What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

I'm thankful that the lawyers failed miserably in trying to foist DIVX off on everybody.

I'm thankful vinyl and tubes aren't dead yet.

I'm thankful for a wife who lets me indulge my hobby. At least as long as the bills get paid.

I'm thankful for American consumers who scream bloody murder whenever the record labels try to enforce cd copy protection on cd's.

But most of all, I'm thankful to Audiogon where I've stretched my hardware dollars, learned all kinds of useful information, been able to voice my humble opinion, and met some really cool people.
Good thread idea!!

I'm thankful that someone managed to record at least a FEW CDs worth of Eva Cassidy before she died.

I'm thankful that my wife thinks "black and grey metal" is an acceptable living room decorating style.

I'm thankful that my dog, who manages to stomp on various body parts of mine all the time (he's 60 pounds) tiptoes around narrow floorstanding speakers without so much as brushing against them.

I'm thankful for all the Audiogoners with WAY more money than I have who let me feed off of their leftovers -- trickle-down audio!

But most of all, I'm just thankful to be sitting here in a warm house amidst the snowfall, with a full stomach, a glowing fire, and a wife who loves me sleeping in the next room with the dog standing guard at the foot of the bed.

It doesn't get much better than this . . . .

Well, ok, maybe if the glowing fire were being reflected off of a 60" plasma . . . .
Thankful that I live across the street from Whole Foods, pretty girls, my great fam, that I have had the opportunity to go to and do well in college, and that I was able to buy and enjoy my stereo.
I'm thankful I'm beyond drafting age and that there are term limits for presidents. ;^)
Hey all,

I'm thankful for having met my wife, 9 years of marriage in December. I don't know where I would be without her.

I'm thankful for having earned my job, which allows me the funds to indulge in this wonderful hobby.

I'm thankful for my health, it had not been so good about 4 months ago.

Finally, I'm thankful for having found Audiogon. I typed the phrase "hi end audio" for an MSN search and hear I was. I've been here everyday since. All the great people I've met and all this excellent information within the forums. And, last but not least, big bang for the buck. I'm never leaving. Happy Holidays y'all.......John
Well for me 65 is close. So I figure all the parts still work;haven't seen a doctor in 40 years,don't take ANY meds, and I can hear differences in wires and can recognise the picture quality my plv70 puts out. ----- My children are all married,healthy,happy,successful AND haven't moved to have me committed (yet.)------ Life is to be examined on the curve. While there are many above you; there are many below you.AND, of the group above me; my AV gear is better than 95% of those folks'. Happy Thanksgiving,ya all !
I am thankful for my new gas-fired JOTUL stove. The power just failed here due to snow.
I am thankful to god for giving me, more times then not, the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, AND the wisdom to know the difference.
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I agree with Zaikesman as I too am thankful for term limits. I just don't think America or the world as we know it could have survived another four years of Bill Clinton.

Nevertheless, I am with Bufus.
I am thankful for reasonable health, reasonable wealth and my wife's willingness to accept my big-ass system as reasonably stealth!

Stehno & Zaikes, I agree with you both -- when's the last time we had a president deserving more than two terms? Thank goodness Washington (i.e., George) started us off on the right foot.

I'll also second the Amen Bufus.
Unsound is a Roosevelt man? ;^)
(Oops, sorry! I'm hijacking again!)

Frankly, anyone and everyone in this world of pain and suffering who can afford to have an audio system and a computer to yack about it with, and is care-free enough to do so, should be profoundly thankful every minute of every single day.
I second that, Z man. If all my problems turned out to be, what interconnects should I use, life would be just that...one high class problem..I could live with that..
Zmans 2nd post 2nd paragraph sums it up for me too-- well said. I'm thankful for being relatively healthy, happy and for my nearly 60 Big Ones on this fine planet. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Craig
Zaikesman nailed it! I agree 100%. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

I'm thankful someone posted this thread before me. I tried to post one with an identical header praising my wife, son and family. I'm fortunate to have the means to enjoy great audio, but it is nothing more than a hobby to me. My priviledge to enjoy such pursuits originates from my own effort and achievement, not from the government or its' confiscation of my income and neverending lien on my property. It is true that there is ongoing pain and suffering on this Earth. Professional politicians and their desire to perpetuate dependency on the government serves only to increase the level of suffering in out society.
Hijacked, unfortunately.

I'm thankful God created blue skies and green grass for the obvious pleasure of taking in a baseball game now and again.

(And that my boys are healthy and able to play and I'm still here to watch them.)