Who are these crazy people?

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hearing someone slightly annoying talk about an album i love (in this case dark side of the moon) makes me sad.
I agree.

No crazier than an audio club sittin' around listening to each others systems.


I can tend to listen to vinyl differently than cd's where I can't click to the next favorite song. The MFSL Ziggy is a great album.
An audiogoner calling someone crazy is like. The pot calling the kettle black.
They aren't crazy, they are smart enough to sit down and focus on something for once. I almost always listen that way.
I'm pretty sure Ncarv is being facetious guys. This is the way I usually listen to albums so I like this concept. I know the (former) members of Pink Floyd feel the same way as they were fighting against the release of individual songs from their albums as mp3s.

This is also a neat way to get together with like-minded people and make new friends.

In the old days when you used to learn about new music on the radio, I would almost never buy an album based on one song (too poor at the time). However, some of the best songs I ever found were on albums I did take a chance on and they were never the songs that the record execs picked for airplay.
I love this idea. It reminds me of the days of sitting in a dorm room with close friends and deciding which album to put on, then listening to all of it. Very cool. I would visit a place like that.
That video was nice to see. I think a lot of artists don't really make a cohesive album concept anymore. Just tracks slapped together. I wish there were more clubs like that. I'd know I'd participate when I had the time. The no talking, reading or multi-tasking is great thing too. Really makes you concentrate on the music and enjoy the sound.
The people who listen to "Greatest Hits" recordings....I don't get it. I kinda feel sorry for them.
Many baby boomers struggle with their growing insignificance. Seriously though, it's in-person shared experience where to often shared community is via the virtual world, so kudos to them for the meet-up. Sure beats joining a kooky congregation and demonstrating at funerals.
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"I love this idea. It reminds me of the days of sitting in a dorm room with close friends and deciding which album to put on, then listening to all of it."<<

I tell me teenage sons about how we used to do that, when listening to music was what we were doing, not doing stuff while music was playing.
Who are these people? People interested in discovering music as an artistic experience and expression rather than piece meal and as background fill.

First, the high era of "classic rock" (60-mid 70's) was characterized by albums, a collection of songs often carefully sequenced to express an artists/producers complete vision. This required listening to the entire record uninterupted. With the advent of the CD, it was convenient to jump tracks or sequence them to play in a personalized mix. Digitized music formats broke down the listening experience and made it a background activity of assorted songs. Consequently, listening became a facile activitity, something to fill the background with, requiring little attention.

Second, the digitization of music and the explosion of portable electronics, only promoted poor sound quality and, worse, promoted audio illiteracy.

The return of vinyl records is more than "retro cool", it is rediscovery and recovery of quality listening. To play an album, you have to put the needle down and play through the side uninterrupted. Jumping from track to track by liftng and repositiong a needle is inconvenient and hazardous (to the record) Second, a good analog sound system, presents the music with subtleties and layers often lost in the digitized music format. No costly car audio system or personal player can come close to reproducing completely what a thoughtful artist and producer recorded on a "classic era" album. Consequently, "listening sessions" as this link reflects is a structured opportunity for a deep(er) listening on a quality playback format that has been lost to the general public over the the last 30 years.

Yeah, I'm crazy...like a fox.
Thanks for sharing this, Ncarv! Hey, remember when the FM stations used to do this? Play an entire album side with no breaks. Brilliant!
Hehehe, you're welcome Ncarv. As someone said to me the other day - "We need a sarcasm font for email."
Plucking a couple cuts from a LP ala iTunes, etc. is so apropos to the age of short attention spans. If you are around a college lectern long you'll observe many students engaged in multi-tasking during lectures. I just hope in an emergency I don't get the doc that cribbed and text-ed their was through med school.
I remember going to a friends in HS and he wanted to "enter the world of Floyd", he wanted everyone to snoke some pot and shut up and listen, he did kick somebody out for talking lol.
I grew up in burbs of Cleveland and before driving was an option it was a big deal to take the rapid dowtown get an album and some eats then come back and sit with the group who went with and listen to the entire album. I often talk to step son and friends about how we actually sit and listen to music, it often comes up when they see the cave and albums and its likely the same confused look falls on most everyones face when you tell them this concept.
Not too sure I would click with a gal in the video but the concept is still practiced here though always with the usual club members in our Ears and Beers gatherings.
In Cambridge MA at a place called TOAD in Porter Square we do something similar on Sunday's from 3 to 8 PM. It is called Sundays Spins. People come to play vinyl only. We sign up to play any 2 songs on a very modest system. The great thing is that you are introduced to music you may not have ever thought of playing and you meet people with like interests. At this time there is a Spin Clean going around for people to clean thier records. We also talk, give advice and learn from each other. It is great fun.
Awesome, thanks Ncarv - what goes around comes back around, Fantastic, there is hope!