Responses from chatta

What Amp to drive Apogee Centaur Majors?
McCormack or Aragons make the apogees shine. 
SS amps with little or NO feedback
X2 on Krell amps. 
Album which you have listened to most?
Crossroad by Bon Jovi, and The Resistance by Muse. Great albums to listen to. 
Ten audiophile commandments
My first commandment would be: When in doubt, check the Gon. :D 
Weizhi PRS6
Check this, from another Agon member. 
Best blues guitarist, Clapton or Green
1- Robert Johnson2- Eric Clapton 
What is the best Beatle Song
Let it be and Yesterday. 
SimAudio i3.3 vs Naim SuperNait
I have demoed Naim gear and its terrific. The i5 is a nice contender for the Supernait. 
Cary C306 Solid state preamp
True...there are not reviews, nothing. Very strange. 
Chord sound?
One word: "Superb" 
Nicest DAC with Preamp around $2500 new
Burson HA-160D good call. 
Missouri Tornado prayers go out to all
That was something horrible..dam i always hated tornadoes. Lets pray for the families. 
Will a quality USB cable make a difference....
I've been reading about this, and im planning to make some tests to see if i really notice a big difference using expensive cables. There is a good thread at HF about this. 
DIY record cleaning solution recipe needed
I personally like to steam clean my records and then dry them with a microfiber towel...well its only an alternative. :)if you're worried about residues. 
Preamp upgrade - Shindo or VAC?
From what i know Both companies have similar reputation, you'll be fine with either one. Like i always say: you have to listen to both, before purchasing.