Wilson Sasha 2 Pre owned?

I am now listening to 25 year old Proac Response 3.5 speakers with Audio Research tube electronics.  Great speakers but I'm considering an upgrade.  I really like the Wilson Sabrina but now have a chance to buy pre owned Wilson Sasha 2s in the low 20's. They are about two years old but cosmetically perfect, would include a 3 year warranty from Wilson. Also, there was some kind of resistor upgrade after these speakers were manufactured and the dealer would include the upgrade.  The boxes/crates are not included.  Looking for any advice on whether this seems like a good deal, whether the Sasha 2s would be a big step up from the Proacs and whether the used Sasha2s are a better choice than new Sabrinas (which would cost less).  Have to decide very soon because there are others interested in the Sasha's. Thanks. 
Seems to be two totally different speakers, albeit same manufacturer, with different power requirement needs.
My friend has the Sasha two’s with audio research electronics. They are incredible. I have Sophia two’s, also with audio research  electronics, And to my ears, they are also incredible!  The Sasha’s have more bass, and more of that holographic soundstage that we all love.

 If I had to choose between the Sabrina’s at the price new, and the Sasha two, at a second hand price,  and those prices were similar, To me that isn’t even a choice at all! Sasha two all the way.
I would also go for the Sasha 2, heard them with Audio Research, and to me they are incredible speakers.
I would only add that if the dealer is a Wilson dealer, I would make sure they got the crates and packing from Wilson to seal the deal. They are very heavy speakers and later on if You want to sell them, You will be able to ship them in the crates versus having to only sell locally because you don't have the proper crates to ship them in.
Wow Gprgr4blu and I agree on something. 

The Sasha 2 is way better then the Sabrina. 

The deal may be good but you should also listen to other contenders that you may prefer that are in the same price range.

These include new a pair of Legacy Aeris which has deeper bass, a bigger soundstage, room correction and the processor can also function as a dac and preamp. These are $22k new a fantastic buy for one of the best speakers in their price class.

The Kef Blade 2 $25k new used pairs are $15k-20k these are magnificent speakers which have greater clarity and a huge soundstage.

The new Paradigm Personas which are brand new at $17k for the 5F and $24k for the 7F these beat the Wilsons in terms of tranparency and have one of the most holographiic of soundstages. The are very high resolution so you have to be more careful in terms of system matching.

So I wouldn't necessarily run out and purchase these Wilsons although well loved are constantly traded for other Wilsons. or other speakers. 

If you are in our neck of the woods we have the Kefs and Paradigm models on display.

Dave owner 
Audio Doctor NJ

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Definitely get the crates negotiated in. I have Wilson Yvette’s and extremely pleased. 
+1 Sasha 2 - the Proac is good but polypropylene drivers that were popular in the 80's (recall Mission)  tend to have a nasal tone to the midrange.
I think the OP should consider that almost any new speaker will be of considerably higher sound quality then a 20+ year old pair of ProAc speakers. 

Our advice would be for him to consider all of his options and take a listen to the top brands of loudspeakers he can audition.

Wilson's are very good speakers, but so are a Magico, Focals, Rockports, Kef Blades, Legacy, Personas. 

The OP should examine all of his possible choice and go and audition as many new speakers that fit his fancy.

Here we go again. You have invaded yet another thread specifically limited to a Wilson question in an attempt to interest an OP and  presumably other Goners in brands that you sell at Audio Doctor (Legacy, Kef and Paradigm). 
 As you may have noticed, your post was completely ignored--- so you then posted again in attempt to make it seem like your intrusion was not sell your brands by mentioning Magico, Focals and Rockports. 
You will no doubt justify your uninvited and ignored post by claiming that you are just trying to educate the OP who you ignorantly presume has chosen to invest in Wilsons without consideration of other top brands.
As a Wilson Sasha owner who has listened at length to all of the above brands as well as the Sasha 2s and the Sabrinas--I too could "educate" the OP but I will not be so bold as to assume that he needs educating.
   We've been through this in many other threads which you have invaded to promote your wares. Why don't you stick to Legacy, Kef and Paradigm threads--- even though I must say that some Paradigm speaker threads praising Audio Doctor seem to be self-authored or placed at your request. Based on the Dave Lalin that I knew and my NY audiophile buddies knew and avoided as a salesperson at Sound By Singer---that would be a classic hard sell Dave technique. 

