Wilson benesch

Does anyone have experience listening to a Wilson Benesch act c60 or maybe similar line of speakers made by that company?
Not much online.   A local guy is selling a pair of those .
I have heard most of their line. IMO a great sounding speaker and one I would like to own. You should go listen and buy if the price is right.
I’ve never heard a set, but I’ve always thought their higher-end offerings were super-sexy. 
These Wilson Benesch’s would be in competition with the big Blades. Can get a new pair for about half price. Local dealer has a both Blades for audition.  The price for the C60 in a Regal Silver is about 13g’s
I've got a friend who owns ACTs. PM me with your email and I'll ask him to contact you. Cheers,

These speakers do not get the accolades they actually deserve here in the states especially. I have owned Magico M2s, focal Scala Utopia and others. These are the most musical and accurate speakers I have heard. The build quality and the components is superior to the Magico. If you listened to the two side by side same equipment you would hear how constrained the Magicos are comparatively.  Right now I have a pair of Vertex(s) which are just a two way but the sound that comes out of them is just wonderful without being fatiguing. In the world of speakerdom all can be subjective but I am considering the Act3Zero now for my end game speaker.  This company builds and assembles all its speakers from in house designed and built components.  I know the fact that they are few US dealers and the importer is a bit eccentric doesn't help much for the optics but these speakers should be on anyone's short list if you are looking for truly accurate, open and responsive sound. 

Wilson Benesch unfortunately don't know how to do crossovers. Often just a cap on the tweeter and nothing on the woofer.



A different perspective on crossover design... WB builds their drivers to have inherent output rolloff characteristics in order to minimize required crossover components. The requirement of only a single capacitor for the tweeter crossover and running their woofer directly helps contribute to the ultimate level of transparency their speakers provide. With their driver designs these minimal crossovers can be used without risking damage to the drivers or lobing.

Nonsense, WB does not know how to build a proper XO. Just look at their measurements, total ignorance. And they sound like that as well. 

@martinius, your first post? You sold your M2 for a vertex?? Com’on a troll can do better than that :(

WB builds their drivers to have inherent output rolloff characteristics

Really? How do you do that? 

All drivers have some degree of natural rolloff which you can see if you look at their frequency response plots. With good engineering and computer simulation driver design engineers can tune the rolloff characteristics by varying different aspects of the design that affect resonance and damping among other things, including tuning of the driver's spider and magnetics. A simpler crossover with fewer components has many benefits, but it has to be supported by appropriately designed drivers.

WB isn’t the only company doing this. Reference 3a does it too, and quite successfully too I might add.

There is no way to do that "successfully". Just look at the results (Wilson Benesch Square One Series 2):

Sorry, one may like the sound, but objectively, this is rubbish. Any company that puts out a speaker like that clearly has no clue.