Your Experience Selling on Discogs

I recently opened an account on Discogs to sell some records.  They sold fairly quickly.  However I do not understand the fee structure and perhaps someone with experience can explain it.  I did email them with questions regarding the fees but all I got back was a cut and paste paragraph from their website.  I do not think they have any kind of formal "contact us" other than bot responses. The fees I understand are the paypal fee, 4%, the discog fee, 8% but there was also a "partner fee" of 17%.  The "partner fee" is described on their site as "the term used to encompass the total fees associated with your order".All told, my share of the fees was 26% of sale, excluding the shipping cost, which I assumed.  I do not mind paying fees for services rendered but this site seems to have a lot of hidden fees that do not pop up until the sale is over.


I've been cataloging all my music into Discogs of late, and I was just saying to somebody earlier today how great it is to have this tool available, and it's free! Well, it's free to those who just want to catalog their collections, anyway. I agree, they should tell you the fees are for in advance.

It is a bit confusing the way that it’s worded. They only deduct the 8% discogs fee + the 4% paypal fee. The partner fee includes those two fees PLUS the Sales Tax that is added on to the order (which the seller pays). I assume that 17% is just a calculation of all the fees deducted from the total, not additional fees.  

I think you mean the buyer pays the sales tax, although on I my invoice it appears as though I paid a sales tax or some kind of tax in addition to the PP fee and Discog fee..  So maybe you are right, the seller pays a sales tax.


As mentioned, it's 4% + 8%.

Discogs is a great place to sell. Their fee's have creeped up in years, but it's still a better and more chill place to sell than eBay if you're patient.

They have the more the advanced user base (both seller and buyer) that know what they are looking for and wiling to pay for it.

The biggest weakness is you can't post pictures with the listing, so sometimes the buyer will contact you directly and ask for pictures outside of the platform.

@larsman    Same here...Great way to Catalog and value a Collection. Everyone in our local Vinyl Club use Discogs to purchase as well, except me... I like to see what I am purchasing and support local merchants.

I agree with the others on cataloging my collection. It was so easy and used the mobile app as I combed through and documented my collection. It's nice to be able to sort by various filters and easily share your collection with others as needed.

The fees are reasonable (~12% total), less than eBay and I have yet to deal with any of the freaky buyers and those wanting to return things for no reason like I had on eBay previously.

Agree the site is easy to post your records.  I did finally receive an email from the staff at Discogs with some explanations and there were some corrections on my charges. I was glad to see that you can get a response from a real person if there are issues.

Ebay fees are about the same as Discogs because they bypass PayPal.  But if you are putting up a lot of records taking individual photos is time consuming.  No need to do that with Discogs.  Ebay gives you a better deal on shipping.  All things considered I like Discogs better but there is a bit of a learning curve in utilizing it.

Discogs included these notes with their message to me:

- Do not cancel an order before issuing a refund.

- Do not refund from PayPal if you have marked a refund on the order page.  This will result in a double refund.

- Refunds must be issued for the full amount of the purchase.

- Refunds must be issued from the order page.

- Sellers cannot charge buyers the PP fees. 

Thanks to all who posted in this discussion.