As usual you don't get it. The OP is asking if a pair of modern speakers is better which of course they are. Perhaps in his neck of the woods Wilson is the best speakers he can find, or perhaps he is being told by this dealer that there is no other speaker system to consider as Wilson is his only good line of reference speakers.  Or perhaps it is dealits.

We don't know where in the country this gentleman is so unless he is in our part of the country, NY Metro, he will not be buying anything from us.

The fact that there are so many Wilson toadies is disturbing, and as this is a forum, there should be more open discussions about everything.

The fact that Wilson is a very good, speaker, ex Wilson owner here,  but today has a bunch of competition from many manufacturers means the market has matured. 

So by mentioning these other brands as possible speakers he should consider with two of them being brand new might actually help the OP to open up his mind about what his options are.

It seems that you like many WIlson owners are constantly in need of self affirmation that you own or still own the best. 

I have said on many occasions these products are tools, who cares us included if there is a better product on the market if you find a better tool you buy that one.

Your narrow mindedness even as an owner, is one reason why people get turned off by the hobby. CJ, ARC, VTL, BAT, VAC or all great tube amps. but invariablly you get the owner, who is the one who has to get reaffirmed that they still own the best.

As a dealer, we sell many different brand of reference speakers, in our case KEF, Paradigm, Dali, Legacy. and we love all of them for different reasons. Hence our reason for posting was to draw the OP into thinking about the entire shopping and auditioning process which may require him to re-evaluate his methodology. 

Many times it is human nature to be swayed by a "great deal" on something which gets us excited to move on something, when perhaps a cooler approach to sit back and evaluate the possibilities is what is the best coure of action. 

As per our reviews, get over it, these people has actually been to my store and have actually demoed with me or purchased from our store. 

The fact that we garner such praise is because we make great sound, and we have a fantastic collection of great gear, but this post is not about me or my store, it is about the OP and letting him know that he may want to avail himself to the fact that there are many good choices that he may want to consider.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
I wish someone would have told me to look at different options when I first got into "high-end". I agree with Dave, we should encourage people to look a several options.
My last point, is that the OP has not mentioned his room size, decor, and matching components. 

The Wilson Sashas are hard to drive loudspeakers which may give certain amplifiers fits at their impedance drops down to 2.9 ohms at 90hz

So again what might have worked great to power a set of Proac loudspeakers might not work well at all on a set of Sashas, while other new high preformance speakers may work better with this gentlemans existing gear.

Too many dealers are just looking to move product and unless they have had a detailed conversation to know whether or not the speakers would work well with this gentlemans setup you always have to question their motives and integrity. 

The reason for writing this reply is to aid this gentleman who has not gone speaker shopping for a long time. So yes maybe the Wilson's are the best possible fit for the gentleman, or not, the fact that he is questioning choices means he might be open to suggestions on to possible products that might be the perfect choice for his room, budget and matching components.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ

Anyone who thinks Audiotroy has any credibility should check his history. This is not about Wilsons.  This is not about the principle that all self-respecting audiophiles should follow--listen to as much as possible and consider your room and your other components before you leap. This is about a self-promoting, hard selling huckster named Dave Lalin of the notorious Audio Doctor who many people in the NY audio community including me and virtually all of my experienced audiophile friends (who are many) avoid because he'll talk your ear off with his biased self-promoting opinions which somehow always lead to a suggestion to purchase the products he sells.
He also frequently places himself above other dealers. Here he says--"Too many dealers are just looking to move product..."---but not him. He cares about his customers and Audiogoners who may unwisely be jumping at products without stopping to think about his.
 So again, don't be fooled by what appears in the abstract to be a seemingly innocuous reasonable suggestion on this thread.  Just check his history of invading threads and the record amount of words he uses to promote himself and his brands. I find it sickening. Dave stands for everything Audiogon is NOT supposed to be.
As usual Grgr4blu, it is you who comes in and perverts a discussion, you are everything that is wrong with Audiogon sir.

As usual you are the voice of propriety,when it is not called for.

If you notice one of the people who have actually talked with me, Ricardi1, actually agreed with what I said. He said "I wish someone would have guided me when he first started. I have talked with the man and he has bought a lot of speakers before purchasing the set he has finally loved which means he has lost a lot of money changing speakers when maybe he might not have had to.

