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I have a Sanyo entertainment centre,  a quality all in one system with cassettes,  equaliser etc. I have expanded the system with some boom box 3000 bass speakers and I'm thinking of using some left over wire which I think originally came with the door bell. Do the other members think this will be suitable.

No, not suitable, but would make the connection. How long will the run be, then we could make some inexpensive suggestions that would work better.


Is this an April 1st question? :-)
LOL! Me thinks the poster has a great sense of humor. If not, I still found it very funny.  
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Why would you use such a low grade cable on that high grade system, are you nuts?
If the OP is serious please don’t be offended. My apologies. No, you would want a thicker gauge wire of 16 gauge. No need to spend much as conventional stranded copper, speaker wire is very inexpensive. Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy etc...all sell it. 
Thank's for all your comments. Its a confusing subject as I was advised to purchase some Qued cable in my local HiFi store which was going to cost more than the entertainment centre.
Thanks for the link I have had a look but I'm pretty sure I need wire with some sort of plastic covering,  or does it not matter with speakers.
Hi John -

The 16 gauge from the Amazon link that grannyring provided should be just fine.  That is probably what was used when the entertainment center was brand new.  I am assuming that the stereo compact uses stripped wire ends on its side and not RCA jacks as was common at the time.  

Bell wire is typically 18 or 20 gauge solid core.

Should be fine for runs under 20'.

I use 12' runs of 26 gauge solid core speaker wire and have been doing so for 15+ years.

Be sure to have he who shall not be named check your new purchase for "directionality" before use.

The wire on the link I gave is covered in clear plastic.  No worries.  20 gauge is not enough gauge on its own as the OP would use it. 
I just rewired my doorbell with a double run of Acoustic Zen Satoris and getting much better tonality and soundstaging. There are some people who say they can’t hear a difference between doorbell cables, but with proper setup and assuming the doorbell has decent resolution I’ve found that cables can make a huge difference. If you’ve invested in a good doorbell you really should consider demoing some better cables. I only have 17 rings on them at this point, but even my wife noticed the doorbell sounds better. I’ll report back once the cables are more fully broken in.
"I bi-wired mine!!"
It is called short-circuit if not done carefully.

What model is that Sanyo center?
Recycled doorbell wire is good. But the best is recycled bread twist ties.

Its a hassle checking each one for direction, but worth it for the money you save.
I think you should buy a pair of $9,000 Nordost cable.  Think everyone would confirm.
What grannyring and elizabeth have indicated is sufficient.
It is great that you are giving consideration to cable and sound considerations for your Sanyo system.
Even my wife noticed ... isnt that the truth. Haha . Such an improvement was made even a non liar noticed the difference !!
Glupsom, it's a G2711 super 2,  cassette, radio record player. In its day it was great piece of kit  but it's overdue a speaker upgrade,  hence the mega bass 3000's
I have tried the bell wire and all fine, it's the positioning of the speakers which is now the problem. There quite big and there's very little space in my lounge, so I've got one ontop of the washing machine and the other behind the sofa.
There's a bit of vibration when on a spin cycle and so looking for a solution.
With all due respect, garbage will sound garbage regardless of cables you use
Bravo to the OP.

His attention  to detail in his posts are second to none.

A very  entertaining read during my lunch break 

You win the internet! 

Many thanks tablejockey, but shouldn't that read
his attention to detail 'is' second to none

Razor sharp!  "posts"was referring to more than one, so it's plural? I don't know. Most of the stuff I write, likely has grammar errors.

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Some of your references bring back bad, yet great 70/80's memories.