walter becker Rest in Peace

Another prog rocker passes

wow!  I just heard this on the news..prog rock? Can't seem to hear how they fit with King Crimson,ELP,Yes, Genesis...

Since Steely Dan is my favorite group EVER, this is an extremely sad day for me.

Walter was major talented and will sorely be missed.

R.I.P.’s just "Time Out Of Mind"

Just queued up in Tidal,  "Citizen Steely Dan" for an all day tribute...
That is sad news. SD made some great, smart, musical songs. A very cool sound, by some talented muscians and songwriters. I'll be spinning some of their music. RIP Mr. Becker.
Rough stretch here... We have lost some great ones recently. I feel very lucky to have been able to see SD live, and plan to spin some of their wonderful sounding LP's in memory of Mr. Becker. They did it right... from their truly innovative sound, to their meticulously done recordings. RIP
This is sad news. I was trying to think of my favorite Becker solos. I think that it is probably "Green Earrings". I also like his solo albums. He had a terrific sense of humor..
I was hoping Becker was working on another solo album as I love his other 2, as well as being a Steely Dan fan from the first album on. Back in the 70s if you were a working musician like I was you were generally astonished at what these guys came up with…hipper, funnier, and simply cooler than just about anything around, and it always just kicked ass. Saw them live a couple of years ago with Elvis Costello as the opener, and that live band (I'd also seen an earlier tour with the original band) was insanely great. Damn.
I was driving in my car (but not smoking my cigar) and had WXPN (U Penn radio station) on and heard a number of Steely Dan songs and hoped that it did not mean something like this.  But it did, unfortunately.  I never got to see/hear them live, did see Fagan playing piano at one of the Barn concerts at Levon's place in Woodstock, and saw him at a recording studio across from where my daughter works in NYC (I walked by and simply said "Hey 19", he looked and smiled).  I think my favorite disc is Aja.  No, I know it is.  A real loss for music lovers and admirers of great songwriting and great musicianship.
What a true loss to the music industry, any genre. I am sure Donald Fagan feels a severe loss in this news. My sympathies to him and Walters family. 

Another major dude gone too soon.  RIP Walter thanks for all the great music.  Another reminder of our age group - ugh.  Tribute listening session tonite comin cheers.  He woulda wanted it that way.
Steely Dan had the highest standards in the business, in terms of songwriting, musicians (they had the cream of session drummers on their albums), production, and engineering.
Amazingly seminal band; thank you for all the seriously good music. RIP Walter and condolences to the family and band.


GH, thanks for that track.
"Walter Becker / 11 Tracks of Whack" is one of my favorites & has been in heavy rotation for years on the rig. Very creative & talented individual. He will be missed.

My ALL-TIME favorite musical group. This band did more to change my life than any other.  I can't even begin to put into words all the thoughts, emotions, and funny stories about them and the journey they took me on. But I will share this - I bought my first CD player just so I could listen to Steely Dan.

Rest in peace, Walter Becker../

"11 Tracks" is one of the utterly under appreciated albums of all time and I also have had that thing on heavy rotation since the get-go. "Circus Money" was also astonishingly cool. 
So many great bands of the 70s/80s  have come and gone without me seeing them live.  But a couple years ago I was able to catch SD at Red Rocks.  My buddy bailed cause it was drizzling rain so I soldiered on alone.  What a treat.  The venue was completely socked in, it looked like a castle suspended the clouds and they were running squeegies on the stage to keep back the water.  Kieth Carlock on the drums was just incredible.  I will never forget his performance on Aja. Fagan's voice is not what it was but SD was still so good. One of the best nights at RR for me and there have been a bunch.  This year it was Ian Anderson with a  full string and woodwind section of the Colorado Symphony.  If you have never been there, find a band you love that is appearing there and go.  No place like it.
No one crafted more beautiful, complex, well recorded music, than the Dan.  Sad day.  Spent a lot of time watching you tube videos of Becker and Fagen.  Highly recommended.  Trying to score some tickets for their tour stops in Baltimore and / or Washington Area MGM Grand.  For anyone in this area I also highly recommend a local tribute band "Technicolor Motorhome".  They are doing a show at Rams Head in Annapolis Maryland on Sep 30 where they will play all of Aja as an 40 year anniversary tribute along with many of the Dan's other classics.  This bands plays about 6-8 shows a year and they can rock all of the Dan classics.
@jbuhl...I was at that concert!  It was a magical night.  If they'd let me, I would live at Red Rocks.  I've seen well over 200 concerts there.  One of my favorite places in the world.  

I have never missed Steely Dan when they've came to Colorado, (and have seen them other places also).   Red Rocks, Fiddler's Green, Aspen, Vail, Winter Park.  I've seen them well over 25 times.  More than any other band and I've been to LOTS of concerts.

Even a week later, I'm still bummed about Walter...what a talent and taken way too early...