How many of us have bought and sold component after component because the system isn’t sounding like real music or is too bright or too dull or just isn’t soundstaging. The difference between a dealer and a consumer is we can generally test out way more gear at the same time then you can and we can test in our shop and make observations which are very hard to do in the field or just by going to an audio show.

You presume that everyone knows what you know and considers all the variables such as room size, and equipment matching, as I mentioned sometimes the "dealitis" sets in and all the person hears is the great deal they are getting, not would that great deal maybe cost more as now I have to change my electronics, or does the conversation come in as perhaps there is another less expensive product that might be better but it is not discussed.

Also as discussed in our many previous battles, you are in NY and so there are a dearth of good dealers. In other parts of the country there may not be, this gentleman’s local dealer Wilson may be his only high end reference line, I don’t know do you?

You agreed with me on another post that one of the products I was championing in my SBS days was a $7k Universal player that when used with an HRS or Black Diamond base and a high end power cord sounded very close to a $40k DCS stack.

When presented these finding to the owner, the owner would not believe that, nor was interested in listening to that combo to see if it was true and told me flat out it wasn’t true and continued to push the way more expensive DCS stack. I went on to demo that combo 12 times against the DCS stack and sold 12 of those players doing a direct shoot out against the DCS stack.

The point made is you think that all dealers are honest, I know of a story of a dealer who bought a lot of a certain brand of solid state electronics that didn’t sound so good but thought he could make a lot of profit by selling those products.

What you don’t like about me is I have the balls to promote products that are considerably less expensive yet really do rival way more expensive products. We told people in one of the early 2007 New York Audio show that the Usher BE 10 a $14k set of speakers  were in the same class as the Wilson WP 7 which were $22kat the time, and the Ushers used Beryilium tweeter and midrange, with an Eaton woofer hencebetter driver technology and you wouldn’t hear it. Yet the Usher BE 10 and 20 got screaming good reviews, wow we were trying to save people $8k and perhaps give them as good or possibly an even better speaker.

My crime in your eyes was talking during a demo and not just playing music, I guess most audiophiles don’t like talking about audio equipment, oh and hard selling, by recommending less expensive products that could if a person liked them save them a lot of money, wow who is the bad guy here. Yes the key to our remarkable sales ability is through hynosis to get people to purchae products from us that they don't like, I guess master hard selling must pay off do you want ot see my invisibile Ferrari?

The fact is we are alll learning, here is a question have you demoed or do you use:

Shakti Hollographs,
Shakti Stones,
Acoustic System Resonators,
Stein products
Lessloss Black Body
Audio Magic PEA and power products

These are just some of the tools that we use for system tuning and most of them I was turned on to by a friend. Before my introduction into any of these products I had no clue of their efficacy. So we can all learn from one another, I wonder what you could teach me about audio?

I find it remarkable in a discussion where the man has 25+ year old speakers how come I am the only one inquiring if he has electronics which would suitabily drive a pair of Sashas?

Did I denigrate WIlson, no I did not, All I did was to offer him some advice to check out all of his possible options.

You are just like many know it all audiophiles who claim to know more then a dealer who does this for a living. Wilson is one flavor of sound it is no better or worse than any other high performance speaker. There are Wilson fans, and Rockport fans and Magico etc, etc.

You need to offer constructive critisim on these posts, your +1 on Sashas doen’t address any of the pertinent questions which I asked and again you added nothing to this conversation other than bashing me for my loquacious nature and product knowledge.

The people who work with me or who have been to my shop have all said the same things. Read my fans, and you will see the truth, I guide people, I don’t just sell them equipment.

How about you actually add some valid points that are not about me for a change and address somethng more than the Sasha is better than a Sabrina, which is hardly surprising.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ

