What Amp to drive Apogee Centaur Majors?

The Centaurs line works very well with a 50 watt amplifier. That is the minimum power required. I prefer 60 to 100 watts. What amp would you mate with these speakers?
I'm using a Van Alstine tube preamp, Arcam DVD as a transport/Scott Nixon Tube Dac with 2 Adcom 535's. I have 1 Mk II an 1 original. The original has speaker A and B and that actually sounds good as they allow me to biamp at the moment sort of but it's a bit forward sounding. My modified Dynaco ST 70 does a great job in the midrange but the bass is not controlled as I like. So, I'm looking for suggestions of what amp some of you are using with your Centaur Majors. These are the 40" ribbon with 10" woofer. I also have 2 12" subs and they are acoustic suspension Dali 1.2s. Any input will be welcomed.
I owned these speakers sometime in the 90's and I really liked them. I remember them being very cohesive and smooth. At that time I used an Aragon amplifier, could have been a 4004, and an Aragon preamplifier, do not remember to model but believe that it was a 28, and it was an excellent combination.

Hope that helps.
Drew is right go for the Aragon or an Odyssey Stratos all SS. I owned 3 pairs of these, also worked well with a MccCormack SS amp. Get at least 100 or more watts.
I also own Apogees. You should consider the Pass Labs XA 160.5 Mono Blocks, they will literally make any speaker sound incredible. If you want to stay with in 100Watt range you should also consider the Pass Labs XA 100.5 Mono Blocks they are also incredible.
Thanks for all suggestions. I've bee waiting for a McCormack for months and I always miss them. I hear they are great sounding amps. I hear great things about the Aragons too.
The Odysseys will make the Apogees sing. I use a pair of mono xtreme se's (I think that's the model) on a pair of Duetta Signatures and this combo is stunning.
That's no brainer. Spectron Musician III Mk2, price new: $3k -$4k.

Read - http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?aamps&1311024217&&&/Spectron-MIII-mk-II-owner-s-question-

People (me including) ate saying its the
last amp in their life". I ain;t know any better compliment

Using a McCormack DNA 500 with my Apogee Calipers. Plenty of current to drive any Apogee load and the sound is very nice. Maybe not as bloomy as a high powered tube amp, but then that wouldn;t controll the bass so well, and I really can't complain at all.

You definitely need high current and high power and something that can control a 3ohm load and still sound good and not "hard". And don't forget to bi-wire, it does make a difference with these speakers.
I seem to remember H2O amplifiers were designed around the unique load requirements that Apogee panels present.

I have a pair of centaur minors and was wondering how much difference I'll hear from Aragon 4004 mk2 vs McCormack DNA series. Also would like suggestions on preamps
Had Minors. McCormack amps/preamps would be my choice. DNA series are most affordable. Preamps - ALD Delux by McC