What is the best digital interconnect

I have a Bat VK-5i and VK-500. My cd player that i just upgraded is a Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1. Now im looking for a good digital interconnect. I'd appriciate your comment. Thanks! (I almost forgot, my speakers are Hales Transcendent 5's)
Dear friend, you can try Trasparent reference XL or XLO Limited Edition. They are very good digital interconnects. Marco
MIT digital Reference cable. Have it between my Cal Alpha dac and Delta transport.I am very pleased and regretfully will be selling all 3 pieces due to my SACD player.
I have the Illuminations (Illuminati?) D60 and am *very* happy with it. It's a good buy. Shawn Harvey
The MIT mentioned above is very good, a bit lean in the bottom end but, otherwise it's great. Theta's coaxial is a suprising value as well, very balanced top to bottom. If you really want one of the best, the Synergistic Designers Reference would be pretty hard to beat Good Luck with your search
i have tried most the digitals on the market at one time or another. most are very good and all are system dependent. you must try them before buying (if you can) i have had the most success with digitals from nordost (moonglo) and from electraglide. of the two the electraglige is my favorite. however,build quality is sometimes suspect. the builders thoughts are, (less is more) so if you are one who changes thing around alot you need to ad more shrink wrap. otherwise it is an excellent sounding cable
Marigo Apparition is an incredible sounding digital interconnect in the right system. The bulkiest damn digital i/c I've ever come across, but the sound is worth it. The Illuminati and Transparent are (again in the right system) also excellent sounding.
The best cable that I have tested to date is the Twisted Pair Designs Dfn Digital. It's been compared to the Iluminati D-60 and everybody that hears it says it's better. You can try it for 30 days and if you don't like it they'll refund your money. It's very similar to in construction to the D-60 and is 75 ohms end to end, comes in 1.5 meter length only and sells for $200. I'm extremely satisfied with it. For more info feel free to get in touch. Craig Legends99@aol.com
I have had two digital cables that I from time to time listen to. Gena labs gemini cable that is not talked about alot and the nordost moonglo which is some what popular. Very good cable and the gemimi cable is built like a tank. Enjoy
I've been totally happy with Cardas Lightening with a variety of equipment-- fast and neutral.
Hi, try giving Millersound a call in Pennsylvania. You will have to call information. Check their cable reviews on audioreview. I paid $60 for a .5 meter digital cable and I love it. My experience with different types is limited, however I purchased it based on recommendation from a friend who had demoed it against Kimber silver and Illuminati digital cables and found the Millersound to beat them all soundly. I only had a Monster digital cable to compare it to and it definitely beat out the Monster. Try Millersound, he offers a 30-day guarantee. Good luck. Dan
I use the Transparent Premium Digital Link. It's a coaxial digital cable. They sell for around $300. Transparent has an reference cable as well. I really like the difference it made in my Denon DCD 1290.
I have Illuminations Orchid, Synergy Designer Ref and Illuminations D 60. All are excellent, but they all sound different and I prefer different ones with different equipment combinations. AES/EBU and RCA also do sound different. I bet you could live with any of the tope end recommendations, but if you are going for the maximum out of your digital equipment you will have to experiment.
Give a listen to Harmonic Technology (www.harmonictech.com)Truth-Link (copper) and Pro Silway MKII (2-copper, 2-silver conductor), and Goertz (www.alphacore.com) MicroPurl (silver conductors, copper ground) before making any final decisions. Some of the major problems when system matching are impedance and capacitance of interconnects. These designs hit extremely low values in each category--a major plus. HQ sells only through dealers. Goertz (Alpha-Core) has a 30-day no-cost approval program. Both designs, I have found, are excellent.