So far I have yet to see a post from gpgr4blu that contributed to the discussion at hand. It seems like you just browse the topics daily to find a post from Audiotroy and start your rant. Nothing personal and not defending anyone, just an observation. Of course this post adds nothing either so it must be contagious.
I have a pair of Wilson Duette 2's on sale on this site for $10,499 and free shipping.  You many want to take a listen to those speakers.
I would say what you did if I did not know Audiotroy's history. But it seems from your comment that you might have observed one thread where Audiotroy and I went at it. I know--it gets ugly. But check the OP's question in this thread or any other thread where you have seen these confrontations and you will see who the troll is.
 I read about a half dozen threads every few days--usually about music, general engineering questions or the 2 or 3 brands that interest me.  Wilson is one of those brands as I've had 4 pairs in my system over the years and can often answer OP questions  about the brand---usually regarding set-up (which I know well) room size, the differences between models, current needs of different models etc.
It is almost always in these threads where the OP specifically asks questions directed to Wilson owners that Audiotroy trolls and invades to suggest the OP give his wares a listen. Audiotroy's posts also usually promote himself as a dealer of integrity as opposed to other dealers out to make a buck. I personally know many of these dealers that he insults. 
I have never and will never "troll" a thread.   Audiotroy is nothing but a troll. That is why I am so hard on him. 
I don't like being a scold, but that troll brings out the worst in me. 


You really need to get some help you have been told by numerous people that you don't add anything and your combative nature is a turn off.

We on the other hand have been contacted by numerous people who are turned off by you, and find our comments helpful and informative vs the tiny number of people who like you are so rooted in their belief systems to find one of our suggestions to try x y or z offensive.

As per you and your cadre of friends, that won't work with my store, personally I say good riddance.  We can't assist people with closed minds and you have the arrogance to actually believe that you have more experience than a professional who has been doing this day in and day out for over 30 years. Please tell the community what stores you have worked in and what your day job really is.

 Our reputation is one of making great sound and extolling the virtues of many new and exciting products that often challenge the status quo we do this to save prospective clients money and give them better sound. We do field shoot outs all the time.

Last point very few people who have read any of our posts have contacted us to purchase anything as many times we are bound by territorial restrictions. 

Trolling by your definition is the worst thing in the world, most people who are actual buyers in this position are looking for guidance and most people are looking for a product that will work for them so when presented with options that they didn't know about they are happy to receive the information.

Many people purchase products not necessarily for the right reasons, and as I asked the OP if in his part of this very large country that this dealer Wilson might be his best line of reference speakers.

So you presume to know more about what everyone who posts is thinking as well as knowing more about the industry than a 30 year professional.

I wonder if I went into your office and stated that I knew more about your industry how you would feel kind of ridiculous isn't it. I don't know what you actually do for a living, but I can guarantee you don't make your living in the audio industry.

So next time instead of yelling look at the Troll why don't you inform the community with something constructive?

Back to the OP in order to guide this gentleman to purchase Wilsons or anything else, his room dimensions, placement options, and matching gear all needs to be considered, and unless he is in our part of the world we will doubtfully be benefiting in any way.

What is appalling in most of these posts is the self affirmation that people who own these products seek.

Wilson makes a great speaker, so does Magico, Rockport, Kef, B&W, Focal. It all comes down to taste and what you personally value.

You think I am a Wilson basher I am not, I have owned their speakers and sold tons of them. Their place in the market at one time was untouchable while right now there are tons of competitors that are also excellent.

If someone buys a Wilson great for them, but to think that the market is static and unchanging is ridiculous. There will always be new and exciting products coming in to a mature market to shake things up.

Dave owner

Audio Doctor NJ

Before I start, I have no affiliation with Dave, The Audio Doctor business, or anyone in this thread. But I can say I have found the great majority of posts by Dave to be helpful and I enjoy reading them. Dave is plain right, listen to as much gear as you can and also learn from others who have heard much more than you have and have worked out the synergy problems. That is a huge part of the battle and so not making mistakes mis-matching gear will go a long way toward a person putting together a really good system. Not all of us want to be on the merry-go-round.

I've been enjoying all the audio shows for the last 4-5 years and have gone to many dealer get-togethers and heard many great systems. In fact, two or three combinations that I could really live with for the long term (read - decade) and dream about way too much. But I'm glad I keep looking at more alternatives and glad I didn't already give in a make a purchase. Because last weekend I went to Excel Audio in Irvine CA and heard one of the single best systems I've ever heard. And that's saying alot (if I do say so myself) with all the systems I've heard in these different venues that are in the low-mid even high six figures and one that was probably right around a million $$. Not saying that spending more equals better but it can and often does if the dealer knows how to match gear and set it up properly.

With all due respect gpgr4blu, it would be nice if you'd stop tailing around Dave and the Audio Doctor. You've not brought anything truly helpful with your posts. It may be that some just stop reading because of the negativity and even more so, seems the OP hasn't been here lately and may have been turned away from what might have otherwise been a helpful thread for him.

