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Heart- Little Queen Friday Music LP
Thanks for the response and the recommendations. 
Heart- Little Queen Friday Music LP
So far I have also experienced good things with the Friday reissues. Journey Escape is bright but I think that is more of a function of the original recording. (You got to love the 80's and I did but that forward shrilly sound that everyone though... 
Best Integrated amp for Wilson Audio Sasha
hifinut, I don't see how you could go wrong with anything on your list. I would also suggest checking out the VTL integrated and the NAIM Supernait. It will all depend on what you like.I have the Sasha but I drive it with separates from Nagra and ... 
Dead Can Dance New LP "into the labrynth"
I am new to vinyl but I had a similar issue with a couple of Radiohead issues from Capitol records. There were others who had experiences similar to mine and a friend experienced in vinyl told me it was most likely (non-fill???). I think this is c... 
Rush fans on the board ??
Love everything RUSH until Signals. Do you ever think that we will ever have a rock/pop band doing 8-15 min songs again? Will we ever have albums like 2112 or Pink Floyd The Wall again? Very cool. 
Idol 2011
"But, for me, how Pia left before Paul and Jacob is a complete mystery."NOT TO MENTION SHE HAS A HOT BODY! 
Recording Vinyl to iMac questions..
Thanks for starting this thread barnacebill. I am new to vinyl and I too was looking at recording to macbook pro. My desire is to listen to my LP only recordings in the car and to see if my LP recordings sound better than some of my CD'sI will loo... 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
MJ had talent. Best crotch squeeze ever. 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
Agree with TFKAUDIO. Most post their dislikes.I will add The Go Go's and The Bangels. I will second the Loverboy vote although I like Loverboy. What about Night Ranger? 
This is what I already have
"I have syphilis and a strange desire for single malt scotch."Just back from Nuevo Laredo? 
This is what I already have
Jorge,You will get much better sound if you dedicated your resources towards one system. I know I am stating the obvious but felt compelled to give you a little reminder.A poster in one of your other threads suggested conrad johnson gear. I can se... 
The sound of glasswear
TMSOROSK,Have you heard the mx-r with the KX-R? Holy smokes man that is a hard combo to beat. I have seen the mx-r paired with tube pre but not the other way around. That is what I have but I am sure you can match the KX-R with tube amp. 
Just bought 2 pairs of ML no. 33 for my Pipedreams
Rehan, Why not call Rives or some other acoustic desinger? I am sure they could help. 
Nice Tube Preamp for Boulder 1060
I have the Nagra PL-L with Ayre MX-R. It is a nice combination. I do not know if the Nagra would pair up with the Boulder or not. 
"God Bless the Child" on Idol?
Why is it that some people only worship the dead?I think this year Idol has the best talent in the top 13 that I can remember. I think many of the past finalists would have a hard time making this group. Furthermore, I think that we may see some o...