Zu or Totem or ProAc?

I upgraded my front end to a Rogue Cronus Magnum about a year ago and it's time to upgrade my speakers and would love some advice from people that understand my plight.

My sources are a Project Xpression III turntable and streaming via the Audioengine D2 wireless transmitter/receiver from laptop. Then, as I said, I have the Rogue Cronus Magnum, which I'm a big fan of. That feeds my old Advent 1 speakers and the variable output feeds a Hsu Research subwoofer.

My room is 12' wide by 21' long with 24' ceilings, so it's a bit cavernous. My speakers sit on one end of the 21' long dimension, about 10' apart from each other, facing the 21' distance.

I primarily listen to rock, with blues and jazz mixed in on occasion.

As fanatical as I can be about good sound, I'm also a sucker for design. For that reason, I love the look of the Zu Audio Soul Superfly's. However I have never heard them and I'm not sure if, at 16 ohms, the 100 WPC Rogue Cronus Magnum is too much for them.
I am also very intrigued by ProAc and my trusted local retailer in Phoenix is a ProAc dealer so that's helpful.
And then, there is Totem, which a reliable source has strongly suggested.
Not to mention, countless other manufacturers that I have read about.

My price range is $2000 - $3000.

I REALLY appreciate any thoughts. I'm going dizzy reading as much as I can about these but I want to have as much info as possible before taking the step of auditioning them in my home. Thanks all.

I have not owned the Superflys, but did own the Zu Omen Defs. They sounded fantastic with your type of music -- rock and jazz, and they are very easy to drive. I would give Zu Audio a call and talk to them -- Sean and the rest of the Zu guys are great and easy to talk to, and will definitely steer you right.
I really like ProAc with tubes. Totem typically like SS due to their thirst for power. I have not heard the Zu Superfly's.

I would add a pair of Reference 3A MM de Capo BE speakers to that list and perhaps Merlin TSM - MMM.
Totems have stable 8 Ohm impedance that is quite friendly for the tube gear. They can sound great with tubes and share a lot in common with ProAc.
I haven't heard of Proac but the Proac studio 140 mk2 has really good reviews.

Schubert is right about Zu having this magic when it comes to rock. Although I am not very fond of it in other genre.
Totem's monitors do not have benign impedance curves and are not considered tube friendly (Model 1,Mani-2). Their floor standards are easier to drive but still require power to make them sing. Totem always shows their speakers with ss.

IMHO, Totems sound nothing like ProAc.
I recomend Totem forest'! I am running them with a 40 watt class A tube amp. it fills up a whole large room and drives them shocking really well. Plus can switch to A/B WITCH IS 80Watts sounds great but need 100watts at least for A/B of course. But a 100watt tube amp should drive them in any room!

That is why I am upgrading to a 120watt ultra liner / 60watt Triode Class A power amp. so I never need to upgrade my amp agin in any large size room.
Thanks for chiming in everybody. Helpful stuff. Much appreciated. I'm leaning more and more towards the Soul Superflys and Zu will do a 60 day in home trial so it's worth the audition.
ProAc makes a great speaker IMO. See if your local dealer will give you a home trial.

What ProAc speakers are you considering?
First of all i've never heard a Zu loudspeaker. From everything i've read there basically a rock speaker. Have heard several Totem's and they made a good first impression but had an "over the top" hifi/ish presentation. This was many years ago maybe Totem has toned down the hifi gymnastics? IMO ProAc will be able to present the most honest reproduction of the recording.
I have heard Zu speakers and Proac. I prefer the proacs which sound great with tubes. They just hit all the sounds right with no artifact.
Dayglow, I beg to differ. I have owned Zu Def 4s for a couple of years and play much more jazz and classical - of all scales - and female vocals than rock; and the speakers are outstanding regardless of what I play. While you may or may not like the sound and while I have never heard other Zu speakers, my Zu Def 4s are not "basically a rock speaker" although they do rock. My space is even more cavernous than Brian's, and two of my criteria were that I wanted full range speakers that could fill all or part of a 45' x 21' x 16' (high) space (the speakers are on one of the 21' walls).