Cheers @brownsf

Dear Pokey, Thanks a lot. 

That is one of the thing I preach is to work on creating synergy. 

Way too often in this community people are advised to switch x y or z when sometimes all it take is a simple cable swap, adding a power conditioner or some other accessory is all that is required to make a system work

When I do a tunning session I bring in multiple power cords, Acoutic System Resonators, Vibration control products and a couple of Audio Magic power conditioners as well as a few other products. 

You would be amazed by how much improvement you can get by adding some of these types of tunning products and sometimes repositioning a set of speakers.

Our 2016 New York Audio Show setup the Paradigm Personas where nearly tounching the side walls and by opening up the sound stage and by using the right amount of toe in the system focused beautifully and sounded amazing. 

Too many people are terrified to moving their speakers as wide apart as possible and worry about interacting with the side walls. The more pressing boundary is closer to the back wall which affects midbass coloration.

We used some Artnovium acoustic panels to damp the side walls and absorb some slap echo and boom we had some of the best sound at that show. 

So sometimes going against conventional though can actually work well. 

Pokey you should write a post extolling the great setup at that dealer I am sure he worked quite hard to find a setup that worked together well. 

If you are ever in our neck of the woods please come in for a visit.

Here is a picture of our New York Audio show setup


The moral of the story is too experiment and not just look at dogma. Most people who would have looked at this setup would have told me to move the speakers much closer together, yet we tuned the room to create one or two magic seats which is the best you could hope for in a hotel room.

I keep on waiting for the OP to chime in. I am dying to know the rest of his system. 

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ

OK So no one wants to look at Troy's history of trolling and outrageous self promotion.

Quote from Troy above after my criticism:
     "Our reputation is one of making great sound and extolling the virtues of many new and exciting products that often challenge the status quo and we do this to prospective to save prospective clients money..."

Reputation? According to who Troy?
You must be a true gem. Except every dealer I know would say the same thing about themselves if they were as self promoting as you.
FYI you have the opposite reputation according to me and many in my listening group of over a dozen veteran audiophiles who have known you on the NY audio scene for decades including when you worked at Sound By Singer.  
Is no one else tired of you?
 Well no one on this thread. But the OP is long gone and apparently did not care about Troy's boisterous and verbose attempts to derail the thread. But there are others on other threads who did support my attempts to keep Troy from invading that thread.

As for Brownsf, you obviously have not checked my history with Troy. I don't blame you. Who has the time to care about or make judgments about my attacks on him when he invades threads under the guise of helping the OP only to sell his wares and promote himself? If you did look at our history, you would never say that I have "tailed" Troy. I don't waste my time reading anything he says unless I am in a Wilson thread where he provides backhanded praise to Wilson speakers and then tries to recommend his products as better. Then--after he is done trolling that thread--I call him out. 
I'm sure Troy does this trolling on many other threads which I do not read, but I have better things to do than look for what he says elsewhere. He is tiring enough on the Wilson threads I am on when he invades them.

BTW, it's not about Wilson or that I am upset about criticism of Wilson. I have owned and will own other speakers ---and Wilson are no more "the best" than any number of other top brands. Also, I am not against anyone coming into a thread to extol another product. It happens all the time. It is Troy's constant trolling of Wilson threads and his self professed neutrality that I abhor. And I want other members of Audiogon to place his constant invasions in context. He is not the neutral voice he claims to be. He is a slick, tiring, verbose salesman. I am now done with posting on this thread as it has long ago ceased to exist for any purpose other than to complete our little tiff. As I have said a few times before Troy, If you don't invade--you will never hear from me again. But you cannot help yourself so here we are again. I'm sure I'll meet you trolling the next Wilson thread when a new OP has a question about which Wilson to purchase.
Of course Grpr4blu you don't have an axe do grind you say you have owned and will continue to own Wilsons and have owned four pairs. 

Yet when someone challenges your beloved Wilson you get all pissy.

As per making great sound read reviews of our rooms in Stereophile or the Absolute Sound and read the customer comments about people who have been to my shop. 

