subs. But the internal audio of the Sony TV is so good it rivals the external audio. I may reserve the external audio for Roon and Blue rays. I don’t recall TV audio being as good as it is with our new Sonys. The sound is detailed, the imaging precise, the LF robust.

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I can’t wrap my head around what you say about the TV speakers rivaling your audio setup. If you can’t hear the difference, something is seriously amiss.

Try using a real glass Toslink in place of the eARC and see if you hear an improvement. Technics refused to use an HDMI input on their SU-R1000 and SU-G700M2 because they couldn’t figure out a way to stop video noise from contaminating the Audio out with eARC. Apparently, that video noise is present in every HDMI audio out if it’s coming from a TV.

No matter how nice new TVs look, they are not audiophile quality. (just waiting for someone with a scope to scream "look, it’s perfect!")

Technics finally figured it out and it’s now used on their SU-GX70 integrated/streamer. Somehow, they can now properly block it at the input. The minds behind Technics are operating on another level and I thank Panasonic for bringing them back.

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Nonoise, I didn’t intend to imply that I couldn’t hear a difference, just that I’m satisfied with the surprisingly good sound of the Sony audio. I also use the audio of the 85" Sony in our media room for TV, reserving the rack of Ayre gear and KEF Reference 1s for Roon and Blue rays played using the Ayre DX-5 DSD. One could argue that the Wireless 2 is always on whereas the Ayre gear is not, so why not use it. I have no good defense for that argument except it frees up the HDMI input of the Wireless 2 for the Oppo 205. Sony’s acoustic surface technology may be the turning point for me. Neither TV has anything like a traditional speaker.

I have to say I've never heard the new Sony TVs and with a size of 75" (and up), maybe they've come up with the space needed for some good sounding built in speakers. If it's as good as you say, it's a good thing to free up the space and clutter around it. 👍

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Here's what Sony's top of the line 75" tv has for audio, pretty impressive:

  • built-in 2.2-channel sound system (85 watts total)
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio technology uses four frame tweeters to position sound where it appears onscreen, increasing immersion
  • Acoustic Center Sync synchronizes TV speakers with compatible Sony sound bars for fuller, more immersive sound
  • front-firing subwoofers add surprisingly powerful bass
  • sound is projected to the side and vertically to provide 3D surround sound without additional equipment
    • audio signal is "upscaled" to surround sound, so everything you watch gains the benefit of 3D audio

I have a 75” Sony x93L and the sound is pretty good. Not very “spatial” like full full system but definitely good for 90% of the TV I watch. I do find it lacking when it comes to watching football however. The announcers are a little “lost” in the crowd noise IMO. To be truthful, it’s that way a bit over my sound system too but not as bad as just the TV. Overall, broadcast TV (live TV) sound has a lot of room for improvement but that’s another thread…

I have 2023 75" and 85" Sony XR Bravo TVs, both in rooms with audio setups I don't use, because the audio of the TV is so good.  I reserve the audio setups for Roon and Blue Rays.


My understanding is that much tv or movie video content these days is multichannel and using a 2 channel stereo for sound is not the best approach to be able to properly discern voices and such because the sound is mixed for that format.

So I ended up with a Samsung and I went with a multichannel soundbar designed for the task as an experiment rather than defer to a 2 channel stereo by default. I think was a good choice. It even does a decent job with music but not on par with the 2 channel stereo it shares space with.

This was a midrange Samsung. My understanding is that some new Sonys actually use a technology where the screen surface is used as a speaker essentially and reviews seem to indicate that approach actually works quite well to deliver high quality fuller range sound.

mijostyn, the audio setups I'm not using for TV are a rack of Ayre gear with KEF Ref.1s (85" Sony) and LS50 W2 (75" Sony)