Would You Like to Make Your CD's Sound Better

I have spent many hours trying different Tweaks..Read I have 2 ion guns One a ZERO STAT AND THE OTHER A MAPLE SHADE ALSO FOR REMOVING STATIC. But the best that I have found is CHEAP and is Awesome.... Take any cd and listen to it and then take a dryer sheet from the laundry room and wipe it accross the label several times of the cd and listen to what happens ??
1rst. The cd will be more spacious and soundstage will be better
2nd. everything will be much smoother, and harshness will dissapear .and detail is awesome try it and let me know what you think. Itworks for me........Thanks.. Jesse
Yes, your're correct, I've experienced the same phenomena. It does make them sound better in the way you've described. Plus the CD smells better too!!

Another tweek I use is to spray a little Static Guard on a cloth and lightly wipe the label of the CD. I do this after I've cleaned the CD on the Nitty Gritty CD Cleaner/Polisher and used the Acouistic Revive RD=3 demagnetizer.

Static Guard also works wonders in the winter to eliminate static buildup from your cables and equipment. About once a week I lighty spray the carpet and cables. The difference is clearly detectable. I believe it works very similarly to a product by Nordost that sells for about $40.00 dollars a can. Who knows it might be the same stuff?
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I have to wonder just how the idea for this tweak came about. Did you just start wiping your CDs with whatever was at-hand or did you make a list of items to use as wipers? What was your inspiration for this??

i will give the antistatic sheets a try-another tweek ive heard of but dont know if it works is to use green ink marker around the edges of the cd.
Watch out, guys. As you know these sheets will now be repackaged and sold for $100, box of 25. Any suggestions for a name?
I use the small 'towels' spectacle lens cleaners to thoroughly clean the surface of the CD. Repeat this before playing and after playing and the sound will be crystal clear imaging
I use saline solution used by contact wearers followed by bright eyes in a spray bottle used for camara optics to clean cd's. You can see the notes coming right out of the speakers...Clearly
Thanks everyone I also use Rug doctor anti foam this is kiiler also you can even clean your disc with it it takes static........ Buconero117 i agree soon we will see auophile dryer sheets instead of Downy it will be called Downer because it cost so much ...Oh by the way you can wipe your cables with the fabric softner and also Rug doctor anti foam and you system will sound better...and another Idea is to use microfiber towels these clean the best no streaks on cd's ,it is the only towel I use now. I am wondering if you can use a dryer towel on Op-Amps in cd players etc. if anyone has tried this let me know I will try it on Friday this week and I will let you know what happen it does make sense seeing how chips are prone to static I will try the wire inside amps etc And i wiil try my AC cable also.... This week on friday I guess i will call friday the 18th of Decembe ANTI STATIC DAY.Maybe we can make it an Audiophile Holiday ..........Responses welcom........
One mor thing tonight I will mention can someone design a cd holder that can be maid with dryer sheets this would be awesome.. Maybe the cd's you do not like mayve they would not stink anymore .......Seriously wht doesn't soemone make a cd holder that will take away static from cd sleeves when you remove them...........Maybe someone will and I was wondering wouldn't it be nice if they could make a cd player that had a anti static mecanism inside a cd player eso each time you opened and clolse the cd drawer it would remove static charge........any thoughts welcome.............
Sorry about the typing errors I am tired tonight so will do better next time Thsnks so much ........I will try some of the Ideas I have seen on this subject ...............Jesse... P.S.anyone who has a Dk Design Amplifier please call me at 616.443.8915 or email I have a great modification that is Awsome will be glad to share it with you...........It is unbelevabke and is so easy.You will not be dissapointed in the results................My eamil is jesse-woods@att.net
isn`t the music info on the shiny downside part of the cd,why the label side?
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Hey I tried the static sheet tweek last night and was quite impressed with the results.Very smooth with better detail.Bass resolution improved significantly.Only drawback these effects vary in duration with the amount of buffing you do.Also many years ago a YBA dealer used a cloth YBA supplied with their players.He wiped the read side of the disc not the label side,and the improvement was amazing.Wonder if YBA still offers these cloths.
For Sale: 1 Box(20 each) Audioperfect CD wipes. $200.00+shipping and PP fees.10% discount if you buy more than one box. (the box will say Downy but they are Audioperfects,trust me)
I sure hate this audio hobby sometimes.

yea, just got back from the laundry room, 'gave the Guy Fletcher CD I'm listening to the "treatment".

I could swear it sounds different/better. I know it really doesn't, but I could swear it does. I absolutely hate this pseudo magic fake science crap...but here I am, again.

'guess I'd better get the black magic marker out and give this CD the edge treatment as well.

Ah, it just started snowing outdoors...stereo sounds even better now.
Bedini handheld clarifier.

You give it a 20sec spin, and it gets rid of sonic gunk instantly, even on brand new cd's. Have been using this for 10 years, feels like I upgraded cables every time.

An easy way to improve any CD is to clean and improve reflectivity. I use a high-grade Groit best-of-show car wax, one drop is all you need, spread and buff, and you’re done. There is such an improvement you will not believe it. All you have heard is just shake their heads, dynamics, body, and tone all come forth. I’ve not played an uncleaned CD in many many years, I do try sometimes so I will clean a CD with soap and water to wash off the wax, play it and it sounds good, but nothing like it sounds before. No need to buy audiophile-overpriced liquids. $20.00 or so and you have enough for 100’s of CDs. I’ve taken some of mine to audio shows and played them and people say wow that sounds good, who mastered that I own it and I never heard it sound that good. CDs were turned on over the past several years, from being used as sources in the SOTA system to they sound like crap now. I guess all the reviewers had crap for ears back then. I am a vinyl guy and I have zero issues with CDs if mastered well like any source and cleaned with my wax. 


What do you use to buff with and in which direction -- in a circle or across the disk? 

How often do disks need this treatment?

Finally, does this wax have a strong scent? 



You do the cleaning treatment once. One light drop is all you need, coat the playing side and buff it with micro cloth, I put it on in circles and buff across the disc. Does not smell as far as I am concerned once removed after buffing, give it a shot it costs you little.