What am I missing???

So, every once in a while, I look at all the new systems that people are posting here....WOW! Amazing. And just when I start to feel satisfied with mine, I see these and think, what a pile of junk I have. I've never been to any of the high end shows or even a lot of dealers so, can only imagine how good these sound and wonder if what I'm not hearing is better than what I am.

Anyone else ever have that feeling?
Every time I am on this site. But the best is, if you enjoy the sound and music and it moves you completely than you are there. Older gear is just as competent as the new and many times better built.
you have a perfectly respectable system. i've never heard a quality vinyl setup so i can only imagine what i'm missing. i've never been to a show and only been to a few dealers around my state (alabama, so you can imagine that i can count their numbers on one hand). i get a little envious of some of the systems on here at times, but i just remember....somebody somewhere will always have bigger and better toys than me.
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I should have checked your system before writing you ....clam up kiddo you have great stereo darn it sit back and enjoy jeessshhhhhhhh.
And their mistresses are better looking than yours...

But seriously, odds are that your system sounds better than theirs, at least to your ears playing music you like. It's funny how that works out for the chosen few.
Your audio satisfaction should be based on what you hear, not on what you see. People looking at your system are probably thinking how terrible their system is when compared to yours. The grass is always greener on the other side.
Your system includes some excellent pieces. I think often we have a static view of our systems and changes need not be extreme or costly, some are as simple as moving the equipment to another room (or placed differently in the same room) or finding appropriate isolation or elecrtical conduction. There also may be some simple things you can do if synergy is a question for you. Perhaps listen more at night and get to know your system better without distractions. But don't dispair; think how much poorer life is without music when you want it.
Every time I see pictures of Bill Gates's house, I think I live in a crap house. LOL
everyone is correct dont worry about it just sit back turn off the light and enjoy
No, you are right, you do have a pile of junk. Don't let anyone here convince you otherwise. :)

Well, yeah there's more. But it might not be worth the trade offs, me I'm a fool and I'm always looking for something else, it would help if I had money.

I think that you have things optimized, if you're happy and tap your feet (and I mean that seriously) then given that your system seems geared toward depth rather than an "absolute sound" illusion, I say it's perfect as it is. I bet if you did go to some high-end shows, you'd be very happy to listen to your system when you returned home.

I'm getting ready to play with DIY fiberglass bass traps, you might want to see if you can do something in the corners. Oh, and watch the wine, it's close to the keyboard.


You should give your junk to me so I can feel bad about myself too...no really it is so easy to be critical of this stuff. But I also remember that part of the fun is trying stuff. Although expensive, this is a hobby. Hobby in my mind means continuing to expand your knowledge of the subject you enjoy.

So if you feel your missing something, then try some other stuff. Of course, this hobby costs a bit more than collecting wine corks...which reminds me I best get back to that bottle.
You are clearly suffering a fixed delusion sometimes referred to as "audionai" pronounced audionoiya. Check yourself into the nearest crisis center Now!
I used to think this every time I saw and heard my friend Steve's stereo. He had Acapella Triolon Excalibur speakers driven by Audio Note Ongaku amps and T1000 preamp, Rockport System III Sirius turntable, DCS digital stack, etc. Then he sold it all to get a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. Now I think my car is a piece of junk compared to his.
Practically speaking, of couse, everyone's correct I'm sure. Also, thanx for the kind words about my system (honest, I wasn't fishing for compliments.)

And yes, I do enjoy and look forward to my system every Friday night but, still can't help wondering how much better (to me; accurate) sound is out there.

I guess though, in this hobby, as they say, the journey is the destination right?
Well...you've SEEN other's systems, and probably READ the descriptions and reviews of various audio pieces.

But LISTENING is what matters. To become a true audio neurotic, you have to actually HEAR different setups, or audition different equipment in your own system.

Then--and only then--will you become truly confused, depressed, bewildered, or even perhaps learn the inner truth, about audiophilia.

If you happen to stumble upon the latter, please post back here.