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Survey-What is your most used source?
50% cd's, 25% fm tuner, and another 25% pc/macbook. 
electronics graveyard ?
Yes, you can try ebay..or donate: 
I'm looking for good pre amp with bass & treble
For around 1k, the Burson HA-160D. Its a solid performer with nice bass impact and treble. 
gradient revolution amp suggestion
Op, how much are you willing to spend? 
Best Rock Drummers
John Bonham 
Best of luck to Brian Kyle of Xtreme Cables
We hope your quick recovery Brian, the Gon community wish you the best. 
Do you remember your first cd?
Duran duran's decade. In the late 80's. 
replacing Patek integrated with more powerful amp?
If you're looking for power, details and transparency. The PI-160 by Burson is a good choice. 
Integrated or speakers
I always start upgrading speakers..then look for a nice match for them. 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Dynaco hands down. 
The Listening Chair - What type do you use?
A leather couch..generally i fall asleep when i'm on it. ;) 
Tube or SS integrated for PSB Imagine Ts
The Burson PI-160 could be a nice choice as well...smooth and detailed. 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
I agree...Paul McCartney was a great bassist and a songwriter. If you have a chance listen to "Nowhere Man" and you can see how great he was. 
Song covers that are better than the originals
"Love hurts" original version by The Everly Brothers (1960) and cover by Nazareth..great one. 
Manley 300B preamp
I have heard that this unit is also a good headphone amplifier, which drives power hungry headphones with ease.