What AC Power Cord sounds best?

I'm looking to upgrade my power cords. I currently have 4 Synergistic Research AC Master Couplers in my system. They sound great but I understand there are some others out there with a quiter background, better bass, increase resolution, etc. Please let me know of your experiences with the 'really good stuff'. Thanks!
call steve davis at hififarm...1-800-7524018..he sells both the mamba group of power cords but the cord he thinks is better/best is the audio tekne power cord that he also sells. i have heard them in a friends $15000 basis analogue/sony scd777es system and they are amazing.
The answer is that this requires testing. My answer will be absolutely correct for some readers and wrong for some others. Not every component will react the same way with a given power cord. I think if you had only one shot at it, the best choice would be Purist Audio Dominus. It is very expensive, especially in the RS version. A less expensive choice that is excellent is the Siltec. If you want cheap and good, the old discontinued Tiffany TPC-60 is amazing, usually sells for about $50.00. It certainly will beat any stock cord by a mile, and provide a welcome and inexpensive improvement to less critical components in your system.
It is difficult to recommend things to people without knowing all of their system but I have tried quite a few myself. I agree with albert regarding the Dominus being fine cable, but stay away from the Siltech. their cable sound like guaze; grainy & nasal even their top of the line G3 sound the same. The best cables that I have come across are the new monitor series from NBS. They are very dramatic in the way that they take out the hash from the AC and give you a totally noise free background from which the music just comes at you. It is very difficult to explain the sensation. Everything is velvet black & then there is music, pure signal. I have my entire system wired with their monitor 0 cables. No amount of money spent on equipment will give the same results. I am also quite familiar with the rest of their monitor line. You can contact me for more info at: damokanyc@aol.com
MUST READ the review of the Powersnakes AC cords, by Grant Samuelson, now archived on soundstage.com. Another possibility for "next generation" AC cords is Luxor's Custom Power Cords.
After auditioning many of the best power cords (PC's), including ESP, Electraglide, Cardas, Synergistic, Kimber, etc., I read the Soundstage! (on line mag) review of the Shunyata PowerSnakes by Grant Samuelsen. I followed up by contacting Grant, who is probably one of the most experienced power cord reviewers around. At his suggestion I contacted the Shunyata CEO, Caelin Gabriel, who has made power delivery his life's work. In summary, I purchased 3 PowerSnake Black Mambas (the medium priced PC), along with 2 WATTaGATE audio grade wall outlets. At Mr. Gabriel's suggestion, I removed my line conditioner and ran all 3 PC's directly into the wall. The combination was the most significant upgrade to my system since a major interconnect and speaker cable improvement a couple of years ago. I'll spare you the usual audiogeek ramblings, but just let me say that my system went from sounding like an outstanding hi fi, to as close to live music as I have ever been. The soundstaging, holographic immage, bass impact, overall dynamics, separation of instruments (there I go rambling, but I couldn't help myself) were monumental. I cannot recommend these wonderful power cords highly enough. My only regret is that for now, I couldn't afford the top of the line King Cobras, but at least I have reason to live!!!!! Read Grant's review, contact Brian Kelly at www.HelloHiFi.com and arrange to audition some PowerSnakes in your home - I know that you will be snakebitten like the rest of us who have tried them. Happy Listening
Has anyone had experience with the HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY AC-11 power cords. I`m thinking of purchasing this cable for my AYRE V3 power amp and WADIA 830 cd player. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
OK, now you are think this is crazy, but know something, it is absolutely true. The Shunyata King Cobra is best by a mile. No I don't work for them, they don't even know me. Not only did the King create better dynamics, a more "solid and definitive " soundstage, even the TV reception got much improved. The colors got brighter, less fuzz, and the images got sharper. Now remember the TV does NOT use the King Cobra, the TV has it's own outlet across the room. It has nothing to do with the stereo. The KC is a little expensive, but if you purchase it, I doubt that you would return it.
I have the Electraglide Fatboy for my amplifier (BAT VK-60). The best I have tried (so far).
BEST IN THE WORLD? King Cobra by Shunyata! Bar none. You will be simply awestruck like I was. If your budget will allow put them everywhere in your system.
