what are you listening to lately?

I'd like share some of my more recent favorite finds in hopes that others will share some of theirs....thanks for looking & sharing.

Solomon Burke-Don't give up on me
My Morning Jacket- It still moves
Peter Wolf-Sleepless
Derek Trucks Band-Soul Serenade (& his last, Joyful Noise)
Lizz Wright-salt
Kathleen Edwards-Failer
Just picked up the new Rodney Crowell and the new Joan Baez--both are excellent! And despite the reviews, I really like Neil Young's new one, Greendale.
Today, my turntable has played the following:
Steely Dan - "Katy Lied"
Dire Straits - "Live Alchemy"
Allman Brothers Band - "Fillmore East"
Dave Brubeck - "Time Out" (180g reissue)
Mickey Hart, Airto - "Dafos" (Reference Recordings 45 RPM)
Respighi - "Church Windows" (Reference Recordings 45 RPM)
Richard Buckner - "Bloomed" and "Devotion and Doubt" (a friend introduced me to this Vancouver - Canuck - artist recently and haven't been able to stop listening to his stuff)
The other stuff I've listened to today has not been new to me, but may be to you:

"Achirana", Vassilis Tsabropoulos -outstanding jazz trio on ECM - GREAT recording too.

Innocence Mission, "Umbrella" - longtime favorite band of mine

Schumann, Fantasiestucke Op. 12, Emannuel Ax, RCA Red Label LP

New John Mayer, Michael Penn, Jack Johnson, White Stripes, Roy Hargrove, John Coltrane.

Do you have the remastered Filmore? It sounds better, also there is a part in whipping post were someone yells out "play all night", that's me when I was 15. Good stuff you are listening to.

I have been doing a lot of listening to Mark Knopflers Sailing to Philly CD, YoYo Ma, some JT, the brothers every day, crank up them there Les Pauls, Jimi talking to me, Danny Gatton the best guitarist ever period, just go listen to Crusin' Deuces CD., Eric Johnson, Ronnie Earl & Tyner over the last few weeks.

Happy Listening.
Thanks for the compliment. The "Fillmore" remaster is on the "to buy" list. I can hear someone yelling "play all night" on the rippin' "You Don't Love Me" though. If that's you, you were one lucky SOB to be at that humdinger of a show. My only claims to the musical hall of fame is the top of my head appearing over my older cousin's left shoulder on the August 1989 cover of "Life" commemorating the 20th anniversary of Woodstock. I was only 12 or 13 at the time, so the musical memories are rather vague. I do however, have Summer Jam at Watkins Glenn forever etched in my brain stem. Featuring The Band, The Allmans, and The Grateful Dead.
"Sailing" is a remarkable, yet under-rated album, as is "Soundtrack From Local Hero".

Sorry. I didn't mean to hijack the thread.
Really like the SAILING TO PHILADELPHIA especially in HDCD.

Your don't see too many HDCD anymore but I just picked one up called ALONG THE WAY by Brian Hughes. It's kind of smooth jazz but has a lot more swing than the elevator variety and the sound quality is quite good.

Crusaders Urban Renewal is really good with a couple of tracks with Eric Clapton.

Just bought the new one by Brian Culbertson but haven't listened yet.

Sorry, that is the one. That is the master piece that made me go out and buy a Les Paul and Marshall and learn how to paly the geetar. I now have 30 with 5 being Les Pauls.

Slipnot1 if you are in the NYC area, we'll go see the brothers next year at the Beacon together. I'll buy the tickets.

Happy Listening.