As per your cadre of Audiophile buddies if they are like you I would hardly want to work with them either, Forrest Gump said it well Stupid is as Stupid does, I am sure you and your buddies have way over spent on overpriced gear or made systems that you in your little group would say are terrific but without an experienced and neutral set of ears, you really don't know. Do you think one of your buddies is going to tell you your system sucks if it acutally does?

By the way I don't troll Wilson threads more than offer a voice to question the brands hegemony. Here is a simple fact Wilson makes very good speakers however, In my opinion, they are a bit overpriced for what you actually get especially compared to many of their competitors and that should be the root of this or any conversation about any product. Does it perform is it a good value? 

A pair of Legacy Aeris cost $8k less, has way deeper bass and includes state of the art room correction, and self amplified bass, biggest problem it is a much larger speaker but boy do you get a lot of value for your money.

A pair of Persona 9H has deeper bass, with active room correction and is $22k less expensive than an pair of Alexias and this speaker uses state of the art drivers and will work in nearly any sized room.

A pair of Rockport Atrias, has a more advanced cabinet, uses a Beryilium tweeter and a graphite midrange driver and is priced similarly with an amazing build quality. 

Magico gives you a proprietary diamond coated tweeter and a graphene based midrange for the same money also in a very intert cabinetl

If you notice almost all of these companies are producing a state of the loudspeakers which use all proprietary drivers. Wilson's midrange driver is a $70 Scanspeak Reed cone modified maybe but hardly state of the art in technology. Wilson does put a lot of money in their cabinets and finish. 

Do Wilson's sound good yes they do, however, if you really understand loudspeaker design, you can find other speakers which will match them or offer a lot of similar sound,  sometimes for a lot less money. 

If you like the Wilson house  sound listen to an ATC smooth, dynamic, tight bass, yet a pair of ATC SCM 40 sell for $7k not $16k and they sound a lot like the Sabrina.

As per other dealers self promotion, a very famous NY audio dealer once had an automatronic version of himself maning one of his rooms. That same dealer ran an ad stating "he is the indespensible component." 

I don't know about you but I don't know any store owner who is that high on himself. I think you need gear to play on, are you buying gear or the store owner? A  good store owner will assist you in your journey and offer suggestions to help you with that journey, if you remember the Bel Canto story of our previous encouters that famous store owner refused to listen to the less expensive player which challenged the big DCS stack yet cost 1/4 the price.

As per integrity how many dealers encourage people to consider less expensive products rather than more expensive ones?

As per one of your other quotes   about me " he'll talk your ear off with his biased self-promoting opinions which somehow always lead to a suggestion to purchase the products he sells."

What kind of idiot are you, all store owner, dealers, salespeople are going to talk about and extoll the products they sell over many others, why because they believe those products to be better than their competitors. Ask an Apple Fan or an Android fan and they will rattle off the reasons why they love one platform vs anoher.  
 For the record I have talked at length in these forums and to clients on products I don't sell if I think the products are good, I don;'t sell Rockport, yet I am a huge fan. 

As per being verbose, you write more than I do. 

Lets see how the community at large thinks of you and your idiocy. 

I have always been an advocate for people to listen to many different choices. If I have offended any Wilson owners that is not my intention I wanted to draw a point about pricing and what you are getting and to question the company's ever increasing upward spiral of pricing. 

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
Any post that is not specifically answering the posted question is spam, and unwanted. As such, half of this thread would not be missed if it were deleted. Are there moderators here that can remove these types of posts? 
I would do the Sasha 2, I love my Sophia 1, and Sashas have a special place in my heart, its its on my upgrade path.
Post removed 
I have Sasha 1’s and Watt Puppy 7’s. Love both, both different. I have heard the Sasha 2’s and would love to have them. Sabrina’s and Yevette’s are great, but Sasha 2’s are better. 
Why would you consider Wilson speakers, any Wilson speaker?  Paper drivers in a expensive metal box. There is so much better out there for so much less. I don't know of any other company that laughs so loud on the way to the bank than maybe that other company called air ( spelled incorrectly deliberately ).
  Yes, I have heard wilson's and no I do not like how they sound and I don't care to get into an argument with anyone who likes them because it's just my opinion.
Do tell which resistors were changed , the reason for changing and whether the new resistors are the same as original. 

I have 2 sets of Wilsons. Watt Puppy's and Maxx 2's I enjoy both very much.

