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Hi there,I think mine broke in this weekend. Two words GIANT KILLER!I can't remember digital ever sounding this good anywhere. It has an uncanny ability to bring you into the performance unlike anything other than the best and I mean best analog. ... 
Has anyone heard the Music Hall RDR-1 radio?
Haven't heard the Boston but it blew away the Tivoli and I like the Tivoli. My father in law heard the difference in the guest bedroom and couldn't believe it. It seems to sound bigger than the Tivoli and the tone is so much richer. Good luck. 
List of top phono preamps best
A real sleeper that no one has really heard but will compete with anything you mentioned is the Electron Images MCP-1. Great with carts as low as .3mv. I have tried alot of what you mentioned in the sub $5-6K range and the Electron was far and awa... 
Has digital come close to or beat up analog yet ?
Hi Joe,I'm a dyed in the wool analog guy as well but recently I found a cd player that I believe will rock the digital world. It's a Chinese player called the Original Cd and this model is thier 5th year anniverary special called the Leonardo. It ... 
Balanced preamps with Atma-sphere MA-2's
Hello,Another congrats on your purchase. These amps took my system to a completely different level than anything prior. I'm using the MP-1 preamp and couldn't be happier. These components together really do synergize nicely as they should. World c... 
Please recommend Best MM catridge
I second the Music Maker, kicks the heck out of any of the coils listed above and you'll never have to worry about gain. 
Can you ever go back and be happy?
I've owned Maggies Typani 4's and then Soundlabs, started with the A-4's and now the A-1's. Have been using Soundlabs for 15 years. About 5 years ago I bought a new house and didn't have a dedicated room so I went looking at all the cone speakers ... 
Mating power cords with APL 3910
Hi there,Who is Chris Venhaus? Thanks,Rusty 
Tally up best preamplifier ever
Atma-Sphere MP-1 MKII 
Coincident Technology Speakers
I heard them at CES in the Manley Labs room and was blown away. I thought they were one of the best sounds this year. The owner, designer is a first rate individual as well. I'm a Soundlab guy and they drew me in every time. Good luck. 
aestetix rhea - the groove - sutherland fono stage
Hi folks,I'm not sure what all the hoopla is about the Rhea. I had an early one and thought the thing sounded mechanical and not much like real music. I had a Thor on hand at the time and it trounced it. Too bad because I loved all the features. I... 
P1200 vs Shunyata Hydra
Hi Frano,I second staying away from the PS audio cable. I've had great results with the Electraglides. I owned both the 6 and the 8. In my system the 6 sounded more open and quicker than the 8. The 8 sounded nice but a little too polite. I'm curre... 
world's best preamp closest to real sound stage
Atma-Sphere, MP-3 or the MP-1. By far the largest soundstage I've had in my home. 
Opinion on Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement II
I think it is by far the best cord on the market. It is big, dynamic, fast, detailed w/o being bright and has the biggest soundstage I've ever heard. It makes most components come alive like no other cord I've ever tried. I've tried most from the ... 
Power Cords for Wolcott mono amps
Hello Bigkidz,I had pretty good luck with FIM gold cables, you can probably get a pair in your budget.