Beck - Sea Change
Weather Report - Weather Report
Pat Metheny - Offramp
Cracker - Kerosene Hat
Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels
Patrick O'Hearn - Indigo
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
Miles Davis - Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
Brian Eno - Shutov Assembly
The Clash - The Clash
John Hammond-Best of the Vanguard Years
John Hiatt-Beneath the Guff Exterior
Delbert McClinton-Nothing Personal
This is my first exposure to Hammond. He is an exceptional artist.
Pen_man - If you like Hammond check out his album of Tom Waits covers called "Wicked Grin". Great CD!
Jimmy Smith - dot com blues
Blue October - History for sale
Junior Senior - DDDon't Step on the Beat
Bob Dylan - Oh, Mercy
American Beauty Soundtrack
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
Greald Albright - Live at Birdland West
Charlie Haden/Hank Jones - Steal Away

It's been a wonderful sunday morning... Happy Equinox!
Catie Curtis - My Shirt Looks Good on You
Knopfler - Ragpickers (Sailing is great though!)
Richard Thompson Band - Ducknapped
Jonathan Elias - Prayer Cycle
Sam Phillips - Fan Dance
Danny Gatton/Robert Gordon - The Humbler (mono)
Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love
Hendrix -Live at Berkeley
The Yes remasters.
The Dylan remasters.
Japan-Oil On Canvas
Miles Davis-At The Blackhawk
Joy Division-excerpts from Heart&Soul
David Sylvian-Blemish
Blur-Think Tank
Liars-They threw us all in trench.....
Neil Young-On The Beach
Beck-Sea Change
Janes Addiction-Strays
various Ryan Adams......
Alison Krauss - New Favorite
Nanci Griffith - Best Of
Clapton - Unplugged
O Blues Where Art Thou?
Collins, Copeland, Cray - Showdown
Yes's Drama,,the japanese HDCD remaster,,great sound!

Maia Sharp's...Maia Sharp,,great voice, great band

King Crimsons's RED,,also HDCD remaster
Like you, I been enjoying Lizz Wright's CD. Here's some others get regular action:

Dr. Billy Taylor Live at IAJE
Great thread, Pehare!

I was actually thinking about creating a similar thread called "In Heavy Rotation". Isn't that what Michael Fremer terms his little monthly column in S'phile?

It's interesting to know what everybody's listening to at any particular time.

Here's what I've been listening to lately:

Allison Krauss & Union Station - Live

Jubilant Sykes - Wait For Me
Does anybody else listen to or know about this fantastic Baritone? I bought this CD on a whim about a year ago. I found it used for $5.00 and thought I'd give it a try. What a gem! Gorgeous sonics, fabulous tunes (all covers ranging from Bruce Springstein, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, John Hiatt, Tom Waits, Rogers and Hammerstein and more). I had heard Jubilant at a concert when I was in college and thought he was phenomenal, but never heard any more about him. When I saw this cd, I recognized the name immediately. Definitely one of my "Top 10" all-time discs.

Nickel Creek - This Side and Self Titled

The Chieftains - Down the Old Plank Road
There is so much going on musically on this disc that it's a real workout to truly listen to and absorb it all. I find myself listening to this one only periodically and then wondering why I don't listen more often. It's great music with some fabulous special guests including Lyle Lovett. I think that I saw a follow-up disc called "Further Down the Old Plank Road". Anybody heard it? How does it compare to the first?

Aaron Neville - Believe

Counting Crows - Hard Candy
I had put this one away for the past year and started listening again this weekend. Great songwriting.

Lyle Lovett - Step Inside This House (Disc 2)
Eagerly awaiting the new Lyle Lovett release on Sept 30th, I decided to pull this one out and give it a listen. Disc 1 always gets more playtime since it's hard to find time to listen to 2 hours worth of music at a sitting. So this time I started with Disc 2. This is probably the most under-rated Lyle Lovett disc. It was definitely a labor of love, but for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to speak to a lot of the fan-base. I've never heard him do any of the tunes in concert.
Stacey Kent - "Let Yourself Go: Celebrating Fred Astaire" & "Dreamsville"
Rosanne Cash - "10 Song Demo"
I truly appreciate all the responses & have a huge list of new music to discover, i hope others have found this useful, lets keep it rolling.....at this rate i can concentrate on the new music & no more equipment upgrades, (yeah right).
Alright, I was at Costco during lunchtime today and they had The Chieftains "Further Down the Old Plank Road" for $12.99, so I picked it up.