Guess I'm just a Wilson "toadie"

I would also suggest listening to other great speakers in the $20k range. I do like Wilson speakers but I like others as good or better, like the usher BE10 or BE20, Revel Salon 2 or Studio 2, Raidho, and many others. Personally, I would buy a used Usher BE10 or Revel Salon2 used before I would buy the Wilson Sasha2. You can get them for 1/2 the price and I think they are better.
I’ve auditioned carefully several times the whole WA range before buying my Alexia and I have no doubt you should skip Sasha 2 and go for the alexia with a little extra budget. You said you’d buy the Sasha 2 in the low 20’s... I bought Alexia for 28k and the price difference is marginal compared to the quality difference. Alexia is just another league (they should cost double or triple the price). They have more details, more bass control, the mid-trebles are more “natural”. Borron an extra 5k bucks and go for the Alexia. I bought them 1 year ago so I suspect 2nd hand price is even cheaper today

p.s. I’ve also compared Alexia with all the magico range, splendor, as well as several other brands. That particular speaker sounds amazing to me and really stands out (better bass control vs spendor, more natural mid-treble compared to Magico)

p.p.s. I drive them with d’agostino momentum stereo
Alfa100-you asked about the resistors.  All I know is that the dealer--who is selling the speakers on consignment--called Wilson, gave them the serial number, and they told him there had been an upgrade involving different resistors. The dealer told me that Wilson then sent him the new resistors and he installed them.  Sorry, I'm not technically very knowledgeable and beyond this I don't have any information.  
Frankly, dealers should not be posting things in these forums which are for us audiophile consumers.
Yes Dave Audiodoctor NJ....(hey, why not add your 800 sales line number to your posts too?) Your posts are always promoting the equipment you sell...now i get it.
And guess what?  I own Maxx3's.
So, call me a troll too....


You are fine to love Wilson the Maxx3 is a very nice speaker we had a trade in pair in our shop, and if you read the posts I owned Wilson Watt 3/2 and five. 

The issue isn't if Wilson doesn't make a good speaker they do, the issue I have with Wilson is their ever increasing upward spiral of pricing the Maxx 3 were priced at roughly $70k the newer Alex is it $110k do you honestly think that their costs have gone up that much from one version to the other?

The issue is cost vs value. We had the Scaena 3.2 with the newer ribbon tweeters at $120k and they were amazing easily in the same class at the $200k Alexandrias. 

What I am upset about is how well Wilson has managed to control the industry when there are better made or better sounding products out there such as the Rockport Arakis or the Scaenas 

If you care to read our posts we are recommending people who are looking at the Alexia at $58k to check out the Persona 9H at $35 for a comparable speaker that costs $23k less. 

People need to check out products not be wed to brands, you may be surprised at what you find.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ
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...and NO Dave, im not wed to my brand...its just super sound, and i can afford anything i want...so, NOW what will your commercialized response to me be?
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To both bar and to jbatlanta, you guys are missing the spirt to which we first started to answer this post.

When you have a gentleman who is inquiring if a 25+ year old pair of Proacs is bettered by a set of new Wilson speakers doesn't that strike you as odd? 

If the gentleman was 100% convinced don't you think he would have just bought them? 

What we said was of course the Sasha is a much better set of speakers we also said hey for the same money why don't you check out these other options? Some of which we sell some which we dont.

The idea was to start a discussion, to see if in the entire world of loudspeakers was this set of speakers the right choice for the OP or perhaps would another product possibly be better.

What I find remarkable is not one of you guys asked any of the salient questons to see if the Wilson's would work with his gear and his room?

The Sasha can give amplifiers fits and what might have sounded fantastic with his Proacs might not work so well with his Wilsons.

This is called a discussion, not a one way just agree with the OP,  this is what I meant by Wilson toadies, the same can be said by Magico toadines and alike,  and be done with it, again if the OP was even asking the question it means that he has some reservations.

I don't know about you guys, but as a dealer we are always looking for alternatives to sometimes replace or augment what we sell, to not listen to others is to live in a vacumm where we do not learn how do we or anyone find out anything we go to shows, we read, we enlist the input of others and we test. 

As per making money with these posts so far it has almost never happened. 

We can all learn from one another and sometimes we do need to re-evaluate our preferences. 

If I said I have amplifier X  which outperfoms amp y and you happen to own amp Y do you get indignant or do you seek out amp x to see for yourself and if it does sound better?