Wilson MAXX 2 vs Watt Puppy 8

WP8 is an awesome speaker when set up correctly,wide soundstage,great dynamics and timbre. What do you gain by moving up the MAXX 2 other than lower bass? Do you need to treat the room to get the full potential of the MAXX 2? I listen to contemporary jazz (Pat Matheny,Rippingtons) and R&B (old and new). Is the MAXX 2 more of orchestra fan speaker?

WAF,not many mates are in favor of adding acoustic doo dads to the main living room,thats why I like the WP8,limited dispersion actually comes in handy,takes the room out of the equation. But the MAXX also interests me and my local Wilson store in Austin does not have one to demo.
Room size is an important consideration in determining which of these speakers to go with. If your listening room is small-to-medium, then W/P 8's might be the better choice. If the room is on the large side, or if you just-gotta-have pant-leg-flapping SPL, then the MAXX would be the better choice.
Hi, I just bought Maxx 2's to replace my WP 8's. The Maxx's were just installed/dialed on Sunday. I'll post back over the next several weeks my thoughts.

I can say already IT IS NOT just bass. It's a better speaker all over.
The WP sounds like a fast, detailed speaker. The Maxx sounds like music. You've got to hear it to believe it (make sure the room is big enough)
Your room should be plenty big enough, and I think Goatwuss's and Jfrech's posts are spot on. I personally don't like the current WP, feeling it's too bright and hyper-detailed(very fussy to set up right too), but I do like the Maxx, as I feel that it's a good compromise between being revealing and conveying the music. Not as nice looking as the WP, though.
I agree with the previous comments. I auditioned both and found the MAXX-2 to represent more of what I hear at a live concert. The WP8 play very nicely at lower volume and in a smaller room, but if you turn the sound up too much, or try to fill a bigger room, they get a little etchy for my taste. Also, the height of the soundstage, obviously, is much reduced.
My room is 23'x 20' with an 8' ceiling. The MAXX's do very well, filling the room. I don't think the WP8's would do as well. Go for the MAXX!
As for room treatment, I don't think ANY speaker achieves its potential without room treatment. I think room treatment is half or more of your sound quality.

I owned the Watt7's/WATCH Dog and moved to the Maxx 2 with amazing improvements in scale, life-like imaging and big as life dynamic contrasts. The scale of sound took on dimension. Orchestral music thundered and had presence I never heard before etc...

The Watt7's painted images with great detail and monitor like specificity. The Maxx 2's filled in those images with tremendous weight, dimensionality and pitch articulation that was beyond the 7/WATCH combo. The 8's seem a warmer, more liquid and linear version of the 7, but still..... Maxx 2= True to life Watt 7/8 life-like..

As always IME
nice job describing the differences. i'm just not sure i understand your last line:
"Maxx2=True to life Watt7/8 life-like.."
Maxx2man I think he meant that he will give 7 out of 8 to W/P 8 for being life like and full marks to Maxx2.
Maxx2 is a huge step up and the real deal. if people have 7s, i always say skip 8s and save for Maxx2s
If the Watt Puppies are $27K versus $45K for the Maxx II, guess which one I am going to pick? They both sound wonderful.
What is the story on upgrading Maxx 1s to Maxx 2s ? (I am getting a set of the upgraded Maxxes.)
Your getting a killer speaker for a lot less $$'s. I think the only difference is how the grills attach. I'd still have a wilson dealer set them up. Might cost a little...
Hi, I have a few weeks on my Maxx 2's now. They are clearly a better speaker in every area. The are still wilson's, and the WP's are still great. The Maxx 2's just present more information, everywhere. More dynamic, more revealing, bigger wider deeper stage. More delicate, yet more powerful.

Since you're here in Austin (sorry I missed that the first time), and we likely have the same dealer, stop by and listen to mine. I think the Maxx2's take less treatment than the WP 8's . Just less to correct, however if you're using Ne Plus Ultra in Austin, they are experts at dailing these in. Either will sound great. I have ASC Corner Tower Traps and just 4 ASC Wall boards (don't know the exact name-you can see em in my system pics).

Good luck !
Some people like Wilson speakers some people don't...I'm in the "don't" camp so encourage you to listen to other speakers in this lofty price range to make sure you know what's available.