I've listened to the first three tracks and it's a mixed bag. The opening track with Nickel Creek is lackluster and boring. The next track with John Hiatt is okay, but not what I would expect from such a talented pairing. The third track is Allison Moorer. Wow! I've never heard any of her work before, but if this is an indication of what she's all about, I'm hooked. She has a powerful voice reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt in her prime.
My recent purchases (Last week):
Shack ...Here's Tom with the Weather. This is a shack CD through and through. It seems to be much happier, but has the same signature guitar sounds and vocals.

Royksopp - Melody A.M. A nice mixture of background type electronic and electronic pop songs. Very easy on the ears.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take them on on your own. a good rock CD, and not nearly as derivative as their first. Seems they are getting a sound of their own, a little more upbeat and catchy than the first.

Los Lonely Boys - A trio of brother from San Angelo, Texas. nice heart felt rock, along the same lines as Los Lobos, but not quite as diverse. This CD has Willie Nelson's hands in it FWIW.

Turin Brakes The optimist LP - Along the same lines as their second LP which I had bought first. Quiet british indie bordering on folk.
I just finished listening to Los Lonely Boys. I kind of like it. I think I prefer over Lobos myself.
I didn't say I preferred Los Lobos, I said it seemed that LLB were a little more entrenched in one sound than Los Lobos. I dont think I have listened to this LLB album enough to make a judgement of which I enjoy more. its good to see they are getting a widespread audience though. They were playing a music festical I was at this weekend and unfortunately I missed them, but I did see los lobos, and they were fantastic.
Recent enjoyable purchases (although I've spent much time listening to BB6 music over the Internet)..

Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers. Looks like this is the release that gets them wide exposure. Witty lyrics, incessant hooks, great musicianship - from 80's Cars thrum of Stacy's Mom, Alt-Country, and more. I especially like the sub-rockers, including "Hackensack", "Valley Winter Song," and the graceful, brief closure of Yours and mine (In about an hour/the sunlight's gonna fad/And you and me will divvy up the wine/Like everything else here/Yours and mine/Picking up the paper/Coffee's been made/It's Book Review and Face the Nation time/Two in the same mind/Yours and mine").

Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo. Late to the party with her, but can't beat that languid summer sound of bossa nova and Brazilian beaches. Attracted to her disc as a follow-up from listening to the Getz/Gilberto recording.

Denison Wittmer - Recovered. Remakes of 70's so-cal/easy acoustic rock songs and others. Reinvention of some (especially Carole King's "So Far Away" as a synthesized melancholic dirge), but very faithful to many sounds - w/a voice that brings to mind Jackson Browne more than any. Revisits some more back catalog songs, too - including "Nightime" by Alex Chilton/Big Star (also covered nicely by Epic Soundtracks), "Songbird" from Fleetwood Mac, "Farther On" and "These Days" by Jackson Browne. Instrumentation recalls 70's sound too (steel guitar?)-

Mull Historical Society - Us. One man music machine (a la Todd Rundgren). Very Brit - that is to say, eccentric, and not easily pigeonholed.
Jazz, lot's and lot's of jazz. Diana Krall, The Rippingtons, Fatburger, Candy duffler, and Prafoul(?). I went from Metallica and Rage against the machine to Jazz, Go figure.
the new Dave Matthews solo album - Some Devil
Counting Crows - Recovering the Satalites (currently)
Alison Krause & Union Station - Live
YES - Talk
the new Steve Winwood album - About Time
I've got to chime in again, after listening to the new EmmyLou Harris CD today. It's really good, with that shimmery Lanois-like texture that her last CDs had. Different producer this time, not Lanois, but a friend of his. Also, I picked up the new Joan Baez CD and it's one of her best. She doesn't use her operatic voice that some didn't like (including Dylan). Maybe age has taken a toll on her instrument, but the mellow smoky voice on this CD, and her selection of other people's songs (esp. Greg Brown's Sleeper and Ryan Adams' If I Needed You) make this CD one of my very favorite recent purchases. By the way--both these discs sounded great on my ARC tube integrated. Very warm and detailed.
Emmylou's new CD just arrived, but haven't listened to it yet. Glad that Sc53 liked it!

