Another ups horror story. Took a svs pb3000 down for them to ship. Needless to say the sub was beat up badly when it arrived in Connecticut, the driver said the box wasn't packed right therefore no refund. So I called to ask what insurance covers and why buy it if I can file a claim. Screwed agian thanks ups.👎


Sorry to hear about your loss. Just think about it, both FedEx/UPS drivers and their vehicles are not equipped to handle oversize and heavy boxes. And this thing weighs 97lbs. Most manufactures don’t provide adequate packaging to withstand multiple drops.

My golden rule for shipping via FedEx/UPS, if I can’t lift the box comfortably myself it ain’t making it in one piece to its destination :-)

It’s best to use a freight company that uses pallets and specializes in transporting heavy or oversized goods. Cost me $600 to ship Quad ESLs some years ago.

So sorry to hear this man. I used to work at UPS 100 years ago and if you ever saw what packages go through BEFORE they even make it to the delivery trucks you’d be horrified! They just try and push through as much volume as possible in as little amount of time as possible. I’ve seen how ugly it can get, especially when packages jam on the conveyor lines-which happens constantly!


Last year I wanted to send my Simaudio Titan to Sim for “cleaning and calibrating” at their recommendation. Needless to say I was mortified knowing they utilized UPS to ship it back (of course I asked). What I ended up doing was packing her up (she weighs north of 105lbs) and stopped at the border and used a freight company (I literally asked Sim if I could bring it right to the factory myself but unfortunately Canada was still under the tyrannical lockdowns of Trudeau). That way UPS only got to handle her once plus if anything happened on the return I was safe as kittens as it’s on Simaudio’s watch at that point…


Thank God she came back as good as ever and not a ding to the box…


I wish you the best of luck!


Sorry for that. Definitely use freight or pack it with layers of styrofoam in a box that is much larger than needed in the future.

Sad! I’ve heard horror stories about the big 3 and witnessed a few before learning the hard way. If you have UPS package it by one of their stores, they cover damage if insured. If THEY don’t pack it, all bets are off! I now use FedEx for items less than about 70 lbs.

I had the UPS Store package and ship a pair of Montana SP-2 II speakers about 15 years ago. I assumed you could trust them to do it right. Wrong.

They arrived completely destroyed. Each 75 lb. speaker was put in a single box with nothing but packing peanuts. UPS paid the claim, but what a hassle, and an eye opener.


I had a 90+ lb amp dropped in original packing. Thankfully I had all my ducks in a row and was able to get a refund.