Wilson Benesch Square 5 and Square 3 speakers

....don't know what happened to my original post but has anyone compared these two speakers ? I have always appreciated the sound of WB's and was looking into both of these speakers. My room is 14' across and 21' deep with 7' celings and the speakers are against the short wall. Thank you in advance....
Seeing as how no one has responded to your polite inquiry, I have some tangential experience which may be helpful. I reviewed the WB Curve for Dagogo.com, and you may find some helpful info on that assessment of the speaker.

Your room is not too different in size from mine, so much of the experience within the acoustic space I heard should transfer to your situation.
Thanks Dave ...and I have read your review. It would seem based on the '' lack '' of response about Wilson Benesch Speakers that they are either not a player in the US market ( which at a time this was the company's intended direction ) or there are other choices to be made in that price range. I am not a big fan of B&W or Wilson Audio just to name few popular brand names here in the US - great speakers, great campanies just not to my liking and after that not all that much are carried by US dealers. You can forget about trades of your current speaker .....I guess I will keep looking

I didn't respond to your original inquiry because I have not heard the square line from Wilson Benesch HOWEVER, I have owned quite a number of speakers:Wilson Benesch Arcs, AZ Adagios, SF Amati Homage, Wilson Audio Duettes (twice), Harbeth compact 7's/SHL5/40.1's and I have now settled in with Wilson Benesch A.C.T floorstanding speakers. I'm off the audio merry go round but I can not provide you with any direct listening comments other than to communicate the fit, finish and build quality are beyond that normally found in our hobby. The sound quality is superb and they are never dissappointing.

Some have commented that bass response could be improved but I have to say I disagree....the bass is there, just not exaggerated or distorted with cabinet resonances. Go listen, expensive but worth it in my opinion. There are so many speaker manufacturers who are really just cabinet makers stuffing off the shelf drivers inside and then sprinkling mojo dust on their "landmark speaker". Wilson Benesch speakers are expensive to make....aluminum skeleton and carbon fiber skin is not off the shelf....nor are their drivers. They benefit from good amplification and reasonable current/power output....nothing crazy, just reasonable. Anyway, no substitute for a listen or a home demo, good luck.
WB is revamping their US distribution. Hopefully we'll be able to audition the Square line at dealers or regional shows in the near future.
Fidelis AV of New Hampshire have taken on WB distribution for the US. I heard both the Three and the Five at the Newport show last weekend but in two very different rooms. Impressive, especially the Five, which was stunning in the MSB room. I hope to do further listening if and when there's a dealer in the SF Bay Area.
Thank you Drubin.....I have not heard either as of this date. There is big difference in price those two speakers. Still like the Curves for the price ......
I am familiar with Wilson Benesch. I started with the Arcs. Loved them. I then added a pair of Curves. Really loved them. I then added a pair of A.C.T.’s and they are fantastic. I have the Arcs in my bedroom. The Curves I gave to a close friend. The A.C.T.’s are in my main system in a dedicated music room. I’m now looking for a pair of Three’s or Five’s for my living room. 

I have a pair of SQ5, the last pair which was sold directly by WB...a true NOS. I purchased them in Nov’20. They are in white. I originally placed them in the living room since was the first speaker design approved "by her", but now are in my dedicated listening room/ office (12.5x16.5) which is pretty well treated. I truly like them...but reach that moment took some time since amplification is a very important matter for this speakers. I’m running them with Accuphase E800, McIntosh MA12000 and eventually with Primaluna EVO 400 Int. Very good results with all of them...but as you can see: Lot of current is the key to keep them happy. The SQ5 IMHO are quite revealing, but absolutely not fatiguing. So, I carefully choose the amplification based on keep my sound preferences in-balance. If whoever is looking for a pair of this rare birds: Grab it ASAP, since there are just a few out there....and hardly leave their owners caves.