What rock swings?

and by swing I mean you could do the jitterbug to it.

i just listened to Lazy by Deep Purple, the swingingest rock I’ve ever heard. From star to stop, it’ll make you hop.




That is a great question. I am listening to the cut now. There has got to be some Allman Brothers tunes that will qualify.

Yeah, One Way Out swings. Some music gallops, some swings. Arriving Somewhere by Porcupine Tree really gallops, great for a cardio workout. Lazy makes me want to jitterbug. 

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 Joe Jackson -Jumpin Jive

Clarence Gatemouth  Brown

8 1/2 Souvenirs

Brian Setzer Orch.


Try some Ginger Baker with Cream, Spoonful comes to mind. That was one of his criticisms of rock drummer's that they didn't know how to swing. Charlie Watts who also came to rock from jazz also had swing.

I know nothing about jitterbugging but these do swing: 

The Allman's version of "One Way Out"  

"Up From the Skies" by Hendrix


'Lazy' is a great tune with swing. Blue Oyster Cult has a number of these, too - check out 'Buck's Boogie', to start with. Great for snapping yer fingers to...