Who is still making CD transports?

I see that you are still able to buy pure CD players from Yamaha, Denon, etc. But what about transports in smaller quantities, I'm curious where and who is still making them?

I am primarily computer as source but at the rate that I buy CDs sometimes it's nice to just pop a CD in and listen to it the minute it comes in the mail. On another primarily audiophile music forum I'm on more people still listen to discs over digital rips/downloads so I think the demand is still there for CD transports.
Pro-Ject D2S T is the newest redesign.
Or blow the wad on PS Audio’s new mem player.
Cyrus, Bel Canto, Primare...

Schiit are rumored to have one in the works, too.
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I made a mistake in my post, what I mean is the actual transport mechanism itself if one was looking to manufacture a CD transport.
Apparently Denon/Marantz are making CD transports, because that is who is making the transport mechanism for the soon to ship PS Audio CD SACD transport. 
Audio Note in the UK continues building remarkable CD players. Here's their web info - www.audionote.co.uk        
You can pick up a used PS Audio DirectStream transport for a good price. This unit buffers and reclocks the data which gives your DAC a better signal to deal with. I have one of these and I can vouch for it.

Or, if you go with a regular CD player and just use it as a transport you have way more choices. If your DAC has an HDMI input and you want to use it then you'll need a transport that has that capability.
You're not limited to a few Japanese brands.  Also Stream Unlimited.  Scroll down a little...

Here’s a list of CD transports made, from the first to the latest (at time of article). You’ll need to do a search as to which one you want and proceed from there.

The links towards the end of the article are worth a look as well.

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Every CD player can be used as a transport as long as it has a digital outs. PS Audio has a great transport. Not sure about the reclocking unless you use the right DAC and type of connection. Ask
Ps Audio first. I feel this comes down to budget. The Cambridge is really good especially if you do some basic upgrades like dampening the cabinet with dynamat. If you can afford a better unit they can sound a lot better. All of the brands mentioned here are really good. Decide what you want to pay. A lot of people at audiogon feel the DAC is more important. I have to agree since there are only a dozen transport companies. If this is just CDs or Redbook then you have a lot of choices. If you need SACDs your choices are limited. Most SACD transports will not play out of a digital out unless you are using the right DAC with the correct hand shake due to Sony. 

Who is still making CD transports?

The rumor mill is strong and has Schiit bringing one out, and if Mike Moffat (from Theta fame) has anything to do with it, it should be a cracker, at budget biscuit pricing.
Flick them an email, see if you can get anything out of them.  info@schiit.com

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Metronome and Kalista makes expensive but great transports. Way out of my price range but the Dreamplay cd with the Dreamplay Stream dac sounded great at a show. Uses a modified Philips mechanism.

Do yourself a favor and buy a proper streamer from Innuos, Lumin or PSAudio. They come with a disk drive to transfer your CDs to harddisk.

I was sent this link from Alexander of Schiit. They are under staffed at the moment he said with illness.
Schitt’s design team Dave and Ivana talk about a transport somewhere here on a live stream video a couple of weeks ago. https://fb.watch/1w1NgZQhxn/

To show interest, kick them along a little if your waiting for it, send them an email info@schiit.com to ask "how’s it going".
If you get get some info please post it up here, as I’m also waiting with bated breath for one to be released

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