What to do with audio Magazines

What do you do with all your old audio magazines? Throw them away after reading? Hang on to them? Sell them? I've been hanging on to mine, but I'm not sure why,  most reviews can be found on line.
I give'm to my macaw to 'read' after I'm done and same with any magazines:-)

I have started a "shock and awe" campaign on the general public by donating them to the local library!!!!!!
I found there was a good size market for the older, smaller sized, issues of TAS and Stereophile on ebay, the rest went to my library sale shop...
I used to keep them around for a couple of years, but that was a long time ago. I've thrown all of my magazines out years ago.

I don't currently subscribe to any advertisement magazines, haven't for years. I find no need for them with the internet. I stopped delivery of the local newspaper years ago too.
I finally to the great relief of my GF recycled a couple hundred audio mags about 5 years ago and never looked back. However I recently re-subscribe to Stereophile it was impossible to say no to $7 a year for two years! And it's been nice having mags around again good bathroom reading if nothing else.
I used to save all my TAS magazines many years ago.  Maybe the very earliest ones are worth keeping for nostalgia or collector purposes.  I freed myself psychologically by discarding them.  I am not the "collector" type - if something has value I keep it, otherwise, it goes.  So, I keep the most recent couple of issues of each magazine I subscribe to and toss the rest.
What to do with old audio magazines? Put them into medium size cardboard boxes and place the boxes in room corners. Instant Tube Traps. Yeah!
I had hundreds of TAS, Stereophile, Audiophile Voice, Stereo Review, High Fidelity and the supplemental annual catalogs of "Recommended Components" from several of the magazines. I put them in boxes and sold them at a garage sale for a tiny fraction of their cost to me. A woman bought them for her husband, who had recently retired, saying "He needs a hobby!"
I keep the few that I might think have some reference value. If they have reviews of items I sell here on Audiogon, I usually include them in the packing to the buyer.
I still have my complete collection of TAS, all issues from Number 1 to current.  I have Stereophiles all the way back to around Volume 5, Number 1 (1982) to current.

I actually use them for research quite often.

A faithful subscriber to TAS & Stereophile since 1993.

I keep them for reference and find the information quite acclimated even in 2016.

I have subscribed to many of these for many years in print form and now I get them digitally on my iPad Pro. You can save huge on some of these like Hi-Fi+ when you subscribe digitally over print.
For many years before switching to digital versions, l didn't  think some of these magazines were worth much, so I burned them so i wouldn't pass on misinformation to others
I collected HiFi News for over 45+ years, literally had hundreds of copies going back to 1964. Most were in official HiFi News binders. Tried to sell the collection on Audiogon and HiFi News classified. No interest from anyone. Decided to give them away, a ;local HiFi enthusiast contacted me and said he would take them. To cut a long story short, met a very interesting and extremely dedicated guy who had a massive and very high ends collection of equipment. Found we had similar interest and were very willing to learn from each other on how to improve our sound systems. In short, I met and now have a very good friend.

When I sold my 80's and 90's TAS and Stereophile, I received little response on Audiogon, but sold well on ebay.  A few of the buyers wrote to tell me how happy and excited they were to find the old mags or fill in their collections. I also find at my small local library, that the audio mags are quickly purchased.
Recycle to the trash bin don't need a few bucks when selling them to much of a hassle.
I usually keep the Buyer's Guide issues throughout the year for reference purposes. Otherwise, I toss 'em after I've finished reading them.
I used to keep them all. When the small digest size went out I found a ready market on eBay. Now I no longer keep the magazines- it's all on line
I subscribe to Stereophile and TAS. I browse the current issue once received and keep it until a reread some months later.  Keep a back log of about 1 year. In hot summer afternoons or cold winter day may read several issues at a time. After that, remove interesting reviews and burn the remaining portion.
I'd love to score a pile of ether Stereo Review or Audio magazines from early to late seventies. If anyone in the Baltimore are wants to unload a pile let me know..Absolute Sound had two of my favorite articles , one on the dissapearence of Don Healey, and another in depth overview of the Grateful Dead's PA and its evolution..