What is the BLUE JEANS equivalent for Power Cables?

Recently upgraded speaker cables and interconnect for my system with Blue Jeans cables. 

I’d like to next upgrade the PC for my Bluesound Node 2i (C7)

Morrow seems, from ~an hour of research, to be Blue Jeans equivalent for PC

I wanted to see if others had similar results or possibly some other guidance?

I also like Analysis Plus. They make a basic power cable that is sold through online musician equipment suppliers for around 100 bucks a meter or so-- of course they make fancier cable, but I used it for a digital front end. I have the high priced spread for the rest of my system, so i'm not a cable naysayer,  but wasn't going to go there for this. Worth checking out- i can't claim that it was 'veil lifting' or made my jaw drop-- just well made, no hype. 
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Congratulations, excellent choice. Got my whole system wired with Cullen. They are fantastic.


Posted this elsewhere so I apologized for reposting.

Anyone looking to build a power cable for any equipment with the C7 plug, the 12 AWG shielded pair Cryo from VH Audio is a outstanding cable. I just built this PC with only twenty four hours or so on it and I’m floored how good it is on my Bluesound Vault II.


Used the following plugs.



Tied the shield  to the wall plug ground pin. Really loving this Vault and through my DAC it sounds very good. Probably my best audio purchase in awhile. Having lots of fun with it.
The Blue Jeans of power cords is the cord that came in the box with the component.  It does the job, but you can do much better.
+1 more, I love Cullen.  2 sets of XLRs, 1 power cable, 4 runs of shotgun-setup speaker cables.  Beat plenty of more expensive stuff in my class-A setup.



Just got back from Axpona and Blue jeans had a cable display/table. The link above is for their collaboration with Belden for various audio type cables. The cables looked nice, but the interconnect cables were pretty stiff.


I’d say Pangea is the equivalent of blue jeans for power. Cullen would be a step or two above blue jeans, imo.  

I have used both Signal Cables and BJC and like them both for PC. I like BJC for interconnects but have used Signal as well. Also I like Pangea cables and Analysis Plus for speaker cables.