Why aren't current country albums on vinyl

I cant help but noitce the lack of current country albums on vinyl. Why is this? Don't audiophiles like country music?
I would guess it is a regional issue. The North Esat where I am doesn't play very much if any at our audio group's get togethers.
I don't think it is a matter of who likes country music. Vinyl is a niche market. Labels will only release on vinyl if they think they can sell enough to make a profit.
Are there current country albums? Last I could tell, "country" is now pop music with a fiddle and cowboy hat.
Don't audiophiles like country music?

Nope. Country music fans drink too much and break all their stylus', so now they just listen to dem dare new-fangled ceedee's.
For country lovers looking for good recently relased country (done in a fairly old school style), check out Kort's album. A beauty and pressed on great sounding vinyl (my copy at least).
I love what is currently passing as "country music". Dierks Bentley, Billy Currington, George Strait, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton etc...They write about things in my life I relate to on a very emotional level. I also love Steely Dan and Michael Franks, but I swear the lyrics might as well be in latin.

I wish more country music albums were on vinyl as well, I suppose the powers that be don't think it would be profitable.
Check out the Sugar Hill Records website ... sort of a mix of country/folk titles with both old and new artist.
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"...lights flicker in the opposite loft
in this room the heat pipes just cough
the country music station plays soft
but there's nothing, really nothing to turn off
Maybe country folk have a better use for vinyl, as roof refurbishing for a slew of junk cars?
Tbromgard, I am not sure whom your last post directed to. If I had offended you in anyway, I am sorry.
Perhaps you were including my post when you referred to "some rude responses here...". Actually my post did not include one word of my own. They were written by the man whom many consider the preeminent songwriter of our generation. "Visions of Johanna" by Bob Dylan. Anyway, it was in fun.
Not everyone who listens to country is a backwoods hillbilly, not that there is anything wrong with that, but the rude responces are annoying
Don,t know if your'e a fan of Robert Earl Keen, but I picked up a couple of his newer recordings used a while back which I enjoyed. Not his best, but I find myself listening to them often.

You need to be a fan though. REK's voice is not for everyone. Great lyrics and always has a tight band. Terrific live shows