What song says something about you?

I occasionally come across songs that have a message or something in the music that I identify with strongly. Even though I recently turned the big 6-0, emotionally and musically I'm about 15, and the song that says a lot about me is ZZ Tops "Can't Stop Rockin'" on their Afterburner CD. I don't know if this is their own song or not?

When in a more reflective mood, Melissa Etheridge's "Precious Pain" is another I'd choose, and it is her song. How about other A'Gon forum readers? Thanks and Cheers. Craig
Craig, what a nice idea! Well, there is one by the hilarious Kinky Freedman which comes to my mind and which political correctness forbids me to name, lest I offend a few mimosas. Hint: It is about a brawl in a Texas saloon.
One song comes to mind....
Not for the way it sounds in my systems or the recording quality etc... For the way it makes me feel!
Nice thread,
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Detlof, Kinky couldn't possibly offend us Texans with a mere song.

We've already weathered, "Dallas," with JR. "Walker Texas Ranger," a martial arts cowboy. "Barney," the purple dinosaur with an attitude. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" blood and gore and "King of The Hill." with beer chugging red necks.

I doubt anything could besmirch Texas after these television wonders hit our airwaves.
David Gray

"Living Room"

Then again, most of David's music has some meaning for me...not to mention my respect as being one of the most talented musicians ever. Happy belated b-day Gar, hope my system is 'essentially complete' before I turn 60; I got 30 years to go;)
"night moves" still moves me. i lived this song in the late '50's-early '60's. really. no apologies required, i think.

Hey Y'all,

The band is Disturbed. The song is titled "The Sickness". Listen to the song, from the disc, not on the radio, and you will understand what I mean when I say, "I have a wonderful relationship with my mother"........John
Hey Craig;

My two favorite songs (to this date) are ones from my youth.

"Ghost Rider's in the Sky" (favorite version by "Miss" Peggy Lee)

"Over the Rainbow" (many versions to choose from)

Never thought about how I identify with the songs, but they are always with me on a day to day basis whether I listen to music, or not.

On the otherhand I have been tortured (day to day) by little miss Temple's version of "The Good Ship Lollipop" (complete with tap dancing solos) for as long as I can remember.
Nice to hear from all you guys and especially Cornfedboy 'cuz its so seldom anymore! Kelly, I love "Night Moves" by Bob Seeger-- if that's the song you mean. Being an old geezer now, "Breathless" by Jerry Lee Lewis comes to mind too;>)Cheers. Craig
Albert: If your conclusion is correct, it's a lucky thing for Shrub...(Me, I agree with the Dixie Chicks - not that they sing a song that says anything about me... :-)
The song, "Where I Live," by folk singer, Bill Staines (From the album Sandstone Cathedrals). Most of my career (27 years) has involved extended business travel and there are times when I am more homesick than not and I reflect about the journey ...

Where I live, there is a road,
That has seen my come and seen me go,
And it has taken me so far,
I thought lost my way ...

Where I live, there is my heart,
And it won't be long before I start,
Back again to where that river slips away.

Happy trails, Rich
Sometimes I feel like a 47 year old orphan, though my parents didn't pass until the mid-1990's.

My first memory of song is my mom's lullaby, "Bringing in the Sheaves." There was no music box nor TV in the house. Then one day, my dear old dad, named Ernest Money ___, a poor Kentucky coal miner, and my 5 older brothers and sisters came home from church, where my dad had traded for a big and beautiful wooden box with dials and a lot of push buttons. My mom had stayed home to take care of me and my baby sister. I vaguely remember my mom and dad fussing a bit while my dad was working with the big box. She said, "Why did you bring that home without talking to me first?" They could hardly keep me away from it as I was a playful 3 or 4 year old. I was fascinated. Every chance I got, I was pushing buttons and turning dials. I remember hearing several times, "Danny, get away from there. Stop that!" In fact, I remember being gently, yet firmly restrained. After a few minutes there was a loud static noise coming from this beautiful box several times my size. I wrestled myself free and made my break for it. I ran to the box and turned the dial again. All of a sudden, I heard music for the first time in my life!!! My dad fine tuned my random adjustment to the song, "Danny Boy". Imagine for a moment my childhood amazement. This beautiful wooden magic box knew my name and was singing to me!!! My dad lifted me in his arms and began singing to me too! Then my mom and everybody started singing. In my 3 or 4 year old mind everybody loved me including this beautiful wooden box!!! "Danny Boy" received a lot of air play at that time during the late 1950's , so I kind of figured the beautiful wooden box was my toy, and everybody went along with me. They would let me spin the dial until I heard my song.

"Danny Boy" has pretty much been the soundtrack to my life. When I think about it, the song still plays clearly in my head. I don't even need to own a copy. There you have it. This has been cathartic. Thank you Garfish.
"Heavy Fuel" by Dire Straits especially the part with "worst hangover"...
More personal is the one sung by Madleine Peyroux "I'm gonna sit right down and wright myself a letter"...
Although I'm married with two teenagers, I'm still the boy in "Girl Afraid" The Smiths song about adolescent relationships. "Girl afraid. Where do his intentions lay; Or Does he even have any?"
"He says: she never even looks at me. I give her every opportunity."
Charlie Daniels Band- Long Haired Country Boy

I'm not a big country music fan, and Charlie Daniels has gone off the deep end in recent years, not to mention the horrible cover of this song that recently came out by some other country "artist", but the original still reminds me of me.

"If you don't like the way I'm livin', just leave this long haired country boy alone" :-)

The Godsmack song noted above (Whatever) also came immediately to mind, but I'm a happier person these days, so the anger expressed in this one is not me anymore.
"The Patient" by Tool, and "Love Boat Captain" by Pearl Jam are two more that I identify with.
Well, mountain lions found me there waitin'
And set me on a eagles back
Well, mountain lions found me there,
And set me on a eagles wing
(Its' the eagles wing, baby, what did I say)
He took me past to the outskirts of infinity,
And when he brought me back,
He gave me a venus witch's ring
And he said "Fly on, fly on"
Because I'm a voodoo chile, yeah, voodoo chile

No im not any hallucinogens right now but Jimi
must have been when he wrote that.
Garfish... great idea for a thread.
Although I rather dislike Ted Nugent, his song about Fred Bear has excellent lyrics. I wish a nice acoustic version could be made.
Sonny Boy sung both by Al Jolson and John McCormack. It was the closing track in the film "Jacob's Ladder" My Dad used to sing it to me when I was a wee lad. Damn Craig, you made me remember, Thanks.

Thanks for all the responses so far, I've enjoyed them and hope they keep coming. Some of you guys are farther "out there" than me;>) Cheers. Craig
As a fifteen year-old smitten by an eighteen year old "woman", "How old will I be before I come of age for you?", Yes - Close to the Edge

Later, "Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free", Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Even later still, "Let me say that since, since we've been together
Loving you forever is what I need. Let me be the one you come running to..", Al Green - Let's Stay Together

Today, "I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can call me Al", Paul Simon - Call Me Al

Tomorrow, "So if you're walking down the street sometime
And spot some hollow ancient eyes,
Please don't just pass 'em by and stare
As if you didn't care, say, "Hello in there, hello.", John Prine - Hello in There

In all seriousness, though, I probably still identify with "Fortunate Son" more than any song I've ever heard.
Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble, when your perfect in every way. I can't wait to look in the mirror, I get better lookin' each day.

...some say that I'm egotistical. Hell, I don't even know what that means. I guess it must have somethin' to do with the way that I fill out my skin tight blue jeans. [:)]

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