Upgrading My Vinyl Set Up

I am looking at some changes to my vinyl set and am looking for user feedback. My PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Tube Integrated Amplifier has been upgraded with Tung-Sol KT-150's and my speakers are Focal Aria 936's. My current speaker cables are Nordost Blue Heaven though I am looking to change them to the Cardas Clear Cygnus. Anyone else have a similar set up? My end game speaker is the Sopra No 2 however I don't want to go with the cable change if it won't be top notch with the potential speaker upgrade. Thanks for your input.


PL HP user here.

The Sopra 2 can sound great driven by it-subjective, of course. The same setup by another set of ears will be heard differently.

You will also get responses the Sopra’s should be driven by "X" SS/tube amp, and "X" brand cable.

Buy the Sopra’s and just listen with your existing cables, then evaluate after a run in period.

Speaker/room setup is priority over cables used as a tone control.

I use Nordost Heimdall 2/Frey2 wall to speaker.

As suggested, post in the cable forum, and you’ll get more detailed responses on why it will/wont work with your choice.

Demo as many as possible, and just eat return shipping charges, if any

I agree with tablejocky. IME most folks judge speaker cables on their effect on the tone/color of the sound they produce with any giver component/speaker set up. They interact with the associated equipment (all of it) so it becomes very difficult for anyone to advise you without at least having some reference point. It's all about synergy and your sonic expectations. The best cable (whatever that might be) can sound great or crappy in any given system, as a lesser cable can sound great as well (or crappy). Its easy to get descriptions of the sound potential of many cables (i.e. silver cables, Nordost cables, etc sound bright, Belden sound dullish, etc) but that really is not meaningful because in some systems either can sound very good). 

The speakers you are planning for should be a huge upgrade. 

Since they are from the same company, they presumably have the same sound… but they are likely to be much more resolving and dynamic. So, may sound better with different cables. 

‘In any case you must try them in your system.

I would recommend not trading cables at this point and accelerating your speaker purchase. Which might cause you to rethink some other aspect. I always recommend speakers first, component adjustment, then cables and finally vibration control. The largest impacts first… carefully adjusting the less important aspects to optimize them all.

I always recommend speakers first, component adjustment, then cables and finally vibration control.

Never the source? I'm pretty convinced that GIGO applies to hi-fi as much as computers.


The source is in the components. It depends where you are. If you are doing a complete system upgrade then after the speakers you could argue the source… but I would do preamp, amp, then sources. Getting the character of your system… the speakers, preamp and amp are the heart… shared by all inputs. So you would want this perfected and stabilized before swapping inputs… TT / phono stage and DAC / Streamer.

I'm not sure what the question is? Or is the question "does anyone have a similar set up?"

Regarding the potential cable change; I sold my Purple Flare's and the proceeds covered the cost of Zavfino NOVA's which are far superior (in my system). 

IMO The lower tier Nordost's just aren't that great, and the upper tiers are over priced. But if money is no object...



On Nordost. I agree with @macg19 on lower tier not being great. However, my experience is that upper tier are great… not over priced.

@ghdprentice Like I said, if money is no object...(then they are not over priced).

They protect their MSRP very very well (kudos to them), but COGS is likely less than 10% of MSRP. Without seeing their balance sheet, I'm guessing they are doing pretty and good for them!   

Others are working on a different pricing model and going direct.