Wow...You PowerSnake-a-haulics aren't kidding. I have tried 4 different brands of power cords since I initially started this topic. There truly isn't any point in mentioning the manufacturers or product names either. Be absolutely rest assured that NOTHING can even come close to the magic of the PowerSnakes! High end audio has been my passion for many years. I have hooked up numerous different amps, preamps, CD players, digital seperates, etc into my system and many times noticed differences in soundstaging, bass definition, focus...(you know all the lingo) There has never been a component that has made such a dramatic improvement in every aspect of music reproduction as these powercords have. I am almost awestruck by the sound my speakers are now producing. Ladies and gentlemen, this product is an absolute MUST for you to try! You can hear eveything that vinyl and cd's possess on them. You can hear not just a group singing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass but also the individual voices comprising each section. You can hear the fullness and richness of vocals, the most powerful slam of a bass drum becomes an explosion from your speakers. Don't think of upgrading your equipment until you have tried these powercords. You may be astonished how good your current gear really is. I've got Black Mambas hooked up to my CD player, preamp and amplifier. Going to add a King Cobra to the line conditioner. PowerSnakes........just listen!
T.G. audio and JPS have some great power cords at reasonable prices. Both have been in this business longer than anyone I know. JPS really made a big difference in my bass. Reviewer Martin DeWulf turned me on to these cords.
Transparent Audio make 4 different power cords. The Reference at $595- is much better than anything else around, and the XL ($1500) is much better still. In fact, all their cables are superior.
The reviews of the new Magnan Signature power cord look much more promising than the Powersnakes. I use the affordable MIT Z-Cord 2 with my CD player, and plug that into a Chang Lightspeed 6400 CLZ. I'm going to audition a really awesome prototype cord for my Krell amp, stay tuned...
Has anyone compared the Harmonic Tech power cord to synergistic master coupler?for cd and/or amps? Thanks
I've tried the HT cord with my Krell amp, and it's very dynamic, but also very edgy without some sort of conditioning with it...and I'm still trying to find a conditioner that limits current the least...I may have found it, BTW. THE MIT Z-CORD WORKS BETTER WITH MY CD PLAYER.
The Edge 10' power cord is pretty incredible. I just won a couple of them off Audiogons' auction. I won them for $75 each which is pretty incredible on how they are sound. Very neutral, and incresed detail in my system. Probably the quitest power cords I've ever had on my Levinson amp and premp. I use to own Cardas Golden power cords, and though it was very colored and bloated in the mids and bass. The Edge neutralized it and enhanced the imaging out of my Thiel 7.2s. All I can say these power cords work great and save you a lot of money at the same time!
I have to agree with Fhydrant about the Edge power cord. I won one of them on Audiogon's auction, and was skeptic at first. But for $82, I wanted to experiment against my $800, Magnan Signature power cord on my amp, and using a $600, ElectraGide Electra power cord on my preamp. I first stuck the Edge power cord in where Electra was (preamp), and my jaw dropped!! Right away I heard an increase of resolution, and detail. I couldn't believe my ears on how much tighter the the mid-bass was. This Edge is not fancy but it did a great job with replacing a $600 power cord. The next test is putting the Edge in where the Magnan Signature power cord was, and by the way, the Magnan Signature is my favorite power cord, even against the $3000 NBS Statement power cord. I used the Edge with my Levinson amp, and bingo. The results were the same, more resolution and detail. The Magnan has more bass extension, and is more colored. But eith the trade off of more detail and resolution, I was blown away with this so called Edge, that comes without any packaging. Kind of a no frills but wonderful power cord. So to fellow audiophiles out there, if on the market for a great little power cord without the color and additives. Buy one of these Edge power cords. In fact I'm going to bid on a package of 4 Edge power cords because I'm selling all my other power cords and buying some more records and taking a vacation with all the money left over, for better results. Just to let you know, BMI is the company and he does not sell direct only exclusively through the Audiogon auction. To sum it up the Edge is an awesome value when upgrading your power cords!!!!!
