What I'm thankful for in Audio ...


Internet radio stations that curate performers, music and trends for me, the cultural heathen. Thank you Jazzcast.ca , KCSM and KDFC

Roon music discovery

Patient audio dealers. Shout out to Brooks Berdan and Excel Audio.

Audiophiles who help others become audiophiles and spend money wisely at all price points.

Inexpensive measurement gear

Audiophiles who trust their own ears and aren’t afraid of experimenting.

Music streaming! I’ve finally given up wtih filling up CD racks.

Inexpensive storage devices, from USB to SSDs.

Cheap internet.

Audiogoners who reply thoughtfully with their own experience while leaving room for those who don’t share their values, needs or budgets.  You are the heroes which keep our hobby from dying out.

Manufacturers and advanced hobbyists who dispel the BS and snake oil, and argue with insight and perspective.
Thankful to inhabit this realm and possess the wherewithal and perspicacity to enjoy it.
Thankful to noromance for teaching me the word perspicacity.  Wish I had more of it.
I'm thankful this site is around with the creatures who inhabit it. Took me to places I never thought I'd go that ended in some pretty supreme sound.

All the best,
the joy of it all, even the nerds and doofuses (doofi???)  who come here and spew nonsense :)

but especially to have achingly beautiful, lifelike music played for you and your loved ones to enjoy on demand... what a luxury

happy thanksgiving to all
Thankful for everything but most of all the music and my continued ability to enjoy it!
We gotta stick together. It seems everybody else in the world thinks we're tweaky, self-absorbed neurotics with more dollars than sense.  All I can think of is an old Rodriguez (?) cartoon in Hifi Stereo Review that has an audiophile happily listening in the room upstairs as his at-the-end-of-her-rope wife bangs on the ceiling downstairs with a broomstick.