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What is your experience with amp power?
I’ve destroyed several amps, melted binding,posts, blown tweeters, mids, u get that unclear muffle sound, then u fry a tweeter, nt from power, from NOT ENOUGH POWER, headroom, amps ability to produce the juice you want, when you use a little flea ... 
Best speakers around $130k?
Wow, bang, 130K. spend less, get great, use rest, music, sacd player, cables, amps, booze, blow and a used R8     thatmcoin, possibilities r endless  
More Bass
Let them break in hundred hours, great way to get great speakers.    most haven’t a clue.  first 30-50 hours, if don’t sound good, they sell em.   pAtience.  Break in, placement,  took me weeks to get the bass I knew was there,   Many nights, ... 
What's up with lousy bass on classic rock recordings?
bass is fine on may stereo    
Don’t buy used McCormack DNA 1990s amps
#@&&%%**#$ Damn, I spoke with you and Pat about a year ago, and was given a price for capacitor upgrade, and a bunch of other stuff.    Fingers crossed for reliability.  never had good luck with my gear.    I will have to add 750s’ to my... 
New In 2023
Tytan - justice: served Tytan - Rough justice   reissues.   
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
Still love metal, punk, blues, rock  born with Sad wings of destiny lp attached to my back with womb fluid !   \,,/      
going from tube preamp to solid state
Try the Sanders “the preamp” Nad - pre is,nice, but gets warm, make sure it is ventilated on top parasound p5 adcom preamp used Onkyo p-308 - may need additional 180-250$ have a good tech open, replace,caps with higher quality, clean everythin... 
New In 2023
Really liking the    Fugitive - maniac ep   this makes me wanna drink a bottle of Bushmills, and put on my old Jean jacket, and start the elbows flailing in a nice circle pit      
New In 2023
Pumped for this!!!      
New In 2023
Mailman brought my Motörhead seriously bad magic box set.  has 2 I think unreleased songs.    other gimmicky stuff.  released after the passing of the master, cash grab,…. It’s cool, also,a collector of cool box sets and other garbage as the wife... 
My opinion;
Went a lot of raves in early mid 80’s and early 90’s, between metal shows. the 200 bpm techno was wicked  
My opinion;
  hw can u nt like thimid late 80’s  
My opinion;
Wow, straight outta the barrel.    Not my fav music, but the 80’s stuff was lifestyle, poverty, police, bangin, etc etc.     can handle some, my one roomy at military school played a lot of bdp productions,..and other stuff.  Lyrics were prett... 
Female vocalist recommendations
Lee Aaron. earlier is hard rock. player is rock, blues, jazz. great,voice,