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phono stage or preamp suggestions
Try to find an older Counterpoint SA-9 AKA Magnum Opus. These are real sleepers, not found very often used but worth the search, can drive any cart, has both mm and mc inputs for those who use two tonearms, volume control, can switch loadings on t... 
Wisdom Audio Adrenaline 75 dipoles?
I'd have to second Brulee's recomendation I have a room of similar size to your own and the Soundlab A-1's sound great. Good luck, you're in a good price range to buy something excellent. 
Best Balanced and singal ended pre-amp?
How bout the Atma-Spheres? I tried the MA-3 and it literally killed a Joule Electra 100 at the time, currenly own the MP-1 and it has to be up there with the very best. Have not had the opportunity to do a side by side with the ARC, but frankly do... 
Favorite Designer
Ralph Karsten @ Atma-Sphere, someday the rest will catch up and Roger West @ Soundlab. 
Electrostatics and Near Field Listening
Hello 90493, I've a pair of A-1's, what is the distance you consider to be nearfield ? Thanks 
Power Cord comparsion
Have to agree on this one, the FIM's were clearly superior in my system. I tried NBS, Electraglide, Eel's, Black Mamba not the King Cobra. I think that was it. IMO the FIM's are quieter, more dynamic, fuller sounding like the real thing without an... 
Best Magneplanars Ever!?
I agree with Pikll about the set up but once properly done it is damn hard to beat, especially the soundstage. I had a pair and seperated the bass panels from the midrange columns, I had a stage that you could get up and walk around shaking hands ... 
do tubes rock ??
X947, try a pair of the new Wolcotts for a tube amp that rocks, however with your speaks you may want to consider No_money's responce, the Thiels need mondo power to really shine. 
Sound Lab A-1 & the Ultimate differences
Perhaps if you could set them up in identical rooms with the same equipment. Other than that I think it would be pretty hard, even Soundlab admits the differences are minimal and primarily in the bottem octaves. I understand that the panels and th... 
Best Retailer Youve Done Business With?
John Fort Audio Video, Dallas and Gaylen Carol in San Antone are two of the best IMO 
Top Ten Turntables of All Time??
Micro Seki 1500, 5000, 8000 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
Soundlab A-1's 
Phono Pre with volume control?
Try to find a Counterpoint SA-9, killer phono stage with enough gain for the lowest output coils with gain control switch. 
Top Ten Tube Amps of All Time?
Gotta go with Reprince on this one the JA-30's were "oh so special" I still can't believe I sold them. 
Top Ten Tube PreAmp of all time?
I have to go along with the SP10 MKII but my new favorite is the Atma-Sphere MP-1 MKII.