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Digital Volume Control any good ?
Very simple: a unit which isn't there cannot make a degradation to the sound. Any pre ALTERS the sound but does not necessarily make it better! I run my Wadia 27ix directly into McIntosh MC 2000 with breathtaking results. I also have a Burmester 8... 
Wadia 581 vs 27ix and 270
I can only say something about 270/27 directly vs preamp. The two pres I have are AudioResearch SP 14 and Burmester 808 MKII. In both cases the Wadias' direct connection to the Poweramp (McIntosh MC 2000) is superior to the chain with a pre. The s... 
Wadia owners, what PLC are you you using?
I use the PS 300 (with the latest upgrades) for 270/27ix. The different waveforms of "MultiWave" do really benefit different musical material. But PS 300 isn't the latest in PLC, I'm afraid. Works great for me, though.Good luck! 
Top ten tube amps
McIntosh MC 2000 Millennium 
PS Power Plant 300 with Multi Ware and Fan
I leave mine on 24/7 and it has NO fan at all! 
How is Windows Vista?
Rlwainwright: thanx for that nice little compliment! No, I'm not dense as you pleased yourself to name it but there's sometimes a need for just a little push into some direction, esp. since Ejiliu posted he would use iTunes and iPod exclusively. 
How is Windows Vista?
>> I can't change to Mac mainly because of misc other reasons.Using iTune and ipod exclusively<<Sorry, but there should be no real reason not to go for a Mac! It will run your windows stuff as well - as you might know (Parallels!). The... 
Which cable is most important to spend money on...
All of them! A High End System is a matter of balancing.... 
Any thoughts on the CD "trimmer"
I use the "trimmer" for years and I would not want to miss the effect anymore this short procedure has on sound improvement. As said above: some CDs benefit more than others. And played on my Wadia 270 makes the difference bigger than played on my... 
Do you know of small speakers that sound ''BIG'' ?
Definitely the REVEL GEMs sound much much bigger than they look - and not only bigger they sound but simply wonderfully!! 
How often do you replace your belt?
>>How often do you replace your belt?I did it once on my Transrotor TT - in 25 years! 
How to transfer analog sources to iPod
I assume you have a Mac? (If not get one asap! :-) ).Try "Audacity" - a nice little freeware proggy which will fit your needs.Good luck! 
Need help choosing spkrs I've never heard
Don't do it!!! 
Intel Mac Mini
Good for youo and congrats. 
First Experience w/ Airport Express to HIFI
I second the thoughts about the quality of Apple's AirportExpress. I have it installed in my study's system running AE's OUT into Burmester 808's AUX module so I can compare easily to CD direct running into another module. The - wireless - quality...