Been mostly listening to the Dylan SACD remasters (when not rooting on the Cubs!)
Have y'all heard Gus Black's Uncivilized Love? Wow !!! Very fine writing, melody and audio quality.

Also Sue Foley (several, incl. Big City Blues), Lori Lieberman (Home of Whispers), Train (Drops of Jupiter), Jane's Addiction (Strays), Eva Cassidy (imagine) plus various Cowboy Junkies and Steve Earles. Good thread -- I'll have to check into some of these recommendations.
Cheap (3/12.77L($20)) HMV compilations of jazz standards compiled under "Diva", "Batterie" (Drums), "Violon", "Sax", that I picked up at HMV at Heathrow this summer. Only good deal there.
Tom Ovans has got my attention. He's a singer/songwriter from Boston who now lives in Austin. He's got an incredible and strange voice, which has been compared to Dylan, Joe Ely, Tom Waites, et al. Sounds like rusted barbed wire and has a clamp on his nuts. Really, really strangely beautiful. His lyrics are biting, cutting, from the fire in his belly. Can't get enough of him.
In my ongoing PSA for personal recommendations - the Amazon links to my recent purchases that don't suck. Click the link, scroll down to "Listen to Samples" (for ease, just click the Listen to All button) - and through the miracle of modern technology - hear snippets streamed via Real Player or Windoze MP:

Dennison Wittmer - Recovered
Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo
Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers
Mull Historical Society - Us
Richard Bona, Mino Cinelu - "Mino Cinelu" (if you haven't heard this already, it's a MUST HAVE. Fantastic music, FANTASTIC fidelity)

Bob Dylan - "Love And Theft" (SACD)

Paul Simon - "You're the One"

Bryan Ferry - "Frantic" (is this SACD coming to the US anytime soon? I can't afford $50+)
Had some folks over last night to audition the new Dave Matthews solo effort "Some Devil"

We also listened to a Rykodisc world music release "Music of Upper and Lower Egypt"

Followed it up with Thelonius Monk's "Brilliant Corners" mono version on VG+ vinyl

all this accompanied by two bottles of Smoking Loon cabernet. A Napa wine lable owned by Sabastiani. Excellent, inexpensive, and ready to drink now.
Slipknot1- Damn, don't go telling everyone about Smoking Loon! That's one of our favorites inexpensive wines! Try their merlot too...it's a bit heavier than the cab if you can believe it! Got some serious legs and pretty smokey...almost zin-like in some ways. "I can't believe it's merlot!" Great stuff for not much $. Also quite wonderful is the Abundance vinyards selections in around the same $8.99-10.99 price range!

OK so last night we had company over too (downed about 5 bottles of the red stuff). We were enjoying some beautiful New Orleans female vocals from "Po Girls". Also I finally listened to and very much enjoyed "16 Horsepower" (I think one of the Audiophile rags used to rave about them). My wife thought they got a bit redundant after a short while ("....the guy's only got two notes!!!.......He should get together with Morrisey and the two of them would have four notes!"). Kind of a dark Apallachian sound!

Saw "16 horsepower" open one time for Bob Weir/Ratdog. Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, NY March 1999.

"Smoking Loon" gotta go get a coupla cases of that stuff. I Love the cork: WHOO,WHOO,WHOO,COUGH,WHOO,WHOO
Not a whole lot. Too many baseball games and I don't have a TV anywhere near my listening room that I could watch with the volume down.
In order to keep the "Smoking Loon" wines a secret, I just got back from my wine store. I bought out their stock of both the Cabernet AND the Merlot. I think I wound up with about a case of each, give or take a bottle. Come on over, and bring some tunes...
Slipknot1 - I'm getting on my shoes, but it's a long walk from Seattle to NJ!!! Save some of that merlot for when I get there! Whoo, Whoo....