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What do you think of the HDBase T network?
Sounds like a great idea for me, and the costs are minimal. HDMI has its days numbered. 
arcam a38 vs nad m3
Heard that the sound produced by the Arcam is laid back...and very natural sounding. Definitely not fatiguing. 
The Sound or Music
Im well balanced in that aspect, Sound is very important to enjoy music. Thats why i upgrade every year my hifi setup. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Have you ever really loved a woman" by Bryan adams. A sweet song... 
Oppo SE or Nuforce edition. Noticable differences?
I have heard about the nuforce mods, they seem to be promising and improve a lot the performance. Its a great improvement but more expensive. 
Signs of poor electricity in home...?
I normally use an AVR for all my audio gear, i usually hear noises when there's low voltage. 
Aural Thrills EL34 Stereo 45 watts - opinions?
It seems like there's few info on it, btw there's one at sale here at audiogon.. 
Burson Integrated amps
I auditioned it playing classical and some orchestra. The mids are natural, and is accurate. Its a nice piece of audio gear. 
Cambridge Audio 840W with Totem Mani-2?
I've never paired them with cambrigde, i've used others such as MCcormack or bryston. All you need is a good has to be very powerful and able to drive low impedance. 
Best Match for Dynaudio Contour S3.4?
The best match i've ever seen with them is the NAP200. Another interesting option could be the SuperNait... 
Emotiva UMC-1 Experience
Most of the Emotiva A/v receivers are well regarded as good performers and great value for the money. I really want to audition them someday. 
Lena Horne dead at 92
What a great loss, she who gave her voice to the famous documentary "Now!" by Santiago Alvarez. 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Sarah Brightman, definitely an angel's voice. 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
The adcom gfa-555 is a solid built amp. 
Best Integrated, period.
Its hard to decide which is the best. There are great brands out there, the NAD C320bee is a giant killer.