I've tryed some very expensive power cords. The Granite Audio #555 is my favorite so far and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
the Ensemble mega powerflux cords from switzerland, $680 for a 2m. and the FIM gold power cord, $1200 for a 6ft. are the two best power cords in the world at present. contact brian at Artistic Audio (949)362-6080. website, aaudio.com
I have found that the Harmonic Tech power cords were much better than the Synergistic Reference Master Couplers I had used with my Audio Research and Levinson gear. When you can buy them on the used market in the $125 range, it is hard to beat at that price. After far too many years of paying high cable prices that lose 50% to 70% off their insane retail price in a year, the HT line is a great value. I also find it essential to apply the XLO contact enhancer on all of my power-cords.
Listen to FIM gold PC. FIM dealers let you audition for two weeks. Nothing to lose. King cobra vs FIM. FIM winner by split decision.
All you powersnake owners(not to offend anybody) need to try the FIM cord. It is in a different league. I had 2 king cobras in my system. One on the transport the other on my digital preamp. Yes they are very good-no doubt. But the FIM gold cord ....Unbelievable. Way, WAY Better!!! At 1/2 the price. Only drawback is they are super stiff.
I'm trying the FIM Gold, and I'm thinking I still like the SR Reference better on my amp. One aspect could be the fault of the power in my house being too noisy, but the other must lie with the FIM cord, for me. It's not as dynamic, to my ears (and chest) as the SR. I could see how if you had a Wilson Wamm, or Grand Slam, in a smallish room, you'd want to reign in dynamics. Oh well, this will be a good excuse for you guys to bash me, go ahead, I won't respond. Another thing I will say is, for me, no power cord has wrought an improvement on the level that the PS 300 seems to be doing on my front end. Now I REALLY love the CD50, as opposed to just obsessive admiration...I think I'll have that thing forever.
PS 300, dedicated lines and a seperate ground is where to start, in my experience, before you spend $$$ on exotic power cords. Unles you have perfect power to begin with the differences are not subtle, especially in the digital chain.
Hi Carl- Honest, no bashing. Given any particular system, a change may not render an improvement, only a difference. As you stated, if the PS300 produced such a huge improvement, I'd agree that you probably do have significant A/C power quality problems. If your power feeds, dedicated lines preferred, were improved, I have little doubt as to the improvements with the FIM Gold. ( Have you tried the FIM feeding the PS300 or on your DAC/CD player?). I've found that the FIM may be the most "universal" of the "super" power cords in that you can use them throughout your system without being overloaded by a particular coloration or tonal emphasis. Obviously, personal preference will dictate the use of any particular component or combination of components. With this in mind, it can be problematic to say that one item is superior to another in all applications. We can only critique within the limitations of the system(s) that we own or routinely hear. However, given that I've owned and lived with two each Black Mamba, Cobra, King Cobra v1, ElectraGlide Fat Boy SE, and Coincident power cords, and was afforded the opportunity to audition the FIM Gold at length, I strongly suggest that you re-audition the FIM after you've done everthing you can to improve your main A/C power feeds. I believe the FIM is that good. Just my .02 .
Hi Jcbtubes. Great advise. In my system PS 300 was an improvement. The FIM was a sonic knockout. I borrowed a SR Reference. IMO the Coincident PC is as good or better than the SR Ref. Neither Coincident or SR Ref. as good as they are can perform at the level of the King cobra or cobra. Have not heard cobra or KC V2. I thought I was done with PCs. Then I heard the FIM. I need more FIM.
I have had great sucess with FIM power cables. replaced my Electraglide Fatboy, Siltech, Marigo and NBS.
I've borrowed/auditioned nearly all mentioned here, yet nothing comes close to the FIM Gold. The FIM Silver is nothing to shy away from either, yet it isn't as good as the Gold.
I just put a Sahuaro Slipstream on my CD player. It is a very dimensional and natural sounding power cord. It is also very stiff. I agree with the use of Power Plants in the system. Do this before you buy any power cord. I feed my pre and amp with a P600, and a my CD player with a P300 that is also plugged into the P600. Both have Multiwave. I also feed my P600 with 220v, and have mechanically grounded it to a 10 foot ground rod. I am considering Shunyata and FIM at this time. Can you tell me how the FIM improved your system over the Shunyata?
I tried several different types and found that the Silveraudio Powerburst was an excellant ac cord for $140/1 meter.Quite musical.Excellant value.