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Luxman vs. Accuphase
From what i know both brands have their own advantages. Demoed the Luxman l-509u and i liked it. Nice instrument separation and dynamics. 
Tube preamp recommendation ...
Conrad Johnson Premier 16. 
Steve Jobs we will miss you
Sad news, he will be missed. I hope apple's future is in good hands. 
Rega Brio R bright???
You need to take a look at other models if it sounds bright to you. I look forward for the review. 
Bizzare Oppo 95 failure
Something wrong with your Oppo IMO. Contact support. 
1K dac
Charles do you have a link to it? im interested on reading comparisons with the Burson. 
Starting Over
The HA-160D is a nice one box solution. Priced around $1250. The Dac section is really good, 
How do you know when to replace a tube?
Rrog suggestion seems logical. Try a different source, check connections. 
Why 24/7 warm-up period on amps?
Solid state amps get better over days. Some people rather having them on 24/7...problem is on countries with power fluctuations, high voltage may kill your amp. 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Wow, how things changes Larry. That's life. 
worse entertainer or performer of all time??
I dont think Jlo is good...oh and Britney spears is not as good as before. 
Does anyone "throw away" Lp's ?
True, i have found some interesting lp's at thrift stores with minor scratches. I'd better donate before throwing to the trash. 
Amy Winehouse.RIP
A whole life wasted. Very sad. 
Need DAC suggestion
I think the Dacmagic is the best you can find for the price. 
Has anyone else heard the Calyx DAC 24/192?
I've heard that the Calyx supports 32/384 which is better than 32/192 on the Mac.