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Cheap bluetooth receiver without DAC
One member here posted positive results with this: 
iPAD to DAC?
I just set up an ipad to centrance dac for my wife using the lightning to usb 3 adapter. Sounds decent and keeps the ipad charged. 
Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?
Reminds me of this thread: 
Most impressive youtube demo clips
Simmer down “clearthink” 
Most impressive youtube demo clips
Obviously you cannot use You Tube to judge a system, however Kenrick Sound’s videos are the best. 
Do $2k speakers + DSP = $50k speakers?
Wonder how the Kii 3 compare to the Dutch & Dutch 8c. 
Budget hi-fi and vintage audio gear
I have owned a ton of vintage gear from Marantz, Sansui, Tanberg, Luxman and many others and I have to say those H/K Twins were fantastic! 
Budget hi-fi and vintage audio gear
millercarbon What are you talking about? His budget is $250. Home audition of used gear (which is probably the road he is going down) is next to impossible. Besides that, with a budget $250 amp it is not advisable to spend money on cones, power co... 
Budget hi-fi and vintage audio gear
Vintage amps can be a great way to get in to audio however keep in mind that often times they will need to be serviced and have the electrolytic caps replaced. So what may seem like a great budget solution can in some cases end ip costing you more... 
Is there a Northern and Southern California Sound
+1 jefwyo57 
Dust cap pushed in by kiddos... best home remedy?
+1 drrsutliff.....I forgot the hair dryer part 
Dust cap pushed in by kiddos... best home remedy?
Shop vac has worked for me in the past depending on how stiff the cap is. 
New TEO Audio ICs, who has them?
Lol @ maplegrovemusic 
Best bookshelf speakers
@cooper52- I have owned many pairs of proacs including the 1sc’s and I have to say your description of the 610’s is spot on. They are really great speakers. I have since gone back to Proacs (studio 3’s) but have been thinking about getting a pair ... 
What Is Better In General, Sonos Or Say A Network Streamer By Cambridge Audio?
I highly doubt the sound quality of the node vs a sonos on a pair of boston hd5 will be dramatically different so the suggestion of spending $500 on a node 2i makes very little sense. Especially  if he only plans on using it 15% of the time. But t...