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Is high end Power Conditioners worth the extra $$$
I would second the Bybee conditioner. It blew away everything I've ever heard. I can't believe it's still flying under the radar. A must audition. 
Dr. John
"Such a night" is a killer live lp.I think it's european but worth finding. 
The Best Tube Amplifiers vs Spectron ?
Hi Rafael,My audition was with the MKIII with the V-cap option. The BATs also have all the upgrades. I also preferred Ralph's Atma-Sphere MA-2's over the Spectrons. Again I can't describe it other than to say, to me the BAT's and the Atma-Spheres ... 
The Best Tube Amplifiers vs Spectron ?
F- the Spectron guards. It is what it is. The Spectrons are amazing amplifiers and do some things amazingly well. In the end I preferred the BAT 600 Monos. To me and my ears the Spectrons had a very slight "digital" sound to everything. The BATs w... 
Sonographe SL-21 speakers
You may have one of two pairs in the US and I'm sure there are others. I bought mine from a dealer in Tucson many years ago. The dealer quit bringing them in because everytime someone heard them compared to his big expensive speakers they ended up... 
BAT SS amps VS Ayre MX-R
"In my system with my electronics" The Bat SE 600M monoblocks literally kicked the crap out of the Ayres. I'm driving Soundlab A-1 speakers so that may have had an effect. I mentioned this to a rep of Ayres at last years Rocky Mountain and was tol... 
Notice to all. Bob Williams of Audionut deceased.
Well then I guess you never had the pleasure. He owned and operated a store called Audionut in Phoenix, Az. He was greatly involved in the audio scene in Az. for many years and was a "tinkerer". Bob was never afraid to go against the convential wa... 
Cable recommendations for ESL speakers
I've owned Soundlabs for the last twenty years or so and found the Magnan Signatures to work great but there is a cable called Clear Day from a guy in Tucson that must be heard to believed. It's cheap flexible and in my system has beaten up all ch... 
Spendor S100 Art Dudley review in 'Listener'
Do you know what issue it was? I have a bunch in my garage I could check. 
Here's a real cool toe tapper
Absolutely cool! Thanks. 
How about an accordion thread?
See if you can find anything from a band called "Those Darn Accordians" Accordian group from San Francisco that plays all kinds of upbeat fun music. A must see live! 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
Derek Trucks 
Despriately looking for amp for Maggies 20.1
While not a Maggie owner I have owned Soundlabs forever and they are also a challange to drive. To date the best amps I've found are the BAT 600SE mono's. Total control over the Soundlab. Others that were good were Spectron, Theta's and Wolcotts b... 
Are There Any Good, High Power Solid State Amps?
BAT 600M SE's 
Is there life after a KXR? Help
I like the Bat option or you may want to look at the Atma-Sphere MP-1 that includes a killer phono stage. Why does Charly give a crap about anyone selling his stuff? I sold a pair of MXR's (couldn't drive my Soundlabs) and the dealer and Charly ha...