Music that swings

I have a small home gym in the basement, with a couple of cardio machines, weights and a Hegel 190 driving a pair of PSB Synchrony One speakers. Streaming Tidal via AirPlay. We have about 100 tunes in our cardio playlist and want to add many more.

When pounding away on the cardio killers, we like to listen to good upbeat music that swings. 

One of our favs is Lazy by Deep Purple...I hadn’t listened to it in 40 years or more. It swings with the best of them.

What are your favs that swing?




Yeah, 'Lazy' is a good one for that. There are a lot of Blue Oyster Cult songs that have a great swinging rhythm.... 

I put together a small system while away from home for a year using the H190 fed via Ethernet.   I can tell you that serving it via Bubbleupnp on a Mac and setting the server to uncompress streaming files to WAV sounded far superior to airplay or even using MCconnect from my phone.  


Big Rude Jake - Swing Baby!

Lee Boys - Joyful Sounds

Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing (with a swing)

Sandy Nelson - Let There be Drums


Pretenders - First album

Third Eye Blind - First 

Grand Funk Railroad - First

James Gang - Rides Again

Keith Richards - Main Offender

Beck - Odelay

Thank you! I am inspired to end my uni project. You can visit  this website and check this project. 

Pasadena Roof Orchestra.

Vince Giordano.

Hot Sardines.

Swingle Singers.

Maria Muldaur/Tuba Skinny.

to name a few


@rvpiano: Yes! I view Baroque in Classical music sort of like Bluegrass in Pop.

One of my favorites working out is the best of Sam and Dave, also Dave Clark 5 first LP and Chicago Transit Authority.